HunterxHunter x Legends of the Past (Sign ups/OOC) ~Open~

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  1. This is a Hunter x Hunter fandom roleplay


    Starter x Plot, lime
    This roleplay will take place 80 years after the anime/manga ends, all Canon characters are deceased but your allowed to be a descendant of one of them. We will be starting with the Hunters Exam but as we progress through the stages the real plot will be revealed (its a secret, for now =) ). Your free to already know Nen or not but you cant be a master of it yet, we dont want major OP characters right off the bat (like Killua) lol. Of course all the characters will pass the Hunters Exam (that is unless you want to fail, your choice). Everyone is free to contribute to the plot/story, I'm very open minded!

    @samreaper & @Shoske are my Co-GM's. Please defer to them if I am unavailable =)

    Rules, red
    1. No controlling other players characters unless they give you permission.
    2. No OPing (overpowering) you have to be able to get injured and occasionally lose.
    3. Must post at least once every 3 days, if you cant please let us know via OOC.
    4. This is a PG-13 roleplay so keep it at kissing max in the IC, if you wanna go further please take it to PM's. (Make sure your in the same age bracket!!)
    5. The same amount of violence shown in the anime is allowed here but no more (basically keep the gore to a low minimum).
    6. Character limit per person is 3.
    7. If you've read these rules please put "Osu!" somewhere in your CS.
    8. Be nice and respectful to your fellow roleplayers in the OOC, if you have a problem regarding the IC or plot please consult me or a Co-GM or take it to a PM.
    9. 1 Paragraph minimum per post.
    10. Heres a link for those that dont know or need a refresher about Nen.
    11. Follow all of Iwaku's rules.
    12. I reserve the right to add to/change these rules at any time.
    13. Most importantly....[Rainbow]have fun!![/rainbow]

    This is a diagram of the different Nen categories and how they coincide with eachother.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Appearance: (Anime pics only, description optional)
    Background: (Optional)
    Skills: (Physical, weapon, general, ect)
    Nen Type: (Transmutter, Specialist, Conjurer, ect)
    Weapons: (Optional)
    Theme song(s): (Optional)

    Accepted x Characters, orange
    Blue for Male/Purple for Female

    Koa Riyū Freeces|Specialist - @Zloglasniot Fasada
    Shadouparusu "Shade" Zoldyck| Emitter - @Zloglasniot Fasada
    Makai "Kai" Shikage|Transmutter - @Shoske
    Menzai Azin|Manipulator - @samreaper

    Exam x Stages, blue

    Stage 1
    First Examiner - Roy Mifusu

    You will have to pass through a obstacle course that Roy has aptly named Hades Gauntlet.

    First you climb up a metal ladder that electric currents run through every 8 seconds reaching up to 1200 volts. Once you climb about 30 ft you'll reach a metal platform thats about 4x4 wide and has a vent on top. Every 10 seconds fire shoots out from this platform reaching between 3-6 ft into the air (original recipe or extra crispy?) the fires last on variable of 5-10 seconds. The only way off the platform (unless you jump down, thus quitting) is through a 20 ft long catwalk. But this is no normal catwalk, the metal plates that serve as the floor are randomly interchanging. One moment there will be solid floor and the next it will be empty air, the pattern is random so its next to impossible to predict.

    If you make it through that you'll be faced with a tight rope (yes like the acrobats use) that stretches between 2 metal platforms reaching about 30 ft in length and 10 ft below a valley of vicious looking spikes greets you. Hey thats not so bad huh? Wrong! Hanging over the rope swinging back and forth is a line of massive, deadly sharp metal axes, swords, spiked maces, you name it. A 6 inch gap is between each of these instruments of death, they swing out of time with each other so once one passes you only have a second to pass before the next slices through.

    If you manage to pass all of that reaching the other side, you have one obstacle left. A 50 ft tall, 2 ft thick, and 3 ft wide flat wall of wood greets you. There is no handholds to be seen (theres hidden handholds on each side of the wall but near impossible to see), no rope, and no equipment. Throughout the wall blocks of wood will move letting 2 ft long spikes shoot out to make you a human shiskabob (idk how to spell that) before sliding back into place within moments.

    You must climb this monster wall and make it to the other side to pass the course.

    Stage 1 x Rules, purple

    Only 2 competitors are allowed at a time.​

    If you fall off you must start at the beginning, if you fall off more than twice you fail.​

    You must complete the course within 3 minutes or you fail.​

    Your allowed to use any weapons or equipment you've brought with you.​

    No fighting on the course, if Roy catches you you'll be disqualified.​

    Any competitors not on the course must stay at the beginning next to the ladder.​

    You must be prepared for possible death.

    If a competitor is too injured to continue or is knocked unconscious they are disqualified​

    If Roy catches you cheating in some way you will incur his wrath.

    Both competitors must make it through the Gauntlet in order for either to pass.​

    Last but not least, Roy has the final say on anything and everything​

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  2. Tokyo Ravens Episode 22 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 11 Subtitle Indonesia.png Tokyo Ravens Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia.png
    Name: Koa Riyū (Core reason in Japanese) Freeces

    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 192
    Father, Kyo Freeces - Deceased.
    Mother - Alexandria Freeces, Deceased.
    Brother - Open.
    Younger sister - Suta Freeces, Alive.
    Sister - Open
    Personality: Will rp
    Background: Will rp
    Heightened senses (Sight, smell, sound, ect)
    Enhanced strength
    Expert in hand-to-hand combat
    Master in Tonfa's
    Can speak to animals
    Nen Type: Specialist
    Tonfa's (open)

    5 inch knife hidden in his boot
    Theme song(s):
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  3. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Kanji tetsumi
    Height: 5'9
    Family: Father- Jerik Tetsumi (alive), Mother- Hethear Tetsumi (dead)
    Playful, Funny, Smart
    Background: will rp
    Skills: hand to hand combat, great with computers, fix mechanical items, Critical thinker
    Nen Type: Transmuter (dosent know yet)
    Weapons: none
    Theme song(

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  4. 546870.jpg
    Name: Shadouparusu "Shade" (Shadow pulse in Japanese) Zoldyck
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 128
    Family: Grandfather, Killua Zoldyck - Deceased.
    Father, Mero Zoldyck - Alive.
    Mother, Ray Felore - Deceased.
    Older Brother - Miraapuzzuru (Mirror Puzzle)
    "Mirapuza" or "Puzz" Zoldyck.
    - Alive.
    Brother - Open
    Sister - Open.
    Personality: Will rp
    Background: Will rp
    Master of Hidden blades
    Master of hand-to-hand combat
    Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Awareness (can sense others easier than most)
    Silent Step (her footsteps are silent to the average ear)

    Nen Type: Emitter (doesnt know it yet)
    Weapons: Brass Knuckles Knife

    Hidden Blades

    Theme song(s):
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  5. Update: Added 2 new rules.

    @mega14 looks good so far lemme know when its all done =)
  6. I'll make a CS for this eventually. Took me longer to get over to this than I thought for whatever reason. I also apologize for my lack of activity on the other RPs with you Fasada.
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  7. Thats okay =) I've been pretty busy this week too. Cant wait to see your CS! I really hope more people join, I have a lot of plans for this rp
  8. Appearance:

    Name: Toshiro 'Shiro' Hirukiba
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 190

    Family: Father - Korin Hirukiba - Deceased | Mother - Kaia Monosuke - Deceased

    Personality: Will RP
    Background: Will RP

    Skills: Street fighting expert
    Higher than average agility
    Strong legs
    High jumping
    Hawk-like visual perception

    Nen Type: Enhancer
    Weapons: Baseball bat

    Theme Song:


    Happy now? >_>
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  9. Awesome! =D Hes accepted! Btw I love that song from Dragons Dogma intro
  10. yeah I've been playing the game again. Real fun stuff, would be amazing if it had a true co-op.
  11. Agreed I really wish they'd made it co-op I would of played it more if so instead of the pawn thing. The Dark Arisen extension is creepy as hell tho XD
  12. I've yet to do Bitterblack Isle (the dlc from DA) but yeah, some part of the game does have that 'scare' feeling to it. I;m not scared myself, but that feeling does linger, if you know what I mean haha.

    I had a lvl 100 assassin with a very powerful Ranger pawn, but I changed up my game so I'm going to roll either Warrior or Ranger myself with my pawn being either or that I don't pick.
  13. im preatty much done with my character sheet now hope its alright?
  14. I dont suggest playing it in the dark lol its pretty creepy, also avoid the reaper it basically one shots everything and you cant rez your pawns once its killed by them you have to go to a pawn stone to get them back. It shows up at random times but you can outrun it if you get out of the room/area its in.

    Nice I only got to like level 30 I think, not sure if I was a ranger or assassin. Its been a long time. Btw somebody didnt put Osu in their CS~

    Its good, hes accepted! =)
  15. Yes lol ty. Is BoB gonna join us or do u kno?
  16. Unsure. I've mentioned this RP to her but I'm not certain if she'll join or not, or if she's even heard of it. I haven't heard of it until I happened upon it in Netflix a while ago, heh..
  17. I heard of it but didnt start watching till I saw it on Netflix too lol. Well spread the word if you know anyone that might be interested please =)
  18. Le bump~

    We just need 1-2 more people to start this thing!
  19. [​IMG]
    that i can make a good character despite just starting the anime (THE THING IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LIST OF ANIME ON MY SITE.)

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    i try not to use overused pictures but after pages of scrolling i gave up - I also like No. 6. -.- qq
    Name: Alexander Rahl
    Age: 14 (because I wanted to play a short kid who lives off of cake)
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 120

    i was bored - Gray = deceased, black = alive, bold = my character
    Personality: COMING SOON
    Alexander found out he had a mother at the age of 4, so he wrote letters to his mother. However, he soon found one in the trash and was enraged and sad that his mother was dead. However, his father said it wasn't because of his birth... but something more evil. Alexander actually grew to be a wild child, always outdoors, so he knows a lot about surviving in the wild. This also enabled him to have great stamina, strength and patience.
    Skills: Alexander's agility and camoflauge is dang well, but he's really good with a single stick or something in the form of a spear.
    Nen Type: Manipulator - Only non-living objects 'cause after all of his training, he wanted to be a Conjurer, but was frustrated when he saw he was a Manipulator.
    Weapons: STICKS and/or spears
    Theme song(s): COMING SOON
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