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  1. Introduction

    It was done and the war was over, so many people had died fighting for control and now it seemed as if peace may finally come. Poverty was a word no longer spoken, because everywhere you looked it was just another part of life. Families were broken. Brothers, Sisters and neighbors were now dead in the chaos that seemed to have consumed the entire world. They called themselves Panem, and in the years following the war they were quick to come in and keep the peace. But things were never going to be the same, it seemed that way to me anyways.

    At least there was peace, or what seemed to be peace anyways. It was hard at first, more often then not you had peace keepers beating people down in the streets because they refused to listen. That was over quickly however, nobody had the will to fight anymore and it simply seemed like this carried a sense of absolution to it. There was no more fighting a war, the people had lost their will to fight and frankly I don't blame them.

    After they seperated us into districts and regulated what each would be used for the poverty was eased. Jobs were created, and others flourished due to neccissity and for once it seemed like things may be returning to normal. I was Seventeen at the time, a brother to three and a son only to my father. The Capital had an announcement, and while some people feared it there was also speculation that things may finally be improving. The town assembled in the square, the childeren seperated into groups by gender, then by age accordingly. The parents stood to the side concerned to say the least, but the way the officials carried themselves it seemed this was a celebration.

    I don't remember much about that day, only a large glass bowl filled with names.. the first one called I was unaware of who it was yet the girl took the stage none the less not quite sure whether to be terrified or excited. When my name was called, I heard the words leave her lips yet I couldn't will my body forward. Eventually, I made it to the stage.. turned towards the crowd and she announced just what this was all about.

    " Let the first annual Hunger Games.. begin. "


    This is an introduction to a roleplay based upon the popular book series. This takes place far before the books, at the end of the revolution.

    Requirements -
    • Five Sentence minimum per post.
    • No God-Moding or Power playing.
    • A basic understanding of the books.

    One thing I am worried about, is the use of power playing. Nobody wants their character to die, especially when they go about and spend a good deal of time creating them, their background, their personallity.. ect.

    I would like to use a dice method, however that can also complicate things considering there are a ton of factors within the arena. Weapons, Training, Physical Abillity, Physical Defects, Woundes, Infections, Nutrition, Groups, ect ect. So for now at least, I will continue to deliberate.

    Character Template

    Name -
    Age -
    District -
    Height -
    Weight -
    Physical Apperance -
    Occupation -
    Social Status -
    Talents - ( Have a valid reason as to why )
    Family -
    Disabillities - ( If any )
    Personality -

    This is a fairly simple template, if you are interested in coming up with your own or making additions to this one feel free. Please make sure you meet the requirements above, and other then that thank you for posting!

    Districts Available. 0/2 Two free slots, 1/2, one slot left, 2/2, you are out of luck!

    • 1 - 2/2 Filled
    • 2 - 2/2 Filled
    • 3 - 2/2 Filled
    • 4 - 2/2 Filled
    • 5 - 0/2
    • 6 - 2/2 Filled
    • 7 - 2/2 Filled
    • 8 - 2/2 Filled
    • 9 - 0/2
    • 10 - 2/2
    • 11 - 2/2 Filled
    • 12 - 0/2
  2. Hey I hope I can join you on this, I have some basic book knowledge, I have seen the film and about halfway through the book so far.

    Name - Zora Zellath (Female)
    Age - 16
    District - 1
    Height - 5 3"
    Weight - 54kg
    Physical Appearance - (Uploaded picture)
    Occupation - Producing luxury items for the Capitol
    Social Status - Friends within district
    Talents - Agile, fast runner, intelligent, good at creating things from scrap she can find
    Family - Mother, father only child
    Disabillities - N/A
    Personality -
    Zora has a mix of a soft a gentle personality to a harsh a mean one, she is mostly kind and friendly to anyone she meets but when if someone pushes her boundaries she loses her temper quite quickly and could turn quite nasty towards people, but none the less she likes to meet and talk to new people

    2nd Character - Hope this one is ok :)

    Name - Janus Summanus (Male)
    Age - 17
    District - 12
    Height - 5 9"
    Weight - 64kg
    Physical Appearance - (Uploaded picture)
    Occupation - Mining
    Social Status - Many friends
    Talents - Strong, some knowledge of nature through going out into the wild, some hand to hand fighting from his father
    Family - Mother, father, sister
    Disabillities - N/A
    Personality -
    Janus has a very kind a gentle nature, he likes to help people even if they haven't asked for any, he would do anything to protect his family specially his younger sister, age 11.

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  3. Glad to have you aboard.
  4. A big hello to our current and future players :) I'll be co-GM'ing this with Monstrous! I loved The Hunger Games series and I've always been enthralled with the idea of what the very first Hunger Games would have looked like for a long time. Here is some additional information and details (including links) that will hopefully be of help:


    Past (100-200 years ago): Catastrophic events, which include landmasses moving and the sea level rising, masacre the world until only one large land mass is left. Those who survive begin to recolonize and name the land Panem. Panem eventually grows large enough to split into 13 districts, each responsible for producing a certain industry.

    So What?: Most characters and NPC’s will have very little knowledge of what Earth used to be like before Panem was created since this event occurred a century or two ago.

    The Dark Days: The districts of Panem rebelled against the Capitol due to the oppressiveness of the government. We have been told by the Capitol that District 13 was obliterated and no longer exists.

    So What?: This is the era that we are just emerging from. “The Hunger Games” is a form of social control used against the districts to make sure another rebellion does not happen.
    Remember, communications between districts is non-existent. The only information given is what the Capitol provides.

    The Hunger Games: A newly devised punishment to remind the districts that rebellion is unacceptable and any attempts will be met with force and death. Each district is required to provide a boy and a girl to fight to the death against the children from the other districts. This is a televised event and all are required to watch or face the punishment of death.

    So What?: Our characters will have never seen, heard or experienced The Games in any way. Every aspect of The Games will be completely new with no expectations. This also means that Districts 1,2,& 4 won't be considered "Career Districts", though this idea may come to fruition during our first Games!

    District Cheat Sheet: (Yes you can click on these! I love linking things... I'm sure you'll find that out soon enough!)

    District 1: Luxury
    District 2: Masonry
    District 3: Technology
    District 4: Fishing
    District 5: Power
    District 6: Transportation
    District 7: Lumber
    District 8: Textiles
    District 9: Grain
    District 10: Livestock
    District 11: Agriculture
    District 12: Mining
    District 13: Nuclear

    **If you are looking for inspiration when making characters, it’s interesting to remember that The Hunger Games has many references to the Ancient Roman Empire. The Games themselves are reminiscent of the Roman munera, or gladiatorial games. The districts surrounding the Capitol are similar to the Roman provinces that surrounded the city of Rome. Many names, particularly of those from the Capitol are Roman names, such as Cinna, Seneca, Coriolanus et al. **

    May the odds be ever in your favor!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    District 8: Textiles
    An ugly, urban place stinking of industrial fumes, the people housed in run down tenements, barely a blade of grass in sight.



    (refers to the long, thick, soft hair of the angora rabbit often used in textile work.)

    District: 8
    Height: 5’6”
    Weight: 105
    Gender: Female

    Physical Appearance:
    A grease covered, soot smeared rag of a girl. Her hair always appearing as worn as the textiles she works with. White fibers and threads always attached to her clothing. She wears layers of clothing to try and protect against the cold, though most of her garb is worn thin.

    Manufactures the Peacekeepers uniforms and tries to pick up extra shifts in the weaving sectors since she finds that a lot less mundane.

    Social Status:
    Outcast, lower rung of the ladder. As an orphan she is mostly seen as a menace to society.

    Great with weaving, stitching and putting things back together.

    Both her parents died in the rebellion. She's been on her own for almost two years now.

    She has very little connection with her District. She is not considered old enough to run in adult circles, but has gone through too much hardship to be considered a child. She, like most others, has never left District 8. That being such, she has never seen even so much as a blade of grass. District 8 is all industrial and no nature thrives with all the factory fumes. Even Angora herself has developed the "District 8 Cough" that makes your lungs swell and wheeze when you've been working in the fumes for too long.

    Jaded, lost, solemn, quiet. These are some words that describe Angora. Her heart is cold against the Capitol who took her parents from her, though she knows better than to voice her opinion unless she wants to have her head roll in the middle of the town square.

    Name: Lurex
    (A metallic fiber used in clothing embellishments.)
    Age: 18
    District: 8
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight: 120
    Gender: Male

    Physical Appearance:
    A thin, nearly emaciated boy with blonde hair and soft features. Although he often has a firm layer of soot and grease that seems to float in the air, he tries to keep his appearance some what presentable. It is his own way of silent rebellion, showing his spirit has not been broken like so many that inhabit District 8.

    He is not much of a textile worker at all. In fact, from a young age he has proven his clumsy handedness with delicate textiles. Rather, Lurex works to maintain the large factory machines that aid in the textile production.

    Social Status:
    Middle class, his father is a designer which can afford their family a meager lifestyle, but still better than the lower rung. Lately his step-mother has fallen ill, most likely due to the constant exposure to the industrial fumes, and Lurex has tried to find extra shifts to aid in the income reduction without much success.

    Lurex is great with this hands. After working on machines for so long he can nearly trick any apparatus into working again.

    Father (designer), Step-mother (fallen ill), two younger step-siblings: Aramid (brother; 8) and Acrylia (sister; 4)

    Clumsy when it comes to handling small things, malnutrition, long-term exposure to industrial fumes.

    Lurex is kind hearted and optimistic. He treats his two younger step-siblings as if they were his own flesh and blood. Although the cynical side of him realizes there is nothing left in life to look forward to, he was extremely invested in the idea of the rebellion.

  5. I also made a fun new thread in the Interest-Check-thingy-section-ma-bob:

    The rebellion is over!
    District 13 has been obliterated! Never again will an uprising attempt to usurp the power from the Capitol.

    Introducing, The Hunger Games! A newly developed program to keep all the districts in line. Not only will we squelch all hope from these peasants who dream to be our equals, but we will make sure that no more pipe dreams will ever interfere with our way of life again.

    You may have noticed the new posters around our beautiful city. They offer great ways for
    YOU to have an interactive experience with our new Games!

    For the first time in the history of Panem, we invite you to take part in the First Annual Hunger Games!

    * This advertisement has been brought to you by the Gamemaster’s Campaign

    ** Your Capitol would like to continually remind you that morphling abuse is a crime and violators will be
  6. The characters look awesome Athena!
  7. Name - Tremera Erythry
    Age - 17
    District - 4 (District 4 REPRESENT~!)
    Height - 6'2"
    Weight - 125
    Physical Apperance - Long black hair, blue eyes, ivory skin. She has an angular face and pointed features.
    Occupation - Store owner, for her family's fish store.
    Social Status - Middle Class, storekeepers.
    Talents - ( Have a valid reason as to why ) Can prepare raw seafood and is not afraid to eat it because the store sometimes sold it and Tremera had to make it, and actually likes it. She can also wield a harpoon, though her disabilities put her at a disadvantage.
    Family - Abusive single father and one older brother.
    Disabillities - ( If any ) Is confined to a wheelchair and has an eyepatch over her right eye.
    Personality -
    Despite her physical disabilities, gained from the war, she likes to prove people wrong, and rubs it in their faces when she does. She doesn't like people who look at her differently because of the wheelchair and the eyepatch, and still searches for someone who takes her as she is. She knows that she is probably going to die in the Hunger Games, and believes herself to have made peace with whatever god lies up above.

  8. Just making sure both of you are aware of the posting requirements, and making sure everyone is aware that this roleplay will involve graphic content.
  9. Name: Lucas Thain

    Age: 17

    District: District 3

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 74Kg

    Physical Appearance:


    Occupation: Computer Engineer. Involves helping his father around the district when the computer systems that run the basic workings of everything begin to fail amongst other things like helping to fix, and sometimes invent, machinery to help the district manufacture technology faster and more efficiently.

    Social Status: Quite well known within the district with a large group of friends and acquaintances and a much smaller group of enemies who hate him for the fact he is openly gay. Other than them, he is hardly disliked within the district at all.

    Talents: Can work his way into any system mainframe in less than a minute, due to the many years of helping his father fix machinery.

    Family: Mother and Father, Tracey and William, and a younger brother Thomas who is only 11.

    Personality: Lucas is a generally happy person with an enthusiastic attitude toward most things in life. Since the day he came out as gay to his friends and family in the district, he has been a hard soul to break. He is very protective of his younger sibling and won't hear a bad word about anyone in his family. He far from keeps himself to himself, and even goes out of his way to feel welcoming to the least deserving person around. Lucas is an easily forgiving person, though even he draws the line at certain things that are completely unforgivable. His only weakness would be his protecting nature of younger children, and if he allies with someone young in the Games, it could bring about his downfall.

    Weaknesses: Lucas is quite overprotective of his younger sibling, and gets on well with most younger children. This has left him with an ability to make friends with children quite easily, though his soft spot for the younger ones may lead him to team up with a young Tribute. An alliance that may not be for the best.


    Name: Raven de Polorain

    Age: 13

    District: District 3

    Height: 4'11

    Weight: 53Kg

    Physical Appearance:


    Occupation: Currently studying to take exams in Technology Engineering to move on from school and become a Tech Developer for the district. She prides herself on her outstanding knowledge of technology so far, and excels in learning new facts as quickly as she can.

    Social Status: Very few friends in the district as she usually keeps to herself to study rather than go out and make friends.

    Talents: An exceptionally quick learner when it comes to learning important things she finds interesting. Unfortunately for her, surviving by herself or in a group is not something that piques her interest, and so she may struggle in the arena for the first few days, unless she manages to use her not-so-accomplished talent of making allies quickly.

    Family: Her father died when she was only 3 in an accident with a piece of machinery he was repairing. He was so badly electrocuted that his body was never shown to any family member, just put straight into a coffin and cremated. Her mother was grief stricken after his death and she has no siblings.
    Personality: After her fathers death, her mother was stricken with grief and Raven was left to grow up, quite neglected by her one remaining family member. Her passion to learn and succeed above all else comes from her need to pull her grieving mother out of her stupor and back to reality, so that she can be loved again and her family can reform. At school, she is usually bullied for her intelligence and this has a big impact on her self-esteem. Though usually found with a smile on her face, she has been led to be rather pessimistic about most other things that don't concern her exams or school life.

    Weaknesses: Since her father's death, and after the point she realised her mother was no longer going to care for her as she should, Raven fell into a solitary world. She realised that by cutting herself off from the rest of the world, and by stopping herself making friends, she was able to learn quicker, and could concentrate on her own thoughts. However, this has now left her in a position where she finds it difficult to make friends and, despite her original thesis that she would learn quicker, she merely learns things that may interest her and refuses to apply her knowledge to live-saving skills.​
  10. Name - Heron Whittle

    Age - 16

    District - 10

    Height - 4'11

    Weight - 49kg

    Physical Apperance - [​IMG]

    Occupation - Tend's the herds of cattle that roam the fields of district ten. Moonlights as a flamenco dancer and will sometimes turn to prostitution in hard times.

    Social Status - Amongst the other local girls she is shunned mostly, but those in similar situations to her lean on her for strength. The Peacekeepers know her as a trouble maker but many frequent her bed now and again. However she is trusted amongst the cattle herder's as a confident and commanding herder who keeps the cattle under control with good horsemanship and a calm demeanour.

    Talents - She is a very accomplished horsewoman, capable of taming even the wildest of horses. She is also generally good with animals, calming them with her presence. To keep predators away from the herds and to pick off the old or sickly she has developed her archery talents quite considerably, although she isn't particularly talented. With her risky lifestyle she has had to train herself in hand-to-hand combat which is her main strength, able to use anything to hand as an effective weapon. Her dancing has made her muscles strong and the many injuries she has incurred from it have given her an admirable resistance to pain.

    Family- Her father, Adam, though once a respected and quality butcher, turned to drink and worse things after her elder brother was killed in the rebellion six years ago. Her mother, Lara, had died sometime before of tuberculosis and so this left Heron with five younger siblings to care for, the youngest being three and the eldest fourteen.

    Weaknesses- As a dancer she has had her fair share of injuries and although the many bone breaks have strengthened her bones after healing, it has also made the movements of her left leg somewhat limited sometimes. She has a very trustless disposition and never accepts help from others easily. Her greatest weakness is her temper which she has little control over and which does lead her into rash actions often enough.

    Personality - Heron swiftly filled the elder role of her family after her brother's death. She is considerate and helpful to others but never kind except to her family. She is confident and brazen with a leader mentality and a tendancy to show off. She is an excellent actor and plays off people's feelings with the greatest of ease.
  11. How does everyone feel about playing 2-4 characters? I was just doing the math, and if we take the 6 people we have right now and have each person play 4 tributes/2 districts - we have our full 24 competitors. The first thought may be slightly overwhelming - but if you think about it, both tributes do everything together for the festivities prior to the games, and as such, their posts can mostly be written as one. Once the games start there will probably be a great number that die the first day.

    Also, if we're playing 4 each, we can stay in the roleplay longer because we will have other characters to play rather than just the one or two.

    Thoughts or other ideas?
  12. I think that would work out quite well actually.
  13. Great idea! I'll think up another character for District 3 and get to work on 2 from another? :D

    P.S. Is my first character okay? ^_^
  14. I like the idea and am all for it~!
  15. Name - Felix Ward

    Age - 17

    District - 10

    Height - 5'8

    Weight - 54kg
    Physical Apperance - NO404a_0064b-1.jpg

    Occupation - Carpenter's Apprentice

    Social Status - Well liked in most circles and known for a cheery disposition. Respected for his dedication to his work and kindly and warm to the vulnerable. He has many casual friends and is often seen in a group.

    Talents - He has taken great pains with his carpentry training since a very young age and he can now whittle any wood into almost any shape, be it weapon or token. His friends and he are typically boyish and this has resulted in him being an accomplished wrestler, with his strong carpenter arms producing iron holds on his target. He also has great stamina and speed when it comes to running, able to trek across the great cattle plains at speed to bring messages and deliveries to the rangers spaced evenly around the wide landscape.

    Family - His Father, Corn, runs the Carpentry business while his mother, Dina, looks after his two younger siblings, Lily and Grace. Lily and Grace are barely six and Felix dotes on them greatly.

    Weaknesses-He isnt very reflexive and his reaction times are not what you would like. He is unused to famine or thirst, being fed generally quite well. He is also unused to genuine violence and is mostly a gentle soul.

    Personality - Felix seems outgoing and friendly, with little blemish on his character. However he in fact is hiding his homosexuality from all of the people around him. Not even his family suspect his orientation and, though it never shows, this takes a toll on him. Despite his rough and tumble with other lads and the overtness of him he is in fact quite a calm and gentle person with a guileless sense of humour. In himself he is confident and happy but he knows those around him will not see it his way and so he has developed a very thick skin.
  16. Soooo... whats happening in here then?
  17. Hey Erranruin, if you read a few posts above - we've collectively decided to play 2-4 characters (so that when one of your characters is killed you aren't tough out of luck. Obviously there is only going to be one victor, but with 2-4 characters you have more longevity in the roleplay.) If you're fine with 2 characters, than you've done your part and now we wait until we get the other slots filled. However, if you want to speed things along, you can always submit two more character bios!

    Note to everyone: I'll try to send you all a quick PM in case you aren't subscribed to the thread, but if you haven't already - please add a second character to your bio posts so that Monstrous and I can look over them. Like we discussed earlier, you should have a minimum of 2 characters and a maximum of 4, until slots are filled.

    The Arena is currently being planned and the Reaping will probably begin within the week - depending on how soon we get character bio updates! Thanks for your help, look forward to hearing from you.

  18. I'm starting to get to work on another two characters. Just thinking up the character sheets now and I'll post them up soon :) When will we know if our characters have been accepted?
  19. Sounds great, Ethir! Your first two characters look awesome :) Keep up the great work!
  20. Thanks! Compliments are greatly appreciated ^_^