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  1. ...has to be avocados. Mm, that shit is delicious. Or maybe tomatoes. Nice, ripe, red, and juicy tomatoes! Tomatoes in my guacamole--hell yeah, I am all up in that shit.

    Also, blessed is he who invented the consumption of crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crayfish and all crustaceans. Cause I seriously cannot get enough of that.

    So, you guise, what are some of your FAVORITE foods?
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  2. Mangoes. Medium Rare Steak. Golden Syrup Porridge. Subway Sandwiches. Fish and Chips.

    If you ever wanted to get food for me; I would suggest one of the above.
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  3. Proper hamburgers. Not in and out (I love you guys, I wish sweden had them) as good as they are, but the real, slightly bloody in the middle, made fresh, from finest meat hamburgers.

    *drools slightly*
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  4. Mustard greens.
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  5. <.< >.> *looks around carefully* Fried chicken. Espically when it's homemade. And mashed potatoes. And pizza. And Macaroni and cheese.
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  6. Lasagna.
    Chicken salad.
    Those legit submarine sandwiches in NY that manage to pull off having everything in them.
    100% Sweet Pure Patriotic Beef Hawtdawgz!
    Milk pie.

    ... Hummus.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. pumpernikel bread


    Cinnamin Life


    Shitake soup








    LURVE nuts.


    I love alot of foods. I like to try new things all the time, but these are my hardcore favorites.​
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  9. MUTHA.



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  10. This. All of this.
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  11. Steaks all the things
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  12. Yeah I never understood the hype about it. A friend of mine really loves them but ???

    What I love is country fried steak. It's not something I have much at all and it's been years since I've last had it. That and coupled with mashed potatoes and corn makes for the best dinner in the world.
    But there's nothing about calabacitas that I don't love.
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  13. Lobster

    My diet is very predictable
  14. Thank god no one said bacon yet.

    How about some delicious fermented eggs? Or any fermented product?


    Just kidding. I don't find bacon all that attractive.

    Some of my favorites have to be strawberries, maple brown sugar oatmeal, sushi, ramen, bibimbap, chicken carbonara, fish, calamari, taco rice soup, chocolate gravy, venison, and many different types of asian cuisine and seafood.
  16. Beer and Cheese.
  17. Lava cakes *q*


    Crepes <3333




    and shrimp, glorious shrimp!

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  18. Those eggs are fucking delicious. Our family makes a side dish with them using tomatoes, cilantro, limes, and pepper. It's deliiiicious with some seafood.

    Kimchi is fucking amazzzzzing.

    Filipinos have something called atsara which is fermented green papaya, carrots, raisons, chilis and onions. The most amazing thing in the world with some grilled meats.

    Then there's burong isda, which is fermented tilipia in rice.

    Korean jjajangmyeon (black bean noodles) is so fucking good too.

    Thai Tom Kha soup is sooooooo sinful.

    Ugh, I want Asian foods but there's not many good Asian foods around...

    God I'm hungry now.
  19. Cheesecake, Shrimp, Maryland Blue Crab, Parsley potatoes, Swiss cheese, anything French Vanilla, and chocolate!
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  20. Cheesecake us best cake
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