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Hullo. Hullo. How are you all. I go by the name of Sato, for the most part. I'm currently enlisted in the military, and as some are aware the military does swiftly give us quite a bit of downtime after our entry - and then snatches it all away just as quickly. I currently have a bit of leisurely time to myself and so I'm going to spend it doing what I like - writing stuff. I am, however, a full-time soldier, and so I sometimes have no access to the Internet at all. Still. If you can look past that and don't mind erratic posting replies, we should get along well enough, I think?

As you were!


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Well, welcome to Iwaku! It's definitely understandable that you can't always be online, though I'll still suggest this thread for when you need to let us know you'll be gone for a while. I find it quite useful for when I need to take a break or I'm busy with visiting family.

Other than that, I hope you stumble upon something you like here and decide to hang around.

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Yes, we have many members here that are currently within the military. No need to worry about schedules, we will understand.

Welcome to Iwaku.
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Welcome to the site.


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hello there and welcome! This is two people I've said hello too! Count yourself EXTRA lucky :D *polishes her fryingpans* We are most glad to have you aboard though! :)