Howling For Blood

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  1. Danylah was sitting down in her assigned seat at the table uncomfortably. She knew no one at this wedding! Not only was she bored and lonely, some of these vampires tauntingly brought their 'treats' as gifts or as dates when were dancing away with them. Mid-dance and/or grind the vamps would whisper something sweet into the human's ear, and then lower their lips to the neck, sucking on their wedding gift lightly.

    Danylah licked her lips, feeling her fangs ache lightly as she wished to do something like that. But with emotion, with 'him'. Yes, 'him'. Danylah already felt a tingle in her spine, causing a shiver to run up her spine like a roller coaster. This...gorgeous...being was in her dreams. He had eyes, which reminded her of a bonfire in the middle of the beach. Fiery with passion, and warm with love. She had countless encounters with him in her drawings and dreams. He never spoke, nor did she for some reason. The only thing she remembered when she woke up were his dazzling eyes. Which saddened Danylah, because something within her screamed that he was out there.

    Is that why maybe she came out tonight? To this party? Maybe she hoped to see him? Well, she hadn't. Maybe because she's been sitting here the entire time? She huffed lightly out of boredom, wondering how long it'd take her to get the courage to get up and walk out, to get some fresh air.
  2. Trevor's feet pounded at the pavement. Just where he was running to he didn't know, nor did he care. He just had to get away, to escape somehow. His heart was pounding and his lungs felt like they were on fire. He could no longer tell in which direction he was going, or if it even led to safety anymore. His bright amber colored eyes were like flames, darting from place to place. An open yard, an alleyway... no sanctuary in sight.

    Finally! Trevor's eyes spotted a secure enough looking building. It was large and even smelled of food. His stomach rumbled at him in agreement. This place would do. His feet carried him swiftly to the front door. He snarled when his attempts to open it were foiled. Locked! He gripped the handle with both of his hands and tore it from the door with a sharp snapping sound. Trevor couldn't wait to get inside and kicked the door in, only to find the place already in use. His nose had been fooled by the smell of fresh food and his stomach too weak to resist the allure. His eyes leaped from face to face, recognizing them all as vampires. What had he gotten himself into.
  3. Danylah heard a big bang. She looked over toward the side entrance to see a frantic--but don't forget dazzling--man. All of the vampires turned to look at him, smelling the stench of werewolf waving off his sking. Danylah didn't think it was a stench, if anything...

    She wasn't most vampires. Not only did she think he was bewitching, smelled of nature and cocoa beans, but she wasn't in the attack stance like all of the other vampires here. "Is this the entreƩ?" Someone asked with a snicker.

    No! Danylah thought, as she got up to stand on her seven-inch platform stilettos as she shuffled over to the light switch.

    Werewolves has night vision...right?

    Without a second thought, Danylah turned off the lights with the flick of a switch. Which caused the humans to scream and produced fear in their pulse.
  4. Trevor had already been on the run for over two days and just when he thought he had found a chance for some respite, he stumbled in on what seemed to be a vampire wedding. One girl, who he found to actually be quite beautiful, looked at him in a very different way than the rest. Her eyes were soft, her stance non threatening. She walked away from her seat and the other vampires seemed about ready to strike at him.

    Then the lights suddenly went out. Trevor's pupils grew wide as his vision instantly adapted. What had happened? He turned his head, about to make a run for it when he spotted the women who had looked at him differently. She was standing near a light switch... she had helped him. Was she a sympathizer? Trevor was compelled by her act of kindness and approached her silently. He was going to find out just how helpful she could be to him.
  5. Danylah held her breath in anticipation. The vampires were scrambling around slowly as if trying to see if they could catch the so-called stench of the wolf. Danylah secretly swore to herself she wouldn't let any of them catch him. She had a plan. She reached out her hands in the dark, trying to find any sort of object. She finally reached out to grab a silky tablecloth, and she pulled it with ease. Suddenly, everything came crashing and spilling on the floor causing humans to scurry in fear to wherever. Danylah stumbled in a clumsy incident, and reached for the wall, in case she fell to the floor.

    She could feel the wolf coming closer, she just knew. Instead of being scared, she actually felt safe and comfort vibrating off of him. She didn't know if it was a spell of somesort, but she was surely falling for it, because she had fallen for him months ago, when she strtaed dreaming of him.
  6. Trevor was walking slowly, careful not to tip the others in the building off to his position. Even with noses inferior to his own, they would find him sooner or later, blinded or not. The girl he was walking towards was reaching out for something. Was she looking for him? Trevor stopped for a brief few seconds, watching her. He found her actions curious.

    The sound of a nearby vampire getting closer rung in his ears. He was about to be noticed, about to be dead. Just as the vampire let out a hiss, the room was filled with the noise of shattering glass and falling silverware. The girl had caused another distraction for him - again - just in time. Trevor lashed out with a powerful blow to the jaw, dropping the vampire to the floor and rendering him unconscious.

    He approached her more quickly now, the sounds of the terrified mortal humans muffling his heavier foot steps. Trevor reached out a hand and took her by the wrist, her skin was smooth and soft to the touch. Now to find a way out. Something curious crossed his mind when he began to walk. He wasn't dragging the girl behind him, she was following him willingly.
  7. Danylah then followed Trevor willingly, having a feeling he didn't know what to do. She loved how warm his fingertips were as they encased her wrist. She noticed how her pulse quickened, making her jolt a bit at the new feeling. She made sure to keep a steady pace, not wanting to slow him down. "Go left," she whispered into his ear as her chest bumped into his shoulder blades. "Oh, sorry," she murmured. She knew none of the vampires heard her because they were so frantic, not wanting to be eaten. They'd never show the fear, however.
  8. Trevor's heart starting to pound again when he felt her warm breath against his ear and the soft bump of her chest into his back. Her apology caught him off guard and he felt it was unneeded, he didn't mind at all. He did not answer her, his mind too focused on escaping this place alive. His eyes veered left as she suggested, there was a small hallway there. He heeded her advice, she had already aided him on two occasions and he felt no need to doubt her.

    The hallway ended with a small door out the back. Thankfully, this one was unlocked and Trevor was able to open it without having to resort to kicking it in. Now out under the night sky, he turned to look at her while they left the building behind. He was grateful for her help and decided he no longer had to take her for his protection. She was the first of her species that had shown him any kindness.

    "Thank you for the help." He whispered, unsure why he was still talking so quietly. This distance should be safe. He cleared his throat to speak again. "I have no right to ask you this after your help, but do you have anywhere I could wash up?" Trevor could only imagine how much of a mess he looked. His brown hair was windswept and wild looking after running for so long.
  9. Danylah looked up at Trevor with a half-smile that was laced with shyness, with a hint of confidence that wouldn't show its face. "It's fine, don't sweat it," she whispered quietly too as she looked around the area outside. A light wind blew by, causing Danylah's goosebumps to show. She looked down to see that he was still holding her wrist. She blushed at the gesture.

    "My house," she suggested as she started to drag him along as she looked around, trying to see if she could see where they were. "My car, it's right there," she told him quietly as she jogged over, grabbing the keys from her clutch bag. She let him get in the passenger, as she got into the driver's seat to turn the car to life. Once they got in, she drove quickly with grace.
  10. Trevor entered the passenger seat and looked out the window, not paying much attention to where they were actually going. His chin was resting in the palm of his right hand. His unshaven stubble irritated him, he would need to shave as well. His thoughts raced with still unclear answers but he kept them quiet for now and decided to simply start with an introduction. He rose his head up out of his hand and turned his eyes towards her while she drove.

    "I owe you one for helping me like this. I feel like you should at least know my name." He turned his head to look out of the windshield at the scenery they were passing before telling her. "I'm called Trevor."
  11. Trevor.

    What an amazing name, Danylah thought. She rolled her eyes playfully as she heard him say he owed her. He didn't owe her anything. He gave her enough, without him knowing. He gave her countless dreams of him, emotions she'd never felt before, and an ability to help someone. "You owe me nothing, just a couple of answers to my questions if you don't mind. My name's Danylah," she murmured to him quietly as she tried not to scare him by being all over him. She had self-control, but she was slowly losing it.

    "Why did you bomard the wedding? Did you not smell the others? Why did you seem so frantic?" She asked him only the top three. Her other one would have been if he ever dreamt of her as well, she didn't want to freak him denied.
  12. Trevor was surprised to hear that a vampire had such a pleasant name. In his experience, they were given imposing sounding names.

    His eyes narrowed a bit at her last question. He wasn't sure he wanted to tell her about what he was subjected to at the hands of her fellow vampires. How they had collared him, kept him chained to others of his kind, called them beasts and mongrels and whipped those that became disobedient or violent. They even denied them proper names, but the werewolves all gave them to one another regardless.

    "I don't mind answering your first two questions." He said in a calm tone. "I broke in on that wedding because I was looking for somewhere safe to hide. It seemed suitable enough, and had the smell of food." He let out a sigh and rest his cheek into his other hand before continuing. "And no, I did not smell the vampires inside. I should have, but my stomach was running on empty and I only noticed the scent of the food inside." He involuntarily let out a low pitch growl from his throat. "I'd rather not say what put me in that state... I hope you can understand that."
  13. "Safe from what? How old are you? Why did you take me? Why didn't you kill me?" She asked him with a quick tongue. She made a few turns left and right, finally parking in front of her car. She didn't get out yet, wanting him to answer her questions first at least.

    She watched how he had such a calm tone, seeing as he said his stomach ran on empty, and how he didn't even want to answer her third question. She felt immediately guitly. "I'll feed you once we get inside," she told him softly.
  14. Trevor shot Danylah a strange look. She sure was a curious one. He tried to answer her questions as best he could so they could hurry up and get inside the house.

    "I was trying to find a safe place from the vampires I was running from... actually." He had hoped this didn't offend her, she clearly was no ordinary vampire. "I'm not entirely sure why I took you with me. I had a feeling that I should, after you helped me." Trevor turned in his seat, his back now against the passenger side door so that he was facing Danylah. "Why would I kill you after what you did for me? If you thought I might kill you, why did you help me at all? Vampires don't usually show sympathy or compassion to my kind." His eyes showed a hint of his inner turmoil. Of course she wouldn't fully trust him, yet. He was foolish to think otherwise.
  15. Danylah felt bad for asking why hadn't he killed her. Of course he wouldn't. It's not like he held her captive and was now going to kill her. She chewed her lip as her eyes clouded with sorrow, and shame as she looked at him. "I'm sorry I brought it up. And I'm a fool for asking why you haven't killed me. I...just,'re safe now, okay?" She asked him with a raisesd eyebrow as she unbuckled her seat belt.

    Once they got out, she shuffled over to her front door, unlocking it with ease as she let him in first. She shrugged off her blazer, revealing her one-shoulder strap black dress. She kicked off her heels, and jogged over to her bathroom, grabbing him two towels and a fresh bar of soap. She walked over to him as she reached out to give him the items. "I don't have men clothing around here...I'll go out in the morning," she murmured quietly.
  16. Trevor couldn't help but to notice that Danylah's black dress looked very good on her. After hearing about not having anything to wear, he felt his cheeks heat up at the idea of having to wear a towel for the night. He took the two towels and bar of soap with a nod of thanks.

    He rubbed the back of his neck before entering her bathroom. "Thank you for all this. I don't mind waiting one night for some fresh clothing." he said, trying to mask his real embarrassment. He opened the door and stepped inside, locking it behind him. He stripped off his old, sweat stained clothes and set them in a pile where he would find them after getting out of the shower. He would get rid of them afterwards. He turned the water on and stepped inside. At first, he just let the hot water pour down over him and let the heat seep deeply into his muscles.

    He grabbed the soap after about 10 minutes and finally began to scrub himself down. After a proper cleansing he washed his hair, happy to feel it no longer feeling like sweat and grime. After another 15 minutes he opened the shower door and stepped out, feeling revitalized. He dried himself off in a hurry with one towel before taking care to wrap himself well in the second one Danylah had provided him with. He picked up his old clothes and the tower he had used to dry with and opened the door.
  17. As Trevor walked into the bathroom, Danylah walked over to the kitchen as she hummed soothingly. She was a great singer, at least that's what many people--and vampires--told her. She looked in her fridge and cabinet as she wondered what she should make. She groaned, not knowing what to make for Trevor.

    Finally, she decided on a simple sandwich. As her mind wandered, she played four layers of turkey breast. She started to think how he seemed so comfortable with her. She was a vampire, and he was a werewolf. Things like this were never, ever supposed to happen. She heard the door open, and she popped her head out of the kitchen doorway to see Trevor in a towel. She blushed warmly.

    " want while you eat I'll wash and dry your clothes," she yelled out to him as she placed the sandwich on the coffee table. "I made you a sandwich," she murmured with a soft shrug, and a shy expression.
  18. Trevor felt embarrassed to be seen so exposed. He wrapped his dirty clothes inside of the towel so she wouldn't have to hold onto them and hoped the water absorbed in the tower would help mask the scent. He held them out to her with one outstretched arm, "Thank you, I would like that."

    After handing her his clothes he walked over to where she had set the sandwich down on the coffee table. Still standing up, he took a bite and quickly swallowed it. He wished he hadn't because it tasted quite good. His next bite was even bigger but this time he savored the flavor of the turkey meat. He continued to stand there eating with his back facing the direction Danylah had walked off in.
  19. Danylah went to her laundry room, placing his towel and clothing into it with a mixture of Downy and Tide. Once she pressed START, she walked out toward the living room to see Trevor standing with his back turned toward her while he ate. She was about to protest and ask him to sit, when she noticed the brutal lashes on his back from what seems to be from a whip. Her heart sunk in sorrow and pain. She actually felt pain in both her heart and her back. As if she was slowly earning the painful outcome of his lashes. She walked over slowly, cautiously over to him. She walked to stand behind him, his back was all she could see.

    Something came over her, her hands laying on top of his shoulder blades. Her warms hands feeling the cold scars that painted his back. She watched as his shoulder jolted somewhat, but suddenly relaxed into her touch, his face turning to see her in his peripheral vision. She looked at him, behind her eyelashes as her finger grazed gracefully down each and every scar, slowly.
  20. Trevor jumped at the sudden touch of Danylah's hands against his bare back. He nearly dropped the rest of his food and shot her a glance over his shoulder, his bright eyes in shock. He had forgotten to cover his scars... now she could piece together her answer for the question she had asked him earlier in the car.

    Her expression was more like that of sorrow than horror or disgust. Her eyes looked at his back softly while her fingers traced across each mark. He wanted to turn around, to stop her, but he couldn't. Part of him enjoyed the touch of her fingertips against his skin. He turned back around with a slight blush on his face and finished eating the rest of his food.