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    I'd like at least five people to join, and for each person to possibly play more than one character (though you wouldn't have to). The story would follow a group of friends. These are training to be dragon riders. They have their own dragon and they get to learn how to do more complicated things, like hunting, tracking, etc. Some of the characters will be older than others.

    In Burke the common age to go to the dragon training academy is 14 or 15. Type of dragons can be found here. Everyone can pick their own. However no one can have a Night Fury. (Sorry. I'm so mean) And inventing your own dragon is also acceptable, but I will get the final say to make sure it isn't too overpowered. Also it should be noted that no one can have an Alpha dragon.

    So this world is still pretty sandbox. Hiccup is now Chief of Burke and oversees the town. He no longer really goes out to travel and map the world, that task has fallen to others. Most of the world is still not mapped apart from what Hiccup has done. So far as everyone knows, only those from Burke have tamed the dragons.

    • Possible plots can be that another group of Dragons rider find Burke and tensions escalate. (For whatever reason)
    • Another is that Drago returns
    • Of course there is always plot by misadventure. Not all dragons are friendly, even after Hiccup showed everyone they can be. While exploring maybe our characters run into a group of hostile dragons.
    • And Shizuka's lovely idea:
    This would be a higher skill level RP. No one liners or even one paragraph. Ideally it'd be a minimum of three paragraphs every post/ per character. I understand that sometimes the story might call for less, but that doesn't happen all the time.

    Still, knowledge of the second movie might be helpful, but it's not a must.

    Also, I'd still like someone to become my Co-GM, if I did do this. :D

    If you have any ideas you'd like to include, let me know, because this is still pretty basic at the moment.

    Also, if you haven't seen the 2nd movie, and don't want spoilers, let me know and I'll go to a spoiler free version.
    Okay people, I'm going to see how many people are interested still. If I get a minimum of 3 people, I'll get a proper OOC up over in the Fandoms section. Though, no worries, I'll also post a link here.

    1. Shizuka
    2. Elyasi
    3. Archangel

    OOC Link-- It's spiffy.
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  2. :D
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  3. If I gave more information on what I was thinking, would more people be interested? Because honestly, I don't want to do a bunch of work on this if no one wants to join. (Except for V)
  4. I'm pretty interested. I love the HTOD movies, and I'd like a little more information on the possible plot.
  5. I'm interested I'm just not sure if I'm ready for this level of RP. I've only seen the first movie, watched the show, and read the some of the books (which are totally different from the movie or t.v. series). I'd also like to know a little more of the plot.
  6. I'm trying to read the books myself. I got 1-8 I think, and they are completely different. And I'm not sure I like them all that much. The movies were way better.

    But I've gotten enough interest I'll start working on getting up more detail.
  7. Okay thanks, I agree about the books I like the movie and the t.v. series much better. The t.v. series on cartoonnetwork follows the movies which is why I believe I like them almost as much as the movie..
  8. I'm definitely interested. I just saw the second movie a few days ago and was hoping something like this would pop up. I'm excited to see what you have in mind.
  9. Alright. I expanded a bit more. Input is highly welcome and encouraged.
  10. Spoilers! You have been warned.

    Show Spoiler
    I say we combine your ideas. What if instead of a dragon army this time Drago builds a dragon RIDER army? After he falls into the ocean, he somehow makes his away from Berk (probably by grabbing onto an underwater dragon) and to land. While wandering injured and dragonless through unknown lands, he happens upon a village of dragon riders. They take him in and treat his injuries. He then tells them about the horrible people on Berk, and how he got injured trying to stop them and save the dragons they enslaved. Or you know something like that. Sprinkle in some misadventure and a good amount of subplot, and I think this could be really interesting.
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  11. Ooo. I really like that idea. If no one else has any objections I'm going with that. :D
  12. Glad I could help. ^.^
  13. Okay people, I'm going to see how many people are interested still. If I get a minimum of 3 people, I'll get a proper OOC up over in the Fandoms section. Though, no worries, I'll also post a link here.

    1. Shizuka
    2. Elyasi

    OOC Link
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  14. You can count me in.
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  15. Which brings up the question: Are we basing this on the far more badass TV and film series or the books?
  16. Movie. And the TV series a little. The only thing from the books I'm using is the wide variety of dragons that didn't make it into the movie/TV show. (The books are fail)

    Confession: I haven't seen the TV series.
  17. -raises hand-
    Definitely interested~
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  18. So that brings us up to two people. :D
  19. Well, I voted other in your poll, which asks me to tell you why. So I will. I think the books are far better than the movie (I've only seen one episode of the TV series, so I can't judge). If I'm going to role-play How To Train Your Dragon then I'd have to do a role-play based on the books, because they mean so much to me.

    I've been reading the book series since I was quite young (I say since because I had to wait a while for each book to come out, and I'm starting to re-read them all), and even as I get older I still love them. Yes, they are a it childish to begin with, but it's meant to be that way. It's a story of Hiccup growing up, so of course you need the childish tone to show the childish part of him. Then as the series goes on he matures as a character, which makes you both happy and sad at the same time. He learns many life lessons and gains some friends, but he also loses qualities that only children have, such as innocence. Hiccup changes so much over the course of the series, and it's almost like watching a child of your own grow up. Another reason why I prefer the books is because of the humor. It's silly, sarcastic, and totally crazy, which I adore. Some people are ashamed by the book's infantile tone, but I find it amusing to get back in touch with my inner child. Also, I think the book has a far more interesting plot. At first everything seems a little random, but as you go on you find out how everything is related in an intricate web of events. In the movie the plot just felt too obvious and simple Finally, I find the book's characters a lot better. When I saw how different the characters were I was shocked. Toothless was no longer cynical, Fishlegs was no longer sarcastic, and Camacazi the show-off was turned into little miss popular Astrid (I almost cried because of the lack of Camacazi in the movie). The characters felt less...flawed I guess. And it was actually those flaws I found endearing. The parts of characters I cherished most were taken away from me, to be replaced with (in my opinion) more stereotypical characters. This book series means so much to me.

    I put this in a spoili tag as it's slightly irrelevant (and nothing to do with what anybody here has said), but it's something I want to express anyway. Basically, don't read on unless you want to read me ranting about literature (again...). Anyway,I believe the How To Train Your Dragon book series and Fruits Basket manga series are very often misjudged by the first book/volume. Even I will admit the start of these series aren't that great, which is what puts a lot of people off continuing with them. Which I have nothing wrong with- I mean, if you don't enjoy it to begin with, who's to say you won't later on? But it annoys me that people often judge these two series without reading the entire series. If you're going to judge the whole thing, then read the whole damn thing. If you've only read the start, then you should only be judging and making comments on the start. It feels rude to me that people say bad things about these two series when they've only scratched the surface of them. Yes, people can express their opinions, but they don't actually know they're opinions. How can you know your opinion for an entire series when you've only read the first book or volume? You can't! I'm happy to people to criticize them, but I believe they should only criticize what they've read. While it's entirely legal to do otherwise, it's still disrespectful. How would you feel if you wrote an entire book series, yet lots of people condemned it after only reading the first book? You'd probably get a bit upset. How To Train Your Dragon and Fruits Basket are both series where you need to persevere to read the whole thing to appreciate. And when you do delve deeper into both series, they do get a lot better. Seriously (or series-ly? XD), they both make use of the 'bad' starts to create two beautiful series (yes, the way they start is essential to the moral/meaning of both). Of course there's only one way for people to decide if they agree with me or not- by reading the entire series. I want people to be more considerate when assessing a book series. If I wanted to write why Twilight is bad (because from what I've heard it's full of misogyny) then I'd read the series. But I don't want to read the series, so I'll keep my pre-conceptions of the series to myself. I simply ask others do the same, out of kindness. The most courteous thing to do is to only judge what you've read. Well, that's my rant over. I'm sure it doesn't apply to any of you, I just wanted to get it off my chest, and I thought I may as well do it here.

    While I liked the movie, it disappointed me when I compared it to the books. For a series that I've held close to my heart since I was a child, I simply can't do a How To Train Your Dragon role-play based on the movie - a part of me will die inside. So, I honestly hope you have fun doing this role-play, and wish you all the best. It seems like a great idea to me, and I'm saddened I can't be a part of it. But that's the way it has to be for me.
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