How to Lead a Man to Brony-dom

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  1. Rainlyn Bow Dash always knew she was different. She was adopted, but her 'difference' didn't end there. Her hair was naturally the color of a rainboe and he had blue horse ears sprouting from her head and equally blue wings from her back. All her life she'd been called a weirdo and a freak, but she loved her bad-ass self and if someone couldn't accept her the way she was, well they were just stupidheads. She loved to run and loved even more when she worked her wings enough to dart off the ground, soaring through the sky. No 'normal' kid could do that! She was way better than the others, and they were just jealous. But when she was sent away to the School of 'Our Fair Lady Celestia' her life fell apart. She was no longer in a place where she knew people, she was stranded in a whole new school with all new people and it terrified her, but she'd never let anyone see. Every time she tried to talk to anyone, they'd just snuff her off and go on their merry way. She was alone and new in the huge, private school.

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  2. Ryan Gallagher. Loner, Orphan, What have you, many things seemed to apply to him. He had taken up residence in a local foster home with several other children, lost and without the warm arms of blood relatives to cradle them, or have nearby on a dark, and frightful night. Instead, Ryan simply went to school, did chores, read comics books and play video games, and probably just go to bed after a very humdrum lifestyle. At least, he could have called it Hum Drum if it wasn't for the fact he took the wrong subway home after a party, and ended up meeting a very powerful man, who would change his life forever...

    Now They were trying to put him in some Private School. Or was it just a fancy public school? Regardless, the young man couldn't wait for one thing, and that was the final bell to leave this bloody place.
  3. Rainlyn was trying to be on time for class, but no one would help her! She would try to get someone's attention by tapping them on the shoulder, say excuse me or even flutter around them, trying to get them to make eye contact, but no one would. It was like they were robots or something! She huffed a sigh and looked at her shedule, a lime green chunk of hair falling into her eyes then she set off down the hall, walking so fast she almost ran, using her wings to catch some air and take longer strides. She hated being late because when she walked in everyone would turn and stare at her as if she'd just killed 50 thousand people. She got to her last class and did a little victory dance as she realized she was actually on time, then she rushed in and took a seat at the back, right next to a guy that looked bored out of his mind. She glanced at him a couple times then waved a tiny bite, trying to see if he would look at her. At least this bored expression on his face was different from the blank expression on everyone else's...
  4. It was not uncommon to see A girl with a shade of hair produced likely by some popular brand of hair dye or spray, nor a style of clothing that represented someone, but this was just a tad ridiculous. He turned to look at her a bit, scratching his jet black hair, his cool blue eyes setting a tired gaze upon the bizarre girl. Her hair was not one highlight, faint shade, or entirely one color, but multiple ones consisting of the brightness of a rainbow that fell down to her waist, or slightly lower, yet it looked like a very natural mane. Her tank top partially shared her hair coloring philosophy. along with her thigh high socks. The material of most of her clothing was that of athletic efficiency, namely her bottoms, surprisingly stylish wristbands, and her expensive looking running shoes, which lacked age or tear despite likely seeing much action.

    Then came the matter of her lower areas. Now this was where Ryan would have a couple schoolboy fantasies, because even the other sporty girls didn't dress in hot pants, or more simply, short shorts. As efficient as they were to sports, or perhaps aerodynamic flight, hypothetically if she too had, also hypothetical, The speed of Mercury himself.

    All in all, he had no reason to at least try talking to the attractive young lady to see if she was as good a person as she looked. He couldn't fault her 'alternative' appearance, especially if she ended up being nice.

    "Sup?" Greeted Ryan a moment after she waved. "Am I being drafted into the random friendship corps?..."

    Two words echoed in his mind. One was 'yes,' because he assumed Rainlyn would probably admit to it. The other word was a favorite of his, that he couldn't currently say in school (this word was much more tame compared to some other certain words he would enjoy saying out loud to certain people).

    "...Because I can tell you're a different kind of crowd. The kind I feel like I should hang with. Am I right, or?..."
  5. Rainlyn jumped a bit, her eyes widening as the guy actually turned to speak to her. Ureka! She giggled and couldn't help but bounce a bit in her chair, wiggling around from all the excitement that was suddenly unleashed inside her. She bit her lip and looked over him, her hot pink eyes sparkling a bit. He was cute too, which was always a plus! He had the kind of body that any sensible young woman could undress in her mind as she... nevermind, getting off track. She blushed at the sudden thought of him naked and did a facepalm. Damn my overactive imagination... She looked back up to him and laughed, maybe a bit too nervously then she decided to play it cool, saying the first thing that popped into her head.

    "Yeah, I'm secretly wonder woman, sent here to recruit you for the Justice League. You in?"

    She stuck her pierced tongue out at him playfully then jumped again as a loud 'SMACK' was heard from the teacher's ruler hitting his desk. He asked if there was a problem and Rainlyn shook her head so fast the world was one big blur for a moment. She bit her lip, waiting for the teacher to turn away, then scribbled something on a piece of scrap paper and slid it to the guy as a spy would. She felt so bad-ass writing notes.

    "Hiya, I'm Rainlyn Dash, but most people call me Rainbow."
  6. Ryan found himself nearly about to go flying out of his seat when the teacher brought down the hammer; or rather, the ruler. He had a fine little chuckle at the justice league joke. Things in life lately seemed to be pointing to the possibility of fiction bleeding into reality, but Ryan was loving every second of it, embracing every bit of it. Including the spunky cool girl talking to him.

    Taking the note from her, Ryan quickly scratched down a message of his own.

    "Ryan Gallagher. Is that seriously a piercing? DX Not a fan of that sort of thing, personally."
  7. Rainlyn took the note, read it and nudged him, sticking her tongut back out and removing the magnetic piercing wannabe from her tongue. No hole, just a fake. She giggled and replaced it then answered a question effortlessly that the teacher had called on her to answer thinking it would throw her off and get her into trouble. The teacher got a pissy/disappointed look on his face as he acknowledged that it was right and continued his lecture. She scribbled a note down and slipped it back to him, the note in a different color of ink.

    "Nope, fake. I just have to fidget with something so I use it to keep me from moving around too much. Kind of an ADHD thing."
  8. Well, there went a miracle of modern science. He recalled things like that being our for a while, a year to a few months. He could be just a tad bit slow, even selective of the modern advances he hears about.

    "Nice." He wrote down. "Wish I had something secret to fool around with. Nice shorts, by the way~"


    The bell had rung for the end of first period. There was a short break between classes, since lunch was offered later due to the fact this school's schedule ended earlier after the main subjects were taught. That was when the cafeteria was open alongside extra classes and extra curricular activities. Ryan wanted to check things out, and chat with Rain' some more.

    That is, if he didn't feel a large, unusual and random dose of magic in the form of a small golden static bolt going from wrist to wrist. Ryan quickly ran into a lunch line, and bought a couple things, shoving them down his throat as he kicked the double doors outwards, tossing his things into the trash. He looked around to see if he had been followed, but he had taken to a deserted corner, one where he could shout loudly and get struck by lightning.

    like, totes.
  9. Rainlyn giggled as Ryan commented on her shorts and they stood, wandering to the lunchline as she held her books to her chest. Of course he'd mention her shorts right after mentioning wanting something to play with. Naughty boy. She bit her lip a little and was about to speak up when he ran off, getting food and wolfing it down before disappearing outside. She rose an eyebrow and quietly followed him, her natural sense of curiosity getting the better of her. She didn't approach him, just stayed against the wall as he went around a corner into a dark, dead-end alley. She was about to poke her head around when he heard him yell something. What was it, Chasm? No, maybe... Shazam. Her eyes widened and she was about to laugh and call him a weirdo for believing he was Shazam, but then the lightning struck. She jumped, falling to her butt and just stared at the opening to the alley, waiting for someone to come out.
  10. One could not seriously think they could witness the magic of Shazam so simply. There was no such mortal who could without a gift like super-vision, for the Big Red Cheese had bolted just as quickly as the lightning struck him, a crimson blur that soared through the air. He decided the Rock of Eternity was going to be last on his list of places to head for, feeling that he owed it to survey the town before all else. Life felt pretty good being one of the only real fliers around. Sometimes he'd drop by an Air Force base and race their planes, seeing as he could go far faster than supersonic speeds, the sound barrier being no obstacle to the Earth's Mightiest Mortal, and champion of magic.

    "Wooooohoooo!!!" He cheered. The thrills seemed childish, but alas, they could never die. He just loved using his powers in all these fun ways. His body had changed somewhat, just slightly more muscular, a tad taller, and a year or two of age, making him look more like a young adult than a teenager. "Don't Stop Me Now~! I'm havin' such a good time~ I'm havin' a ball~"
  11. After a few moments, Rainlyn peeked into the alley and saw nothing. She was so confused, but she shook it off, heading back to lunch to sit alone and doodle in her notebooks. She waited for him to come back, but when the bell rang again and he wasn't back, she felt he had ditched her. She made her way to ART 3, her next class, and sat in the back, hoping no one would notice her. She waited for the teacher, or at least student to flood in, but only three other kids came in followed by the teacher. She sat there listening closely and taking notes because she actually liked art.
  12. One hour later, Ryan had returned to the school, no longer Captain Marvel. He figured with these bizarre special arrangements for the school, he decided to spend his time choosing electives on day two. So he'd checked town, and nothing was amiss yet. Buzz would be going around about the man in red, but he couldn't care less. He'd remembered leaving Rainlyn in the dust, and that was no way to treat a new friend, nor potential girlfriend, if he could figure things out for the better. He caught the girl coming out of the Art room, and hurried over to her, walking up to her and standing shoulder to shoulder.

    "Hey! Sorry about earlier. Foster home called to see if I was okay. My legal guardians- foster parents, checked up on all of us. Basically gave me an earful for thirty minutes, and then I chilled a bit. I wasn't really interested in checking out electives early, so I'm sorry… Can I make it up to you, Rain'? Maybe hang out later?"
  13. Near the end of class, Rainlyn had taken time to think of what she'd say to Ryan when he finally shoed back up, but nothing that felt right came to mind. She finally came up with the idea to write him a simple, two sentence note. When the bell rang, she had written it and folded it into a samurai throwing star. When she walked out and he caught up with her, giving her an excuse, her heart sank and she refused to even look at him. Her eyes remained on the floor in front of her until she reached her next class. She sighed, pulled the note from her pocket and handed it to him. This is what it said.

    "You have to be honest if you expect me to be. Until you tell me the truth. I won't know what's a lie."

    Then, beneath that, she wrote something that would tell him she knew who he was.

    "S: The wisdom of SolomonH: The strength of Hercules
    A: The stamina of Atlas
    Z: The power of Zeus
    A: The courage of Achilles
    M: The speed of Mercury."
  14. And now, Ryan's soul would proceed to snap like a twix bar. He SO needed a moment, because this girl just instantly saw through his excuse and knew just who he was, even though the comic books kept saying Billy Batson. Maybe it was the fact he didn't look around hard enough when he did a thorough sweep of the area. Or, he was loud, and forgot to disguise his voice when uttering the magic word.

    He nudged the girl towards the end of class and muttered something about janitors. Hopefully she'd be able to tell he was about to give up and tell her, this being one of the most crushing and humiliating moments of his superhero career. When the two got out, namely an empty janitor's closet, the young man spoke the word to show her.


    And Ryan Gallagher became this universe's version of Captain Marvel.

    "You got me: I'm the Big Red Cheese. Now what? Gonna threaten to tell everyone unless I become your personal slave, or are we cool about before?"
  15. Rainlyn tried to ignore Ryan, but it was just so damn hard. He was so cute and funny and he made her smile even when he wasn't doing anything! She bit her lip as he nudged her and asked about janitor's closets, so she tried to remember where one was. When she finally located on in her mind-map of the school, she nodded and waited for the bell to ring, then led him there. Once inside he uttered the word and she jumped a bit, giggling at her own surprised fear. She looked him over, wandering around him to inspect every bit of him, then she smirked a bit and looked up at the slightly older man.

    "Big Red Cheese? That sounds nasty. Why not just say Big Red? Like the gum? And yeah, I guess we're cool. And I don't want you a personal slave. I can get that whenever I want just by offering you to touch my boobs. B-T-Dubs, you look crazy hot in that outfit."

    She leaned up, her arms slipping around Ryan's neck and her feet lifting from the ground, making her lips press to his gently, one foot angling behind her as she hovered in mid-air. When she pulled away she let herself drop and smiled.

    "I have a couple secrets myself, but they can't be shown in a janitor's closet."
  16. "C'mon. That's what all my villains call me: The Big Cheese. The top dog, the boss. The hero?…Boobs? Pfft those little- Hot? Really?"

    It was all flooding in so fast. Upon becoming this slightly taller (by a few inches), toned-bodied, magical champion, had he gotten a girl possibly swooning over him, even hopping up to kiss him. Strange how she was able to stand at his height despite the difference between them. Almost as if she were… floating? Oh well. He'd have to pay more attention later.

    "S-Secrets? Can't show me here?" Stuttered Ryan. "Uh…"
  17. Rainlyn giggled as he stumbled over words then she slipped from the closet, running off to her next and last class. She was excited to get out and fly home. God, she hadn't really been flying in almost three months and in her opinion she more than deserved it. She joged to the back of her last class and slid into her seat, wiggling a bit to get comfortable, pulling out a notebook and pen to take notes. She looked around and almost laughed at how many of the kids had laptops so they could keep up. She had no problems keeping up with the teacher with as fast as she could write.
  18. It felt like ages, since Ryan had decided to just wait for Rainlyn once all her classes were over. But chilling wasn't so bad. Meant he could explore the school. Granted, if most of it wasn't blocked off for some reason. It was going to be quite some time...

    (failshortpost DX)
  19. Once Rainlyn was out she burst through the front door and began running around randomly in the front courtyard, looking for Ryan while stretching her legs. She wanted to take off, to fly, and she was in a way, taking long strides and bouncing a bit too high to look normal. She caught sight of him and ran right for him, jumping onto his back and crying out happily, her arms wrapped around his neck and her lips nibbling on his ear. She had missed him for some reason and now had a reason to smile truly.

    "Come on, I'll show you my secrets, lovely Ryan."
  20. "Whoa Whoa!" Laughed Ryan, as the girl came onto him almost immediately. It was like the hand of fate just wanted nothing more than for the young lad to get smothered by his newfound instant girlfriend. He rolled his eyes when she offered to show off her secrets, quickly uttering 'Shazam!' in a low whisper, as he extended a hand to offer her a ride. That is, unless she had her own way of getting around.

    "C'mon. I have the speed of Mercury."