How to get kicked out of Wal-Mart...

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  1. What crazy things can you think of that would probably get you kicked out of Wal-Mart? Who can come up with the craziest scheme?

    My idea:

    Play peekaboo with other hiding inside a fridge.
  2. Take all the teddy bears camping in the sporting goods display!
  3. ​Play dodgeball in the aisles!
  4. get some fishing rods and throw the line into people's carts. Bonus points if you can reel in their cart, or any of their things.
  5. Have a nerf gun war.

    Sure fire way to get kicked out is by yelling.

    "AAAH MY LEG!!"
  6. My forces will meet you at dawn.
  7. Food fight at the produce section!
  8. Making smores in the camping section.
  9. Let all of those huge plastic beach balls out of their net cage and kick 'em around the store.
  10. I hope you know how to get egg out of your hair.
  11. Take the stuffed animals, and place them throughout the store, re-enacting scenes from Shakespeare.
  12. Host a safari tour, using other shoppers as the game.
  13. Run through the toy isles and press as many "try me" buttons as you can.
  14. jousting....with carts...and those toy collapsible swords down the isles : D would totally do it!
  15. actually that doesnt get you kicked out....i do it almost every time i go to its not as fun when they have the motion activated ones.

    i have been kicked out of one walmart...i climbed the shelves...they wouldnt help me and ignored me so i got the damn barbie myself ((no joke it was for a friends sisters birthday and she wanted a barbie that is only sold in walmart and like no walmart had it so when i found it on the top of a shelf...i climbed my ass up to get it.))
  16. I wish people would stop using me as a meeting place >:/

    Anyway. True story. I got kicked out of Walmart and this is what we did:

    So back in like, 2001 or something, my friend and I had this awesome idea that we'd try out these Taebo boxing gloves before considering purchasing them. Well, we thought "why not try out the head guards as well?" So there we were, pounding on each other with these gloves, sporting head gear, crashing into shelves n' shit. We got caught when round six spilled over into the electronics section and we were given the "suggestion" to leave the store.

    Now picture the boxers being 12 and 13 year old girls :D
  17. I'd go to the the refrigerated section. Go to one with all the ice-creams. Keep my face completely expressionless as I take out each tub very slowly and throw it behind me (Maybe just "accidently" ease the lids off so that they spill out easier). Keep chucking one after the other for like an hour. Then I get the very last one at the very back last one, I break out into a smile and say, "Ah yes, this is the Ben and Jerry's I wanted!"
    XD Don't have a Wal-Mart over here so I did the best I could think of!
  18. dawn dont feel bad at least their not firing at you like they do will XD

    and that made me laugh my butt off
  19. Go into the dressing room, stay quiet for a long moment, reach your hand under the wall to the person next to you and ask for some toilet paper.
  20. Brilliant ideas guys! I got one! Grab a cart, and run-head first into as many people as possible for the hilarious effect. Bonus points are given if you send other peoples goods sprawling out of their baskets, topple a crowded line like dominoe-effect, and most importantly, injure other people. A lot. :D Oh! And Cart racing is fun!