How to be a Bad (Good) Villain

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  1. The Four Villainous Rules

    1. Don't give a speech about your reasons or what you're going to do after, to your captive/archenemy/minor enemy etc.

    2. It's the little things that count; Do a little bad thing everyday to keep you on the right track.

    3. Animals should not be harmed, as they can be trained to do bad by your side. Remember, we're villains not PETA.

    4. Don't empathize, sympathize or be compassionate with your victim(s).

    "Four. Rules. Just four. Not five, not ten, not seven! FOUR! Four rules, (insert name) and you broke all of them except for number three and that's only because it's against the rules and you can't help but follow them! Where did I go wrong, huh? I'm a mean and nasty villain, so it only makes sense that you're a mean and nasty villain, but you're not! This is the last straw (insert name), the very last, do you understand me? I can't keep having to avoid VillainCon because the other guys keep ragging on my kid! I only have six villainous allies now, cause I've mauled the rest of them! So listen up, this is what's gonna happen. My six villainous allies have a kid each, who are fully equipped to do right by their parents and fill the world with evil. You should be at that stage too, but unfortunately, you're...You. Anyway, those six junior villains are going to take you all around the city and you're gonna meet my expectations and BE A BAD (GOOD) VILLAIN!"

    This is Lazer City. A city on planet Earth 9, the planet that was meant to be the back up plan if Mother Nature fast forwarded global warming and killed the first Earth. Unfortunately Earth 9 was home to a small population of Radiation Worms who crawled into the skulls of the first colony, but they didn't realize that until they started having kids with freakish mutations or crazy enhanced IQs. Fast forward ten years and Lazer City has been created by the cream of the radiated offspring crop. The only thing is that the crop has been split in half by the hyper vigilantes and the villainous kingpins, with both trying to mold Lazer City into a place better fitting of their needs, so naturally the two groups clash.

    The hyper vigilantes created a League of Heroes who scour the city for bad guys.
    And the villainous kingpins weren't all too great at getting along but they all had a common enemy so they made uneasy alliances, created a set of four rules and agreed to converge every year at a Villainous Convention (VillainCon).

    I won't go in to depth about the heroes, because this isn't called "How to be a Hero". So! There are four types of villainous races and each group created a rule. (It should be noted that these sum up the races of Lazer City and half of each group except for the Sewerlings make up the hero population)

    Lazer City Races
    IQDs (Intelligence Quotient Destroyers) - These are the aesthetically pleasing villains who's mutations made them frighteningly smart and they got to remain human looking. (They came up with rule 1)

    Sewerlings - Probably the ugliest race, the Sewerlings are hideously disfigured and deformed creatures who are sensitive to light and live underground. They resemble the radiation worms the most and so are shunned by the 'good' of society but welcomed with open arms by the villains and their followers. Due to their disabilities, Sewerlings keep to the shadows and come out at night to spread their ill will via infection (they inherited that from the worms) or by just being general nuisances. Not all Sewerlings are crazy sensitive to light though, and some can brave the daylight under parasols and veils etc. (They came up with rule 2)

    Animalistics - For some reason, the first colony brought a host of zoo animals and domestic pets with them and so the worms targeted said animals, causing them to mutate immediately due to the closeness in brain capacity. And when these animals attacked the humans, they turned into hybrids mixes of humans and whatever animal attacked them. (They came up with rule 3)

    Robotists - A few years before Lazer City was created, a group of scientists wanted to create a squad of robot exterminators to eliminate the radiation worm problem, and they succeeded in both endeavors. Unfortunately they underestimated how adaptive the worms were and before they were driven completely to extinction, they infected some of the robots, effectively turning them into AIs. So when the scientists wanted to retire the robots now turned AIs, said machinery got the hell out of dodge and some joined the heroes, but most joined the villains. (They created rule 4)

    You are a child of one of Mr. Lorenzo's six villainous allies. You have been tasked with teaching Mr. Lorenzo's unfortunately innocent and altruistic kid, how to be a villain. You have to take the kid all around the city and create as much havoc as you can and make sure the kid doesn't veer anymore towards the 'light'.

    What I Need From You
    Posting Rate will be at least Once a Week
    I need at least one of each of the four groups and the last two can be of whatever group.

    This RP is going to small to medium sized so I need 4-6 people, so if it's 4 or 5 people, someone must be willing to double up. I will not be playing the good kid.

    Character appearances will be fantasy or description only. So no real appearances or anime either.

    Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
    Thingtastic - Sewerling
    Hospes - Animalistic
    Azula -
    Cats - The Good Kid
    Rin Mico - Robotist
    Aria Valle - IQD
    SavvyCross -
    Autumn Wyvern -

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  2. Ooohhhhh this sounds amazing! I'd love to contribute a female animalistic, if that works.
  3. Yes that would be greay yaaaay!

    Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
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  4. Oh I love the idea! However, I have a problem ;_; I can only post once a week due to my work and the heavy horrible traffic in my country that only give me around 3 hours a day to breath and the rest are for sleep. If my posting pace is okay with you, I'd love to join, if you expect more than once a week, I will bow out from here ^^
  5. That's fine! I was going to make the posting rate at least once a week anyway. ^_^

    Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
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  6. I'm down :D
  7. Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
  8. It's good to be bad. <3
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  9. I love this concept! Count me in!
  10. Welcome to the ranks of Villainy!
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  11. IQDs! Since animalistic is taken D: any who, not quite sure which gender. Male/Female just to balance out whichever gender would lack.
  12. I'll take robotist please ^~^
  13. Eh we can start booking? I didn't know >.<
    I'm sorry but I don't think I will join if I have to take sewerlings, I won't enjoy playing a character that I don't like, sowry ;_;
  14. I guess I'll play the bad guy who's turning good.
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  15. @Azula remember there's a potential to double in two groups since it's six kids and only four there's already a double in animalistic so there could be a double in one more group.
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  16. If not then I have no problem being a sewerling. i think i might be too emotional for an AI anyway :3
  17. Still accepting?
  18. I'd be interested if there is any space left... This seems like a cute wacky concept.
  19. @Rin Mico Yep~ So I guess I'll have to wait until every race is filled then pick my choice ^^
  20. Yes! And with that, sign ups are closed. Yaaay

    I'm on my phone so I can't give you a fancy welcome , sowwie.

    Anywhooo ill be posting the Ooc later today!
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