How many roleplays are you in?

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How many roleplays are you participating in?

  1. 5+

    14 vote(s)
  2. 4

    2 vote(s)
  3. 3

    6 vote(s)
  4. 2

    3 vote(s)
  5. 1

    3 vote(s)
  6. I am in 1-2 roleplays, and run a roleplay of my own

    2 vote(s)
  7. I am in 2-4 (or more) roleplays, and run one of my own

    4 vote(s)
  8. I run my own roleplay, and am not in any others

    1 vote(s)
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  1. This one is out of pure curiosity. I wanna know how many roleplays people are in at a time. Just, again, from curiosity.

    Maybe even add a word or two on what kinds and stuff, I dunno. :P

    I'm in about four I guess... I'm kind of going roleplay crazy since joining the website. Yeah.

    I wanna know if I'm weird for joining four all at once or not.
  2. I am in three at the moment. O__O I like doing more than that though, cause some roleplays move slower than others. I try not to go over 10. >>

    And MOST of my roleplays end up being 1x1s, so it's easier to be involved in more that way? Sometimes, anyway. XD
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  3. Ilium, co-DMing SnK, two 1x1's, co-Dming Nullus Sanctus, will be starting another 1x1...

    so around 6.
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  4. I'm currently running one RP and have three (I think) 1x1s going. It's a bit fewer than I usually have, but I'm trying to wait until things stabilize before I commit to more. ^^ Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy my summer and get involved in a few more these coming weeks.
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    I really want to join something but everything I like is always too far in. ;_;
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  6. Saving the World, Ilium, Quiet Country People, Varia, and I'm currently running a One Piece RP
  7. DM in Ilium, and Co-GM for Initium Novum. Those take so much of my time.
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  8. I have bad experiences with Group RP's. They always die or get cluttered and too many killing offs happen and blah blah. I have a couple 1x1's that seem to die for a week and spark back to life for a day or two.

    I think I have about one solid RP I can count on having a reply @.@
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  9. I'm in 3 and planning a mass, which is actually as daunting as it is fun.

    But even though I limit myself at 1 I wind up joining 3.
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  10. I'm currently in a 1x1, possibly still on a modern fantasy, and I'm applying for a fandom RP. So, either two or three. :)
  11. I have four steady 1x1 and two sporadic ones, and one group that I just joined. My partners did have different posting times which made things easier, but now they're all ganging up on me at once.
  12. @Harime Nui signups are always open (on whatever off chance you were thinking about it)

    I'm only in one - ilium. And was vaulted to GM last week. Argh.
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  13. I've got you all beat!

    I am in 4 active 1x1's that get a reply more than once a week. I am in 10 1x1's that get a reply once every week or two. And I am in another 3 that get one once a month. I have 3 more 1x1's in planning stages right now. I am also a Co-GM for a group roleplay called Fallen Feathers, and am a DM for Ilium in Viridos, and have another character in Pegulis.

    ... I think Unanun may now know why I'm out of time this summer...
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  14. I have 10 one on ones going on at the moment, but 3-4 of them aren't very active. Which I don't mind too much because of how busy I am. Since my posting habits are irregular, I don't mind in the slightest if my partners take their sweet time.

    I recently joined a group one as well. I allow myself only 1 group RP at a time since those are harder for me to keep up with.
  15. This is an RP site? Did you add that in the update?
  16. Just one..

    I've become way too picky with what I want to join most of the RP I see.

    It's a hindrance I guess.
  17. Well at the moment I am in 5/6ish

    That's like reaching my maximum limit lol :) I don't want to surpass that number. I consider that 5 is enough, most of my RP I am in are group to. So yeah sometimes I have to wait for one maybe two pers to post their before I can make my move again.

    Still I think the RP's I am in are quite interesting lol

    Two of them Jump in section, then some horror:modern( zombies RP and I am in 2) ^^
    And then one mature one which just started.( Roadtrip to nowhere)
  18. As for me, I happen to be in...
    Two games in which I GM.
    About five games n which I have joined, maybe even six.
    And one dead 1x1, in which I left for dead... XP

    I just joined one game on Iwaku thus far.
    I'll stick to that one until stuff lets up on my end.

    Then again, mass role plays sound like fun.
    National Honors Society hours, mother's condition, and an attempt at getting my driver's license are among the many things that keep me from posting.
  19. At least seven. Most are in PMs. All of them are 1x1s. And I STILL don't feel like I have enough. 2-4 are rare responses, one is about ready to end and the rest are going strong.
  20. On this site?
    I'm in 3 One on Ones, with two pending. =5
    Three Group RPs. 2 I'm running (One's still setting up), One I'm in=3

    Off this site?
    Another +3 1x1s and +1 Group

    Total? 12

    Wow, is that it?
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