How do you like your steak

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How do you like your steak?

  1. Blue rare

  2. Rare

  3. Medium rare

  4. Medium

  5. Medium well

  6. Well Done

  7. Blackened

  8. I like some specific variation that isn't here because Mini let me down again.

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  2. Sorry but it's mostly the way I was raised. And the fact that my mom's a food handler for a school system. There is NOTHING eaten in our house that isn't fully cooked through. And that's carried onto my cooking.
  3. Medium rare ^^
  4. ... Yours too?

    Medium rare otherwise. Usually our own cows the family raised. Each year or two we butcher one and everyone in immediate family gets about 100lbs of beef products.
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  5. Medium rare. When I was pregnant I had to get steak well done, and I fucking hated it. It got to the point where I wouldn't even touch it because I couldn't eat it how I wanted it. It sucked too, because when I was pregnant with my son all I craved was steak and well...any sort of meat I could get my hands on.
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  6. MEDIUM RARE. Sometimes Rare.
  7. Yup! Mom works in the school system and taught me everything I know about food handling! She even buys stuff in bulk for me sometimes :)
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  8. Rare. It's the way to go
  9. I do not eat bloody meat o_o NEVER EVER EVER! If I see red I refuse to eat it. It has to be well done for me to be able to eat it. It can be because I was warned all my life about not eating bloody chicken cause it could make you super sick, and my younger self might have applied that to all meats, so now I'm too paranoid to eat anything bloody xD

    I will just pretend that I see it as cannibalism considering my username :3
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  10. Medium rare sometimes, but it depends on who cooks it. I like it blackened too.
  11. Medium rare. Too much more cooking ruins the flavor.
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  12. Well done. Get that mushy, bloody garbage out of my face. >:[
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  13. same
  14. Medium rare is the best.

    If you like well-done, you're a savage. >:[
  15. I take mine rare. Maximum beef flavor.
  16. Rare. I want it warm, but almost still moo-ing.
  17. Savage? Says the person who wants to eat food that's only half cooked. One of mankind's greatest ever technological advancements was learning how to harness fire. Make full use of it, you damned animal. >:[
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  18. Medium well done because, >> yeah. I'm overly picky about eating meat. Rain can rage about it for days.
  19. I'm strange! I like mine Pittsburgh Rare, where you cook it at a really high heat and sear and blacken the outside while keeping the inside a perfect medium rare. I never knew it was a thing till I started working at a steak restaurant but it is Sooooooooo good
  20. I have an obsession for cooking everything 100%.. I'm terrified of badly cooked food, as we were so traumatized as kids to COOK YOUR GROUND BEEF TILL IT'S DARK BROWN and the chicken TILL ITS WHITE AND TENDER AND EASY TO CUT that now I see blood in my plate and I'm just like nopenopenopenopenope. I've tried medium well-cooked but I cannot, cannot. it grosses me the fuck out.

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