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  1. STOLEN (open)
    It's closed...
    So I'm making a new one...
    BUT IT'S FROM THAT ONE!!! Just with a bit of my own flair ;)

    The Ouran High-School Host Club...
    Tamaki looked around his fellow club members. This was the last year for the remaining members, and he called a reunion. "We need to restart the host club, as I have suggested before. Has everyone chosen someone to succeed them?"
    Mumbles of yeses and nods went around the group.
    "Good. And they have been trained in their ways?"
    More nods.
    "Good. Tell them they start tomorrow."

    This is where your story begins!
    One of the host club members has chosen you to take their place and continue the host club
    Haruhi Fujioka: The natural type
    Tamaki Suou: The prince type (President of the club)
    Kyouya Ootori: The cool type (Vice President)
    Hikaru Hitachiin: The little devil type
    Kaoru Hitachiin: The little devil type
    Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka: The lolita-shota type
    Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka: The wild type

    Who are you taking over?

    Taken positions:
    The natural Type (ShadowAssassin)
    The Cool Type (Sepdemonium)
    Boy-Lolita Type (Spedemonium)
    Wild Type (AngelLass)
    Little Devil Type 1 and 2 (ShiroKiyoshi)
    President (AngelLass)

    Open Positions:


    Relationship Status: (Single, complicated, attached)
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  2. hi! I hope it's okay to post here.. can I be the cool type, please? :]
  3. Yeah! Go ahead and post a CS, I'm working on finding a pic for mine X) *pic not required*
  4. great, thanks! :]
  5. Name: Jackie Casmirro

    Age/Year: 15/Freshman

    Show Spoiler
    Outside of school outfit: [​IMG]
    School she wears the male uniform. Looks: [​IMG]

    Natural Type

    Personality: Though she is not very open about herself, she is friendly to others and will listen to what people have to tell her. She gets a little nervous in large crowds, but when she's around friends, she's okay.

    Relationship Status: Single

    Strengths: Nice, Patient, friendly

    Weaknesses: Hides true feelings, likes acting like a guy

    Other: Chosen by Haruhi to be the first *known* girl in the Host Club, but doesn't completely break the Host Club (because Jackie acts like a guy a lot).
  6. (this is a big work in progress..I have so much to add :] I hope you don't mind the fact that he's a bit of a dark horse so to speak, please let me know if I should change anything :])
    Name: Sepiroth Kurobara
    Age/Year: 17, junior
    Sepiroth's tall, 6'6, but very thin. underweight in fact. His skin is very pale, almost snow white and his hair (prematurly white) is very long and reaches down to his waist with bangs parted that frame his face. His eyes are cold and blue, with flecks of gold littered in them. His figure is wasp like and slightly curvy, and there are various scarred littered on his body as well as old burns. The oldest scar he has is the circler one that's all the way around his throat. “whoever becomes my husband will see much worse.” Sepiroth often says when people comment upon his state. His face however is untouched, soft and high cheek boned with long eyelashes Sepiroth is easy mistaken for a women- which he actually doesn't mind.
    Type: Cool type

    Personality: Sepiroth is aloof and cold, keeping himself to himself. He's very reserved and calculated. He is also a very logical person and finds it hard to trust people. He also has a very dark side to his personality, and can be cruel..
    Relationship Status: complicated
    Strengths: logical, calm, elegant and gracful. He can also play the flute.
    Weaknesses: insecure, trust issues, cold, and saturnine.
    he wears this outfit
    he also wears this dress now and then
    this is his theme song
    his first name is taken from the Kabbalah (his mother studied the book)
    he has a dark past..

    he's homosexual
  7. I love him~ He sounds awesome.
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  8. aww, thank you :] I always get worried that he's a bit to dark and gloomy :]
  9. Nah, especially not since he's going to be Kyouya's replacement XD
  10. phew.. that's good :] most of my characters tend to be pretty dark.. but Sephy's my favorite *pinches his cheek as he glares at me coldly*
  11. Every single one of my characters has a dark side except one (and she's only 5). ~I have one favorite character, but sadly, I never use her XD I'm weird.~
  12. a very good and awesome friend of mine does a very good evil 6 year old :] *grins* you aren't weird, sometimes it's nice to keep our favorite characters in our hearts, not our writting :]
  13. I had an evil six year old (not that well..but I had one)...she's 13 now though :P
    I guess..I just imagine things in my head with her so she isn't corrupted by my writing
  14. aww, was she cutely evil? :]

    *nods* I can understand that, I bet you wright awesome though! :]
  15. Something like that~ haha
    I try my best, but sometimes you just get a day you don't do well, know what I mean?
  16. I know how you feel- it happens to me every day :]

    I also made this to help with getting some members.. please bare in mind it's not very good and you don't have to use it if you don't wanna :]

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  17. It's better than mine XD
    I'll put that up
  18. I'm glad you like it! :]
  19. Are you still looking for more people for this RP?
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