Horror Stories (poor choice for a lib title? Maybe)

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Hello Iwakuians!

I'm getting back into the saddle of roleplaying again after taking a hiatus because of computer issues. Point is, I want to get some roleplays in!

But I'm only accepting about four roleplays right now and currently only three positions are left. What positions are open? Purely horror. I've been having a terrible craving for that particular theme lately and less and less about romance.

But I have plots for each of these, listed below. If you have an idea, please feel free to message me or post them on here!

Now I do have requirements but they are pretty mild. I don't like expecting a lot from people as everyone has different writing styles, lengths and focuses, I think as long as you give your all that is what matter most to me. I don't expect five paragraphs every post, but I also do not wan one liner posts. I cannot work with that, and that's not on you but me; if I cannot adapt my writing to fit a post it is something I need work on (and that okay! That's what writing is all about).

To me, a good post is something people put hard work into, even if it is a short paragraph compared to a three. You can have almost an essay of a post, yet have it not contribute to the story or just filler. There's nothing wrong with filler as long as your post leads somewhere eventually. Again, what you put in your post is what matters the most to me, not just length and grammar.

Don't forget that our roleplay exists.

Please be patient with me because I have less time to post everyday now; I started a domestic violence and abuse campaign and will be continuously working on it, adding my depression swings and homework/work into that, my posts will not be as frequent as they once were. I can promise a post everyday though, sometimes back and forth.

Be willing to compromise.

Be willing to chat OOC in messages, I don't like just roleplaying with people.

If you are rude or post nag me too much, no matter how much I enjoy the roleplay, I shall end it.

If you have an idea or do not like my post, tell me and I will work with you on it. Communication isthe key to a healthy roleplay.

I do NOT do:

-Real life people roleplays (meaning I won't lay real people)
-Gross fluids (setting gore aside from that)
-Incest (Don't ask me to do this, it will not end well)
-Rape (You can put it as part of your character background if you like, but I will not, I repeat will NOT do this ever, so do not ask me to)
-Roleplay with people with characters under 18. At least mature roleplays; I know the age limit. This is mine. I will not compromise with the age limit I set when it comes to mature roleplays, I will not do mature with characters under 18.
-Furries; I have a fursona, but I do not do furry roleplays.
-Not currently looking for pure romance.
-After a really bad experience, I no longer do group roleplaying.

So, what are my plot ideas?

Horror Plot 1

A classroom full of freshmens in college are on a trip to the Bahamas but their plane crashes, making them have to find land to survive. At least ten make it to an island that is deserted. Nobody knows where they are; the students don't even know if they will be saved in time or even found. At first, life seemed to be challenging just because of the harsh weather of the island itself, and the constant need to make themselves seen. Food, fresh water and shelter are hard to come by, but after a while they begin to realize; they aren't alone. Something devious awaits them in the shadows, something that they hadn't believed to be real. After three student's bodies are found mangled, half eaten, they begin to realize that this island is full of little horrors. From sightings of a ghastly creature with thin skin and very bony limbs, long clawlike fingers and loose hair, and razor sharp teeth to what look like abandoned huts full of bones, they've got to find a way to leave. It's always sighted at night, but searching around the island around the day is hazardous due to terrain and the clever traps it sets out. Even worse; it haunts your dreams. Can they make it off the island?

Horror Plot 2

This is based off of the 'Until Dawn' game. After the first group of people make it off the mountain, it's become somewhat famous (or infamous, depending on who you talk to). People say that going to that mountain is asking for death, while others think the story is just exaggerated, that the people coming off the mountain were lying...covering up murder. Either way, the mountain has been ordered as a restricted zone to the public.

However, one day a group of fresh out of high schoolers decide what better idea to celebrate graduating than to take over 'The Haunted Cabin' that still remained on the island? The main lodge was burnt down by the last group that went there, so they'd have to use the other cabin that rested on the mountain. So, they all pile in their friend's van and head to the mountain, hiking up since the lift no longer works. They make it to the cabin, spend the first night free of fear. But the second they get stuck there after a serious snow storm hits...and that's when the meaning of fear is introduced to them.

Those are all I have so far, if you have ideas please tell!
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