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  1. I am so, eternally, devotedly, fan girlishly in love with my husband. Any time I watch one of those chick flicks or see a romantic figure in the movies and TV shows, all I can do is think of my husband and it makes me love him even more.

    All the 'princes' and 'heros' in my coloring books are brown haired, blue eyed fellows with me as the leading lady in the picture. Everywhere I look, I see my husband. And it doesn't help that this weekend is OUR year anniversary. Which is crazy because 2 years ago.... We met in person for the first time..... And before that, it was all texting and skype. We met online nearly 8 or 9 years ago. He is... and always will be my best friend. He takes SUCH good care of me and I couldn't ask for better. I am SO much in love that my heart is bursting at the seams. My best friend..... And he is mine.

    Are any of you out there hopeless romantics? I know I am. I am all about the Ivory carriages and princes. After all... Even if you aren't 'into' all the chivalry, I think every lady is a princess and should be treated like a queen. ^_^ My husband treats me as such.

    Oh... I just LOVE love. -squee-
  2. I wanted to use a quote from an Aqua Timez song but I forgot said song I was thinking about...

    Edit: Oh wait, I just remembered it:

    'I want to be loved, but you don’t seem to love me
    I wander within that repetition
    I found one answer; that even if I’m scared, even if I’m hurt
    I can say “I love you” to the person who I love'
    Aqua Timez "Sen No Yoru Wo Koete (After a Thousand Nights)"
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  3. XD So, what is your take on the whole.... Romance thing? :3
  4. *Shrug* And I know I shouldn't be shrugging but yeah. I myself am single but I guess most women that I know probably think I'm a chilivaristic(eventhough it's kinda dead now-a-days) bastard. Hell, some would try to date me if they weren't already taken.

    But I be somewhat off subject. As for what I think of love/romance: Well, love is such a funny thing and completely unpredictable.
  5. Indeed it is! ^__^ Bwahaha... And chivalry isn't dead. :3 It is just.... mistaken, sadly. You know... Mistaken by some of the jerks out there that use the good guy facade and their good looks... just to rustle a ladies jimmies and be off with her for the next lady.

    I think...... Chivalry will have a huge come back. :D I mean, I want everyone to have a TRUE romance of their own. ^_^ TeeHee! I am so giddy right now.

    Edit: Those lyrics are pretty. :D I've never heard of them. ^_^ Now I gotta look them up. :D
  6. Yeah, Chivalry might make a comeback....even if I have to do it myself.

    And Ya, you should look said song up. It's a good Jpop song.
  7. Well....

    I've never been one for frolicing through the posies or dramatically running into each others arms and spinning in slow motion, but being in love is pretty awesome. Above all, having someone that you can trust and honor to share your secrets and deepest emotions with is absolutely wonderful. I met my soon to be hubz in highschool and we've been together what will be 8 years this february.

    Everyone has there own version of the perfect relationship though, which in itself is important when finding a partner :D
  8. Mhm! TeeHee! I love you both. :D I just.. I am so full of love today. ^_^ Hugs for everyone!!!!!!

    Hm~<3 And the mission for this thread is to bring back Chivalry!!!!! With honor!!
  9. Chivalry should be considered universal. Perhaps just a better understanding of respect and care for all people. Not just women.
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  10. Indeed! ^_^ And instead of Feminism, I think it should be Peopleism. :3 The general well being of everyone. :D Not just one sex over another. :3 That is silly. ^_^ Respect needs to be spread out everywhere! And I think epic hugs should do it. ^_^ Hugs and understanding. :D Peopleism. :3 Hmm~<3
  11. Gotta agree with you Esthalia.

    And onward, With Gusto!
  12. I enjoy pretending that I'm not and I'm sort of a private person when it comes to most things - I feel like I'm bothering people needlessly when I talk too much about my own life. So a lot of people maybe don't know that I'm *cough* completely, hopelessly romantic *cough*. I adore silly, sappy things and they often put me in a positive mood, even watching other people be cute. ​
    As for me, I am dating the very best man that I know and my favorite person on the planet. We've known each other for about seven years now and we've been dating about a year and a half. It is all skype and the like for now, because of the distance, but that will hopefully change soon enough.​

    Ahem. I mean. Romance is dumb. >:[
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  13. I have to agree with Kitti. A big part of me is super lovey dovey and jazz, but I have my moods that romance makes me feel like I want to blarf.




    via http://www.vulture.com/2013/04/lead...-love-interests-dont.html?mid=twitter_vulture



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  15. Now that koori has educated everyone on feminism, 8D

    I LOVE ROMANCE. I love love. I adore romantic comedies, and mushy mushy love scenes, and romance novels, and couples, and crushes, and true love, and soul mate, and one night stands, and sex. >:]

    I love seeing people come together and getting their romance on. >:3
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  16. e ____ e *stares at the feminie list*
    Romance is great, yes....
    Will edit later after taking in all this koori information (FEMINIST BINGO ALRIGHT! :D)
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  17. YES. but I'm just jealous that you're married :[
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  18. ...what sort of relevance did that have to the conversation, Koori? o__o
    I am confused. Anyway... what was your wedding like? :D
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  19. Nobody needs to be jealous over being married. ^_^ Marriage will come in time. He was my first boyfriend and will be my last husband. ^_^ When I was younger, I was always looking for someone to accept me for me. Not trying to "fit in" and then... we met online. We became close friends quickly and then... It was like.... He was all I could dream about. I'd dream that we'd be married and have a future. And now we do! ^_^ From a 12 year old's dreams to an 18 year old's reality.

    Our wedding wasn't anything amazing. It was 2 witnesses and a courthouse judge who gave us a discount because he gives all military a big discount to be married. ^_^

    HOWEVER, if I had it my way, I would have an outside wedding... In a garden during the spring when the flowers have the most beautiful scent.

    I would be in a gown similar to this: http://cloud.lbox.me/images/l/200904/pptz1240395099156.jpg

    I would have this veil: http://www.advantagebridal.com/erkove566.html#.UcAgFpzJgbI

    I would wear this garter: http://www.advantagebridal.com/army-garter-army-wedding-garter.html#.UcAf1ZzJgbI

    I would use these shoes: http://www.allure.com/beauty-trends/blogs/daily-beauty-reporter/bare_feet_in_public_main.jpg

    I would decorate with this headband over the veil but in flowers: http://www.advantagebridal.com/rhinestone-headband-tiara.html#.UcAgGpzJgbI

    These would be my jewelry: http://www.advantagebridal.com/gold-wedding-jewelry-garden-necklace-and-earrings.html#.UcAgIZzJgbI

    And if I could find a good bunch of wild Tiger Lilies, I would use this as the ring holder: http://www.advantagebridal.com/siplroweribo.html#.UcAgK5zJgbI

    If I had wild Tiger Lilies, I would have my little brother use this as the ring bearer: http://www.advantagebridal.com/bird-nest-ring-pillow-birds-nest-ring-bearer-pillow.html#.UcAgM5zJgbI

    My husband and I would have used these in our shoes. Or my ankle bracelet: http://www.advantagebridal.com/sixpence-gift-lucky-sixpence.html#.UcAgPZzJgbI

    My husband would be in his Army Blues OR this: http://gyazo.com/0d014e4e1f05962d6830032283d793bf

    As you can see, I have my wedding planned already. For whenever we can afford a nice wedding. We would go to Ireland for our honeymoon and travel by horse if ever we decided to leave the cottage. ^_^

    This is my ideal wedding. ~<3
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