Honor Thy Family

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  1. I'm hitting the restart button on this and opening it up for multiple role players, though if only one is interested, then I'd be happy to drop it down to a One [x] One also.

    Basic Concept:

    You are a hitman representing one of many families of a mafia alliance including American mobsters, Italian mafioso, and Japanese yakuza. For generations, the alliance has stood strong through thick and thin, and only on occasions has tension been high between certain families. Now, the pact between them must once again prove its strength. A new family has surfaced in Japan, the house of Kiroshima, and they're threatening any that stand in their way.

    Honor Thy Family was inspired by Akira Amano's Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Although, this story will not be anything like the anime/manga series. No out-of-this-world powers or unique abilities, no cartoonish humor, etc. I simply liked the idea of a mafia-centered story and so I'm making my own. However, in homage to Reborn!, the head family of the alliance will carry the name Vongola.

    My One Expectation:

    - I need fast role players.

    Character Creation:

    I'm looking for all sorts. From the sane to the insane, from the mass murderers to the precision snipers, and from the elusive to the obvious. However, I'm not really one for character sheets. I prefer to learn about your character in the writing. Just include an image in the first post of the IC when I get it up so we have a clear picture of what they look like.

    Keep in mind that while your character will be apart of a family, they don't necessarily have to be a blood relative. American families, Italian famiglia, and Japanese houses include members that were born into and out of the core family unit. Even if your hitman may only technically work for the family, they are still a member of that family.

    That's it for the basic idea of everything. If you have any questions, hit me up. I'll put up the first post on my blog here for a taste test.
  2. I am definitely interested in this RP
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  3. Awesome! I'll give this another 24h before I make a move.
  4. I'm up for it
  5. I can dig this.
  6. Count me in
  7. Ooh, I wanna play the Jewish accountant! Or the sad wife! (In other words, do count me in)
  8. I would love to join.
  9. O.O Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for the interest, everyone. IC is up. If you have any questions, let me know in this thread or via PM.
  10. I'll post later on tonight. Gotta rush to my last set of finals! (I love your writing style, by the way. So descriptive~!)
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  11. When I get up again, I'm gonna post since I have lots of time on my hands being sick and all. :)
    I can't wait to see how this goes.
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  12. No one touch or mention Haruto for the time being. I'll need to move him into a plausible position before the plot thickens. For now, your characters are free to move about the palazzo (the mansion) and converse with each other.
  13. That's fine. I just wanted to forewarn you that my posting speed may lessen this week. I'm visiting my family for Christmas until Friday. I'll try to get at least one or two posts in, though.
  14. No prob! This is so fun, and I can't wait how it will turn out :)
  15. Just checking in to see if anyone was ready to post or if I should kick-start the new year with a boost to get people writing again.
  16. Boost!
    Plus, my character's really old, and fairly sickly. He's currently in the infirmary of the compound, being... infirm.
  17. Interestin, can I join ? :)
  18. IM new so please be pateint and i would like to join as well , Not new to rping but very new to the roleplay style of the site dont know the Terms Occ that well or Ic ? im guessing their bad ?? XD but it sounds fun
  19. More are welcome to join as long as you can keep up. Like I said, I need fast RP'ers.

    Yuki: Welcome to Iwaku! No worries, this site functions no different than most others. "Signups & Plot Discussions" forums are basically the equivalent of "OOC" forums, with their parent/root index being the "IC" forums. If you need assistance, just ask. :)
  20. A boost, please. Oh, and welcome, new group members.
    Happy New Year, everyone!
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