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  1. Kanaya is bored out of her mind after she finished all her dresses for her friends. She decides to go on Trollian to bother Karkat or someone else. She lives in her hive alone. Her chainsaw sitting by the door and her room cluttered with fabric, string, and pins.
  2. Surrounded by his cards and books and various other times of gambling materials, Zaigou found himself bored. There wasn't much to be done, and of course, nobody really knew he existed. He didn't mind too much though. He spent a lot of time trolling Earth online poker games, which provided him at least some sort of entertainment, but he was once again bored, and there wasn't anywhere for him to do anything. Instead he decided to check out who was online. When he logged in, he noticed that nobody was online, save one. grimAuxiliatrix... He couldn't remember the last time he'd spoken to them, and so figured it was as good a time as any to get reacquainted.

    demonusRequiem [DR] began trolling
    grimAuxiliatrix [GA]

    DR: Hey, you around?
  3. Kanaya sees she got a message from another troll. 'It's probably Zaigou.' She mumbled and answered the troll.
    GA: Yeah. Why Do You Care?
  4. Well, SOMEONE's in a good mood.

    DR: Eassssy Kanaya, don't get your hornssss all bent out of sssshape. Jussssst wanted to sssssay hi, that'ssss all. We haven't sssspoken in forever
  5. GA: Sorry For My Behavior. I'm A Bit Lonely And Lost My Touch.
  6. DR: It'ssss alright Kanaya, no worriessss. Where issss everyone anyway? I've not sssseen anyone around in a while.
  7. GA: No. I Haven't Seen Anyone Yet. Sorry.
  8. DR: Eh, no worriessss, although I have been meaning to sssspeak with ssssomeone of a rather important matter. Sssstill, if sssshe'ssss not on, sssshe'ssss not on. Sssso... Have you been joining the otherssss in their attemptssss at trolling the humanssss?

    Zaigou sighed staring at his screen. His guardian was creating a bit of a racket downstairs, he could hear the hissing from all the way up there. He was half tempted to leave the machine to go yell at them, but decided against it. She still hadn't responded, so he started typing again.

    DR: Alsssso, what have been up to lately? Assssssssuming you haven't been trolling them that issss.
  9. GA:No. I'm Not Going To Troll The Humans. That's Childish. I Haven't Been Doing Anything For A Long Time.
  10. DR: I ssssee, ssssoundssss to me like you need to sssstart being more active and sssstuff. You're jusssst not having any fun. You sssshould give it a sssshot, a roll of the dice and all that, you know? What'ssss the worsssst that could happen?
  11. GA: A Lot Of Bad Things Could Happen. Like Very Bad Things. It Could Make One Of Us Insane And We Would Start Killing Each Other Off.
  12. DR: Well... You've got me there, but I mean, ssssome of ussss already do that anyway. Sssstill, I doubt you'd go on a murderoussss rampage, and I know I wouldn't, sssso I think we're ssssafe. I'd bet my life on it at leasssst.
  13. GA:I Still Might Kill Someone Or Someone Else Might. You Never Know.
  14. DR: Nah, have a little faith in yoursssself! Come on, we've all got to let it ride occassssssssionally, right? Lissssten, you really sssshould try to have ssssome fun. It'ssss good for you, and nothing bad will happen. Trusssst me, how often am I wrong?
  15. GA: Answer This Question: How Often is Aradia Wrong?
  16. DR: Eh... Occassssionally? In all fairnessssssss though, sssshe letssss her feelingsssss get the better of her. Or well, sssshe did. You know what I mean.
  17. GA: Yeah ,but I Think She's Serious Though. Well She Always is Serious Now.
  18. DR: Yeah, sssshe issss at that. Don't mind her too much though, I mean, lisssstening to her issss jusssst assss much of a bother assss listening to Karkat sssshout at everyone. Everything'ssss alwayssss gloom and doom. You've got to have a little fun, let the chipssss ride, go for broke, you know? Everyone takessss everything too sssserioussssly, excluding Gamzee and maybe Feferi ssssometimes, and well, you know how Gamzee issss, he doessssn't take anything sssserioussssly
  19. Vriska stepped on of her dice and fell. "Ouch! Not a8ain. I h8 these stupid dice!" She got up and kicked the one she stepped on into the wall.
  20. GA: Yeah. He Doesn't And It Makes Him Look Stupid At Times.