Homesick? Door's open.

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I'm currently away from my hometown for school, and have been feeling just a LIIIIIIITTLE homesick :(

So I thought I'd make a thread where other people experiencing homesickness can come together!

(Very important)

Please do not name your hometown, or describe specifically enough to identify, regardless of how large a city it might be or how difficult (you think) you would be to track down. Be net safe in this thread!

I come from a touch farther North than my current location, and so mostly it's the weather and environment that's making me homesick. I should have snow or at least a frost by now! I miss big, real mountains and unending forests! I also miss not being from out of town (ie; knowing where everything is, navigating transit systems without a schedule, being able to give directions, knowing where the good places to eat are, what's a good neighbourhood and where you lock your doors)


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I don't miss WHERE I lived, but I do really miss seeing my parents now. .__. And I never ever ever thought I would miss my parents. It's been almost ten years since I've seen them in person.
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