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  1. Homecoming

    Prologue:"Hello. My name is Faith Romero and this is an essay I wrote, on how I feel about the war we are fighting. For most families when a family member goes off to war, everyone says goodbye. They serve their country, and then they come home no worse for ware. You see it all the time on youtube, happy reunions where the father or the sun or the sister or the daughter comes home from the war. They are so beautiful to watch, and they make you feel so blessed for your family to be around. Well, I'm one of those unlucky few who doesn't have that life. When I was born My father joined the Marines so that my home and him would have the money and education to raise me. Every three years my father returns for one month and then leave's again to fight in a war I don't even understand or care about. Some of you will say they are fighting for their country. If that's the case I thank them.

    Some of you will say that they are being lied to and sent to fight and die to line the pockets of the rich with more money. If that's the case, then we need to reevaluate our countries government and who's in charge. But for me, it's none of those things. My father is out there fighting and risking his life every day, so that I can have a future. So that I will have food on the table. So that my mother and I could go to college and have a future as actually productive members of this society we live in. But . . . You know. Sometimes I don't want to be a productive member of the society we live. Some day's I don't care about any of it. Some days I just wish I could have my father back . . . . for good."​


    Hello Everyone. I will admit I am coming back to this after walking away abruptly about eight months ago. So I am a bit rusty but I promise if you give me the chance I'll get into the swing of things again shortly enough.

    So I've had this Idea in my head for a group roleplay for around four days now and finally decided I needed to get back to this so here it is enough rambling . . . My basic Idea was a story centered around the friends and family of a returning veteran and how they've coped with his absence over the last six years and where they've come too upon his return, as well as where they go to from there. Now there are only two absolutely necessary roles that I would need to get this off the ground the wife and daughter for My soldier. But after that any roles could be filled from best friends to grandparents parents, to the daughters friends. Pretty much any role that would attach them to the family. As for story lines it would be entirely dependent on US as a group. I'm a firm believer that unless people are dedicated to making the story interesting and adding to it it can't go any where. So what exactly has happened in my characters absence? What's going on when he comes back? It's all Up to us! That's the beauty of the idea.

    I'm open to discussions from the get go as to where I'd like to see this go for my character and what I have planned out, and to see what you guys would like to do and see where your characters want to head. As well I will have my own character sheet up as of tomorrow As of right now I have to get some rest otherwise I'm going to fall asleep on my keyboard.

    1.[Purple] Make sure that you follow all rules imposed by the site and Me and my Co-GM (Audible_Kitten) If you and another player decide you want to take some time for some romantic character development, feel free. But if things begin to get heated, and swing more towards bedroom etiquette, I would ask you to kindly take it to pm's or Fade to black. No exceptions for ANYONE.

    2. I expect everyone, including myself and my Co-GM, to treat everyone, and I do mean Everyone, with a certain level of respect and kindness in this RP. If you have issues with anyone participating in this RP, I kindly ask that You bring it up with me or My Co-GM and allow US to help address the situation as peacefully as possible. We only wish for everyone to enjoy their time in this RP and it will only hurt others when you have a silent war with each other. Please come to us and we will help.[yellow]

    3.If You are going to have an issue posting at equal intervals, please inform us. We have all been there before, and the last thing we want you to do, is feel like you can't come back to us or can't tell us if something will keep you from posting. As long as you let us know what's going on, we can ensure that you the RP continues in a fun manor and can protect you from losing your position.[red] If there is anything that might keep you from posting tell us and let us know what you had planned for your character so that we don't accidentally mess things up with them while you are incapacitated.

    4.We ask that for the sake of this RP and those in it that you try to approach certain topics and subjects with an open mind and heart.[Blue] By that I mean If you are against gay marriage That is perfectly alright, but if someone else is, I expect you to respect there opinion and not be rude about it in the OOC. Now if your IC character has an issue with it they may voice it however they please as long as it serves to drive character development or improve the plot. As such I ask that you avoid bringing up hateful topics If it is unnecessary.

    5. Now comes the one that should be obvious to everyone.[green] Please do not post in the IC Unless you have posted a character sheet/Application and it has been excepted by either me or Audible_Kitten

    6. For the sake of Quality posts, I am stating here that I will expect at least ONE PARAGRAPH per post. That is not an excuse to only post one paragraph every post. But what is most important is not the length of your post, but the quality. I want you to give people a reason to keep coming back. I want every post to add something and at to the moment.[orange] The more people that work together to make a good RP the better and if your struggling to write a post. Remember We are all in this together so Just ask us ALL for some help. We will all help you discuss Ideas for what to write never shy away or hide because you can't think of something.

    7. Lastly. If You have read through these rules that I have spent my time writing, then you may have noticed a random color in each post. I want you to put them in order that they appear at the bottom of your character sheet. Why? Because these rules are important trust me. ^__^

    Character Sheet
    All right So my character sheet is very simple and easy to fill out and I ask that you please at least post two paragraphs for your character Bio. I don't want to spurn your creative ideas, But I want thought out character's and not spur of the moment characters. They tend to be more often then not shallow and very UN-unique









    and here is the illusive character sheet for my character ^__^

    Name: Carl S Romero

    Age: 35

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 183

    Like's: Carl grew up with a mechanic for a dad and a Gunsmith for a mother, which more then cultivated his love for both automobiles and firearms of all types. His mother enjoyed taking him to the firing range often and they quickly found he had a passion for bow's. As he grew his interests in guns and hunting and cars never faltered But the only two things he loved more then those were his Wife and daughter.

    Dislike's: Carl's father instilled a sense of honor and morality in him from a young age and because of that Carl grew to have a healthy dislike for those who broke the law. As well as that he grew to have a large amount of disdain for those who spread hate and ignorance. He never could keep his mouth shut when he saw people being treated poorly or discriminated against. Because of the neighborhood he grew up in he was around drugs a lot growing up and saw how much it could mess up people's life's leaving him uncomfortable with the idea of even smoking weed. He did legally drink alcohol until he found he was an alcoholic. He absolutely refuses to drink hard liquor but will occasionally have one beer with his friends.

    Bio: Carl was your average kid growing up. He had two loving parents amazing grandparents, an annoying little brother who he'd do anything for. But his family never had money. They made just enough to pay the bills and eat. That was Ok for him though. He often helped his father when he worked on cars and his mother when she machined guns. Of course his father never liked the idea of a kid making guns he always appreciated the Ideals that came with good hard labor. And so did Carl. But growing up in a bad neighborhood wasn't easy. By the time he had entered high school he had joined up with one of the local gangs.

    Honestly he didn't mind peddling drugs to people. I mean as long as he didn't do them and the gang he was in continued to help support his family, it was worth it to help a few dead beats kill themselves with drugs. That is until he was pitted with the girl who would grow to be the biggest pain in his ass for the rest of his life. As if it wasn't bad enough that she came from a good family and had money, she had a clear disdain for my career choice. As if she could understand what it's like to be so poor that you can't even afford a single TV. To live in a neighborhood where you locked up all your doors and windows Twice before going to bed.

    But the more time he spent with that girl, the less it became about the project and more about being with her. Until the project was finished and they still kept hanging out. By the end of his freshmen year they had begun dating steadily and he was happier then he could ever be. But in the summer of his freshmen year he was given an ultimatum. It's either the gang, or the girl. Most people would assume that he would have stuck with the family he'd grown to know. Stayed loyal to his gang and broke things off . . . but he didn't.

    That summer carl made the biggest decision he had made until then. He decided to follow his heart, and where his heart lead him he couldn't be in the gang. That summer he opted out of the gang and as was tradition anyone wanting out was to receive a 24 hour beat down. They tied Carl to a tree in the middle of no where and beat him, without mercy, for 24 hours straight. When they were finished he had a broken jaw six broken ribs, one shattered rib, a mild concussion and numerous lacerations across his body. It took him all of summer to recover, but he had the love of his life. And over the next three years, there love blossomed and grew and when he got her pregnant he did the one thing He could. He did the one thing he knew he would do. He proposed. They got married shortly before giving birth to a beautiful little girl.

    Holding his daughter however he realized something. There was no way he would be able to provide the life he wanted for this little girl. He barely graduated high school and working as a mechanic there was no way to support all three of them. So Carl made the hardest decision he ever made. Harder then leaving the gang. He joined up with the military. By enlisting his wife was able to go to college all expenses covered by the government and with his money all going home he had hoped he had provided a good life. He only saw his daughter every three years.

    Every three yeas he came home and spent six month's with his family, and every time leaving them was the hardest thing he would do. But he had decided he would do anything to provide for his daughter. Anything. So he became a career military man. Now he's coming home. For good. His daughter is all grown up. His brother a famous musician. His friends and family unaware that in a few minutes he'd be standing face to face with them, and he would be there for good.

    "Daddy'd coming home girls. Daddy's coming home."​
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  2. I'll take on the wife o: I'm typing this all on my small iPod though so you'll have to wait till later before you can actually get ideas out of me...I do have one that I can type..

    The wife could have gotten raped while he was gone then he comes back and instantly thinks she cheated on him?
    Maybe you can add to that...Idk but I'll add whatever else I think of later
    (No color because of iPod D: Nuhh)
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  3. alright I will get back to you tommorow I have the stomache flu as of right now T__T
  4. Ok o: It's fine by me cx
  5. OK Feeling Better! So as for the rape thing, I'm curiouse, because of the seariousness of the issue this would have obviously effected the daughter, so would it have been some random guy, some one they knew, did the guy ever get caught? These are questions we need to ask before using it. and they are also something that will need to be agreed upon. But as for the idea It is something I am perfectly OK with ^__^
  6. Hia everyone!

    I'm Audible_Kitten, also the Co-GM.
    Just want to let you know that if you happen to have any concerns or questions, go ahead and inform me or Pek, and we'll be sure to help out.

    I will also let you know that I'm currently taking over the role as the daughter, and I'll be sure to have my character sheet out ASAP.

    We already have roles for the father and the mother, and are open for any roles so long as they have some sort of connection to the family. Such as, Grandparents, friends of the family, relatives, neighbors, ect.
    Were open to any ideas, so just be creative!
  7. All right! After many hours of grueling work and alot of soda I have finished building this thread! Rules simple easy character sheet and plenty of character if I do say so myself. And just to let everyone know There is alot more information that I have built up and worked out that would just waste space and ruin the story if I posted so If something seems unclear or your curious just ask! ^__^ I don't bite I swear!
  8. Name: Faith K Romero

    Age: 18

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 121

    Likes: Even at a young age, Faith would always be enlightened by the idea of picking up a bow and some arrows. Though without the guidance of her father, her grandmother took over the job of teaching her the ways of archery. Being a Gunsmith, this was an easy choice. Thanks to her mother and her adventurous personality, she put her archery skills to good use and learned to hunt. Also like her mother, Faith found that music was something she was very passionate about and at a young age she picked up the violin and the rest was history. It gave a nice contrast to her tough personality. One of the few things she had with her dad growing up was he was always adamant that she needed to be able to protect herself, so he taught her how to fight. To this day she still works out and practices with her dads punching bag.

    Dislikes: Enraged by people who believe soldiers aren't fighting for their country. Faith has always been angered by people who think they are entitled something because of who there parents are. As such she despises most rich kids that go to her school. Because she's short tempered, she hates it when she has to repeat herself, or when ignore her.


    Appearance Extra: Just like her Father Faith has vibrant Jade Green Eye's

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  9. [​IMG]

    "Don't Be Afraid, We'll Make It Out Of This Mess..."
    Cameron K. Romero




    Sports | Music | Rain | Summer | Chocolate
    | Surprises | Sleeping | Lemonade

    Interruptions | Assumptions | Drama | Glasses | Pie
    | Lies | Playing Drums | Blood

    Producing music | Cooking | Jogging | Drawing

    This is the story of Cameron, a girl who grew up with a father who loved her very much and a very annoying brother. She was always a very calmed baby but her parents notice that she did have a somewhat short temper when she was little. She also never liked staying at home and always wanted to go on adventures and explore new things. When everything seemed to be great and wonderful, her mother had gotten into a fight with dad and walked out on all three of them. It was hard because Cam didn't understand any of it, only being 6 years of age. For the longest time she always thought that her mother just didn't love her and if she walked out of them without even saying goodbye, it only showed that what she thought was true. So Cameron grew up without a mother and only male figures in her life, growing increasingly boyish and liking the same things her big brother liked (Like sports and Music since she looked up to him all the time.). When she reached high school, she "met" a guy who was increasingly getting on her nerves everyday. She knew what gang he was in, word in the school escalates very quickly. She would always argue with him and fight with him about stupid stuff, what she hated the most was that the teacher actually made them pair up to do a project together. Cameron disagreed highly with this but once the two of them started on the project, they seem to have draw closer to each other and further away from the project. They had actually started dating after the project and a few years later, she was pregnant with a beautiful baby girl. Doing her pregnancy, Car had actually propose to her right in front of the public in the park that she would always go to after work. They soon were married and she soon birthed their baby, but things were just getting started with the three of them. Even though Cam knew that she could pay for whatever money problems that might have to face, Car wouldn't let her do that, he wanted to support his family as well. It was rough when Car wasn't there to hold her at night or to see Faith grow up into a beautiful young lady that she is today but at least he still got to see them whenever they let him come home. He was there at home for every Christmas, some families who have soldiers don't even get that so they were very lucky for that. Cameron wondered if she would ever see Car again and not like that. Again as in everyday, every year. It wasn't a secret, she missed him even though he did get to see them every once in awhile but once in awhile wasn't enough for her. She needed him, she was basically a wreck and sometimes she couldn't even get out of the bed sometimes.

    Cameron was first a Neonatal Doctor then became a musician.


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  10. And You get A cookie and a Hug because first off great Application second off "Hello" Absolutely fucking brilliant way to do that! ^__^ Why Don't You Send Kitten a message and discuss her app with her as well we worked out what she inherited from the dad's side of the family No she just needs the moms side ^__^
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  11. hey Pek :) I'm all ready to join in on this it looks like you've got this pretty well put together I'll get a cs up as soon as I can :)
  12. My heart leaps with joy as I eagerly await this character sheet . . . also hit me up on PM so we can discuss your character and I can inform you of things from Carl's past as necessary. ^__^
  13. can do :)
  14. Yay a new person c: *jump and snuggles him*
  15. Looks very interesting.

    If the role of the father is still open I will fill out a CS.
  16. I am already the father, Or do you mean Carl's father?
  17. Carl's father.
  18. Yes the grand father is open . . . Keep in mind he's hispanic and a mechanic ^__^
  19. Name: Ramon H Romaro

    Age: 32

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 170

    Likes: Ramon has always been the more artistic between he and his brother. He enjoys all kinds of art forms no matter whether its dance, sculpting, music any kind of art form it was something he wanted to get involved in although he always preferred music over everything else. He also enjoys working out and spending time with his family although he tends to spend less time working out when he's working on something "big".

    Dislikes: Drugs and alcohol. He has never liked or enjoyed things like that. He enjoys those who would put money or material things over their family and he definitely hates gangs especially for their involvement with his family in the past and the things that they had forced his brother to go through.

    Bio: Ramon is the younger brother of Carl Romaro and the youngest of the two brothers. His brother always considered him annoying but what older brother didn't think that when they were kids? He was always a bit more on the artistic side of things instead of his brother. He didn't share his brothers fancy in mechanics and guns instead he preferred to involve himself in music and other forms of art. His mother had always encouraged his artistic talents. His father was a little less supportive but he always told him as long as he worked hard at it and was happy then he was happy as well. And that's just what Ramon did.

    When Carl got involved with the gangs Ramon started to distance himself from Carl. He didn't want to get involved in that life even though he knew that Carl was doing it for him and his family which he could respect. He couldn't however approve of what he had to do while with the gangs which further to influence his hatred of drugs and alcohol. Ramon instead of getting involved with the gangs furthered himself in his devotion towards his art and music. He worked harder and harder with each passing day to try and make it big. He didn't realize it then but as he grew older he realized he worked harder at his art so he could try and make money for their family so his brother could leave the gang life.

    It didn't take long for Ramon's love of art and music to get noticed. His art teacher in high school actually helped sponsor his first show casing where he displayed all kinds of beautifully drawn pictures and all kinds of realistic sculptures. He had actually performed the music of the night himself. He had performed several pieces on several different instruments. The Saxophone, the guitar, the trumpet, and the clarinet were the instruments he had performed with that night even though he could have performed on many others.

    It was during the showcasing he had met a girl. This girl shared his love of art and music even though she didn't desire to become an artist herself. When he had finished playing the two spent the night talking away and before he knew it the night was over. He had however managed to get her number and made a promise to call her soon. He called her the very next day and was lucky enough to arrange a date between the two of them. It wasn't long after that, that he was head over heels for the girl. It was also around this time that Carl had fallen in love and left the gang life.

    Ramon was more careful and slow with his love life though. They had decided not to tempt fate and risk having a baby before they were ready for one. They had gotten engaged and were just waiting for the right moment to get married. Unfortunately it was at this point that Carl had decided to leave for the military to help his family and raise the money they needed to support their child. The two brothers would finally put their past differences aside about his decision to join the gang at this time and Ramon would have wished his brother off with health and safety in mind. Unfortunately the wedding between Ramon and his girl would have to wait until Carl returned again because Ramon would not have anyone else for his best man than his brother. So they waited three years for their wedding day until Carl would return to be the best man.

    that had been many years ago and now Ramon was happily married with the love of his life however they had not yet had kids. Although they were planning to have some soon. They just hope that the day will come that when they have kids they won't have to grow up without their uncle in their lives

    Appearance: [​IMG] Ramon does not actually smoke or do drugs though
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  20. I hope that's good enough :)
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