HOLY @#$@#

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  1. Ray

    He continued to work on his suit. He had many ideas for this, but this was his first exosuit, and he had a clear idea of what do to with this one.
  2. Lucius walked past Anya without sparring her a glance.
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    *Warmaster Severdus ressurects I.Hime*
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    I don't know if I am with or against this rpg idea! You will be blowing up my country but at the same time this could immortalize me in Iwaku history.. I think I win either way this goes..
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    HAHA. Prepare for the zillas, isaboo.
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    Prepare for zombie Zillas fel old boy.
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    Prepare for 'The Usual...'
  8. Blair

    Her eyes narrowed in annoyance "Hero of Baltimore my ass." She huffed and a devious thought entered her mind. She pulled out her cell and phoned up Leroy, telling him if the department was still out for vigilantes here was the address. She left a message and started walking off
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    I'd go for the more freeform version.
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    Okay, so it seems we're in the mood to do free form and have no centralized characters. Fine by me, biggest thing is please do not use this as an excuse to lolwut all the time. I'd prefer to have some method of a plotline, if at all possible. Biggest problem surreal RPs have is the fact that people try to use to the funny/weird all the time and all that causes is people to lose interest and no where storywise.
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    As long as Fel can be nude with a ceremonial face mask and (later) a codpiece, I'm game for a plot. There'll be no HERP DERP I WINZ on my watch
  14. Ray

    He smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Thanks, beautiful."