HOLY @#$@#

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    He continued to work on his suit. He had many ideas for this, but this was his first exosuit, and he had a clear idea of what do to with this one.
  2. Yes. Since there was enough interest in making a RP, here's our chance to do it. We just need to discuss how we want to organize the threads and we'll be set.
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    *Warmaster Severdus ressurects I.Hime*
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    I don't know if I am with or against this rpg idea! You will be blowing up my country but at the same time this could immortalize me in Iwaku history.. I think I win either way this goes..
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    HAHA. Prepare for the zillas, isaboo.
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    Prepare for zombie Zillas fel old boy.
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    Prepare for 'The Usual...'
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    Do you guys want anything to be fancy like character sheets or just make shit up as we go along? I'm more open for this to be free form and allow people more reign over any ideas they have.
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    I'd go for the more freeform version.
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  12. Astaroth began to hum a lullaby as he took out a pick and began carving runes into a set of handcuffs.
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    As long as Fel can be nude with a ceremonial face mask and (later) a codpiece, I'm game for a plot. There'll be no HERP DERP I WINZ on my watch
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    He smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. "Thanks, beautiful."