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  1. What's everyone else got on their Christmas wish lists this year? Getting someone else something off their Wishlist?
    New and exciting toy? This years hottest gadget straight from amazons best seller? Maybe even a new house or place to live?

    Inb4 peace, goodwill, etc etc. c'mon people it's 2015

    Personally looking forward to grabbing really only two things. Being an adult sucks in the regard that, if I want something, I just go get it rather than wait until the 25th.

    For my wife this year were doing kind of a stay in for the fifth year anniversary. Got a nice dress she's been eyeing I'm gonna grab and some new work clothes she needs.

    Okay. It's three things.
  2. I just wanna get enough Christmas money to FINALLY pay my friend back XP I don't really care besides that.
  3. Haha, I've spent a lot more time thinking about cool things to get my friends than things that I want for myself. XD

    All I really have so far on my own "wish list" is Portal 2 (since my brother bought a PS4 and said I could use it pretty much whenever, and I had a lot of fun playing that game with a friend in the past), and any of the Beatles movie soundtracks on vinyl, as I realized I don't have any of those.

    Oh, and maaaybe Pokemon OR/AS, buuut... I dunno if I really want to get addicted to that kind of game right now. XD
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  4. I manage our finances like a biiiiiitch, so even if we did have lots of extra money, gifts would not be a fun surprise because I would KNOW when and where and what that money went to. XD So we don't do holiday gifts for each other (at least for those of us who live in this house) and instead put it towards hosting the family Christmas Dinner!

    Throw in that BEING AN ADULT thing and just buying what I want when I want it, I can never think of reasonable gift wishlists. O___O Everything I do want is always way waaaaaay put of gift-giving range. Like a new sofa. Or an entertainment shelf. >:[ Or brand new van. Or FIXING THE SIDING ON THE HOUSE FROM THAT ONE TORNADO.

    Though, people can never ever go wrong getting my FOOD GIFT BASKETS. 8D I fucking love those.
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  5. Sleep. That's the only thing on my wishlist.

    Sleeping is great. Sleeping is fun. And I haven't had enough time for it. Therefore, I'm going to hibernate through the entire holidays.

    And perhaps I might also like getting some arts from my brother again. His drawings are fabulous.
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  6. I need a new mouse...baaaad
  7. A gift card to a massage parlor. I want this back pain to be gone for at least a few hours. Also a pair of pretty nice headphones because I'm tired of almost accidentally breaking wires and having to buy a new pair every other month. I'm bad with wires.
  8. Money and GCs mostly. Student life is hard!
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  9. Can't recommend this pair enough. On my third pair after five years. And I put them through the rigor. All the way up to dropping them in chemical floor stripper, letting them dry, and they kept playing for another six months before the connector started going in and out.

    Unless you don't like behind the head pairs. But otherwise. These are amazing.
  10. I'm asking for wireless.
    Because I'm really bad with wires.
  11. Can only guess what you're wanting them for, whether it's for while working, working out, sitting at home, etc.

    You'll have to let me know what you find and how they work. My wife is atrocious with cords as well.

    Nylon wrapped works beautiful for me. No tangles. No tugs cause of a small little bungee near the base.
  12. I get tangled in them while trying to stand up, when sitting down, when shifting in my seat, while trying to take an earbud out to talk to someone... I think you get the picture. I also have a tendency to misplace very small things, so I don't want wireless earbuds, but I also don't want the collar-like earbuds because those still have wires that I could somehow fuck up.
  13. What I want for Christmas this year is what I want for Christmas every year!!! I want a double barreled shotgun and at least one shotgun shell to go with it. Once I get it, I'll carefully place it right inside my mouth...and you know what happens next xD I'll probably end up just getting something for someone else though.

    Now that I think about it, I might just look in to getting myself that new LGV10 phone thing that came up not too long ago.
  14. 3edgy5me.

    Suicides not a joke, kiddo.
  15. 3edgy5me? I'm not sure what that means.

    You might not find jokes of that nature amusing but I can assure you that not everyone shares your views Windy.
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    But regardless of that fact, you are reserved to your opinions(And I respect them) as I am mine. Also, I'm not a kiddo to you but a peer just so you know for future references.
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  16. No one corrected me about the fact that you can't play PS3 games on a PS4.

    All my days of being nothing but a Nintendork led me to make certain assumptions that I shouldn't have jumped to, apparently.

    ...So, now, the only thing on my list is Beatles vinyl.

    .....That's all I can think of that I want.
  17. I probably would've but I didn't know myself so sorry about that. Still, it sounds like you aren't very familiar with Sony when it comes to games so maybe you should check out some ign videos online about their favorite Ps4 games. Who knows? One of the games that they showcase could peak your interest. Just a thought I suppose.
  18. The only thing I wish for is for an amputee to walk to my front door.

    That's inconsiderate of me, really. I meant to say "crawl" to.
  19. And this is the part where I mention Dargo has imbibed in far too many forms of liquor.
  20. @_@ Well, yeah, I am unfamiliar with PlayStation. That's just the thing. The only reason I even considered getting PlayStation games of any kind was because my brother bought a PS4 and said I could play it whenever. Up until this point, I've... occasionally seen games that I might've been interested in, if I had the consoles for them, but, not enough interest to buy a whole console or anything, sooo... yeah.

    So then I thought, maybe this would be a good opportunity to look into some of those games that I played a bit of at other people's houses or otherwise heard good things about or whatever and get some of those, since the console's already in the house. And the game at the top of that list was Portal 2. ...But it's a PS3 title. ...And there are no PS4 titles that I'm aware of that I really had that sort of desire to get. ...And I'm not really dying for PS4 games, either, so, it would feel weird for me to go out of my way to find potential PS4 titles I might like just to flesh out a Christmas wish list.

    ...So. Yeah.
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