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  1. Everyone has a hobby they do in their spare time. So what are your hobbies? Do you have more than one? Which hobby do you prefer to do the most? I personally love role-playing, writing, and drawing mostly. So tell me all about the things you do for fun!
  2. Role playing, writing, VIDYA GAEMS. Beyond that? Not much.
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  3. What kind of video games do ye' like?
  4. Strategy titles and RPG's primarily. Sometimes the occasional indie title catches my eye lately, and I still enjoy first person shooters once in a while. Though the time I have to play games is limited between work, and role playing. Being a GM is time consuming as hell. :ferret:
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  5. I larp. I also do leatherworking. I sometime make a little bank by selling leatherwork. (I sell... custom things...). I draw. I game. I write. I even gotten a writing gig from time to time.
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  6. I understand, Brovo.
    I started role-playing by LARP'ing, actually! These are really neat hobbies guys!
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  7. I'm going out on a limb and assuming you are a Vampire LARPer?
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  8. My goal this year is to work on stone carving enough to actually comfortably call it a hobby. If I get good at it, I might sell my work at some point.
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  9. Video games, crochet, drawing, coloring, writing, dancing in my socks across tiled floor. These are the things I enjoy.
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  10. Napping. I'm a professional napper.

    In all seriousness, other than role-playing I play video games, draw, and enjoy some girly things like nails, makeup, and cute fashion. By 'cute' fashion I mainly mean Japanese/Korean fashion that I can't actually wear because of my strong German shoulder and boobs. I'm also very passionate about animals, specifically cats. I'm trying to find a way for that to not make me sound like a crazy cat lady, but I have surpassed that long ago. I also love the ocean and deep sea! I could talk about the deep sea for hours, and I spend quite a bit of my free time researching it. So cool.

    Oh, and I collect stuffed animals, and anything to do with Alice in Wonderland. I made myself sound less boring that I thought I was. Success.
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  11. I don't think you can more or less write "Strong German Boobs" and be boring.
  12. Of course, my first character was a vampire. ^.^
    And those are all lovely hobbies. I like dancing around in my socks too, turtle.
    And Napping is always so great.
    What kind of things do you want to make out of stone, Dervish?
  13. Small statues and figurines. As for what in particular, it depends on the shape of the soapstone to begin with, but I like doing wildlife. Right now, I am about half finished a wolf.
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  14. Role playing.. . .I also like to video game, draw and colour. That's about it @_@
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  15. Hobbies?

    - LARP (Not Vampire LARPs, hate those depressive, egotripping events)
    - Board Gaming
    - Tabletop RPGs
    - Forum Roleplaying
    - Video Games
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  16. Hobbies that always interest me:

    1. Roleplaying (Duh)
    2. Phone games (I have become addicted to them lately o_o)
    3. Math and other brain exercises
    4. Anime and youtube
    5. Walking and swimming (easy and fun exercising. Sadly I can't afford going to the bath house atm, so I only do the walking part right now.)

    Hobbies that comes and goes (some times I do them 10 hours a day, other times I don't pick them up for 6 months):
    - Japanese (I'm trying to study it as often as possible, but my self discipline is really bad, so usually I only do it when my interest in it is on top and I think it's more fun than homework.)
    - Manga and books (I have a couple of months a year when I read a lot and then I won't pick up a book for the rest of the year.)
    - Games (Have a big interest for around 2-4 weeks every third or forth month and then maybe some random days during the rest of the months.)
  17. I was very confused for a second as to why the reply I was 100% certain I had already made wasn't in this thread. Haha.
  18. I love miniatures and board games. I absolutely love painting individual minis (though I hate painting large groups of similar ones, which is one of the reasons I've never bit the bullet and bought a WH40k army. I've played Warmachine though) and individualizing them with unique painting schemes and facial expressions. I don't have a set up or a good paint desk or anything, but I'd like one, with swivel magnifying glass, daytime light, the works!

    Board games I've been getting into recently, and while expensive, I freakin' adore 'em. I'm not talking Monopoly, or anything like that. I'm talking Settlers of Catan, 7 Wonders, Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, Forbidden Island... Just off the top of my head. These are a few classic, almost must haves or must plays! I personally own Forbidden Island, Star Wars Risk (it's own game, not even like Risk!), Magic the Gathering (a tactical board game), the X-Wing game (a cross between tactical game and miniatures game), and the latest edition of Zomicide called Black Plague, which takes the modern zombie apocalypse setting of standard Zombicide and puts it in a medieval setting. I have a game called B-Sieged on pre-order, which is a castle defenders/miniatures game, and also thinking of pre-rodering the newest Arcadia Quest called Inferno!

    Board games are just so effing expensive though, and you need a good group to play with. Ffuuu--
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  19. Roleplaying, watching movies/tv shows, reading books. That's pretty much it.
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  20. Here are mine:

    Video Games
    Internet surfing
    Napping (if it counts)
    Listening to music
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