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  1. The tentative first voyages to outer worlds began several decades ago as technology finally advanced to allow the exploration of worlds further away from our own planet, from our own solar system. At first, diplomatic relations were tense, but there was eventually a large degree of cooperation between the countries as they began to find inhabited planets. Instead of seeing themselves as patriots of a certain country, there was a certain pride in all of them to claiming their home planet to others. The inhabited planets were surprisingly willing to cooperate with human scientists and several offworld laboratories were built, with the brightest minds from several planets working together, teaching about their own races. As time went on, these labs were dominated quickly by men with greed and ambition willing to fund them for personal interest and gain.

    Some of these labs carried out experiments that would never have been sanctioned if they were properly regulated. There were, doubtless, inhumanities that will never be known as the labs were abandoned, deemed failures. Sometimes they were abandoned for other reasons, experiments not failures but too successful, taken over by whatever they'd created. Instead of abandoning these expensive, high tech laboratories, though, sometimes the men of greed and ambition choose to hire guns to clear the place for them. That's where you come in.

    You're a gun, a mercenary, part of a team being compiled to retake a lab. Your employer has promised you an impressive sum of money, as well as other incentives, depending on what motivates you to abandon your sense of self-preservation.
  2. [size=+2]CHARACTER SHEET
    Character Name:
    Race: Human unless you PM me to ask otherwise
    Tactic/Style: How does your character go about eliminating enemies, reckless headfirst with gun blazing, hanging back and picking off well-aimed shots when you can, etc?
    Motivation:Why are you here, putting your life on the line? Feel free to include somewhat of a biography.
  3. Character Name: Varice Semms
    Age: 27
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Tactic/Style: Varice relies heavily on his incredible aim to get him through fights, generally willing to let someone else engage before closing in and dealing damage with weapons. He's nothing of a sniper, wielding more typically an assault rifle or pistol, and he isn't even very willing to hang back, he'd just prefer it if someone else was the one being beat on. He doesn't enjoy getting hit and would happily let that be someone else's job. He is not, however, unfamiliar with close-range fighting and is fairly skilled when he must.

    Motivation: Once, Varice was part of the teams sent to guard important officials and ambassadors from Earth, but a nasty incident involving him getting shot in the thigh put him out of commission for nearly two years. When he attempted to return, he was told that they had regretfully accepted his resignation while he was out and were hesitant to rehire someone who, according to the doctors, would need to be careful of the damage caused to his leg. Without any other idea of what he could do, Varice turned instead to shadier, seedier work as a hired gun. This particular job makes him uneasy, but he was promised a handsome sum of money and a connections for a real job after this, working to protect another planet's ambassador.

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  4. Character Name:Issac Winters
    Race: Human
    Tactic/Style: Issac is a calculating son of a bitch. He factors in every possible outcome and uses the environment to his advantage. He does not however use a lot of guns. A simple rifle or even a pistol will suffice for his needs. He never really gets into any direct conflict. He prefers to have others do his bidding and dirty work. He considers himself a leader.
    Motivation: Being that cold calculating person, he follows the money. He gets the job done and the go-to person for the job. He grew up in a rich family he had falen from grace. His family had hit a rough spot while dealing in some "spotty" negotiations. This lead to His family slowly declining and falling from social status. Being raised in a privileged family, he had become a snob. In desperate times comes desperate measures. He took a small mercenary job, wanting to imitate heroes from old novels, and took a liking to it. He was a natural at it and pursued this career, dropping the rest of his education. The money had grown tight and he was always in need of it. His family disapproved of his career choice and disowned him. He didn't mind however, as it had given him a reason to travel and explore. He now finds himself working for a "shady" contract, but he knew the pay was good and learned not to question it.
    Appearance: Issac Winterfield 2.jpg
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    Second off - just a bit more detail on fighting style, if you could? How does he use the environment? Does he stay away from the actual vicinity of the fight to shoot? Etc.

    Lastly! If he's rich, why is he motivated solely by the promise of money?

    Thank you, though. When you've got this, it should be fine!
    This is supposed to end up being somewhat survival horror-y~
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  8. Name: Exort Gotze
    Age: 64 (Average of 500 years)
    Race: Xyrian, a race of large, muscular, grey and hairless race of warriors. Most stay on their home planet, Xyria, where they are in a constant state of civil war. They have a love for war a fighting. And having constantly been at war for as long as any records or verbal story can tell has made them well suited for it. They are big, muscled, with large teeth, retractable claws and thick skin, yet their small eyes makes most of them short-sighted.
    They aren't known for being intellectual, yet they seem to know enough wage war with advanced weaponry. They tend to make weapons, ships and anything else in a very rough way. They care little for details, yet they make things that are famous for being hard to destroy.
    They never really stop growing, yet when they reach adulthood, they need to feed of the respect and fear of others. They are, however unaware of this, yet they act in ways meant to bring out fear and/or respect. The tallest known Xyrian was 5 meters (17") tall, and he was in a constant state of battle, never stopping. His spree was ended, however, when he attempted stopping Fortress class tank with his bare hands. The larger of them tend to be leaders, simply due to their size.
    Gender: Male
    Tactics/Style: Usually goes for the straightforward approach, charging at the enemy with a shotgun, or to assault them with his own body. Is mostly very loud while doing so, and tends to attract enemy attention.
    Motivation:‚Äč Exort used to be another grunt, back on Xyria, happy with what he was doing. Yet, one day, a unknown race decided to try invading Xyria, believing them to be a weak target due to their constant fighting. They were taken out easily by the different factions of Xyrians, however, as they rose up to the common threat together. Exort was one of the many fighting against said aliens, and he found it a lot more fun than the fighting he had experienced so far.
    When the invasion was repelled, and the factions returned to their battles, Exort left the planet, deciding to find other battles to fight. He ended up as a mercenary, making money AND getting to fight all sorts of fun aliens. He has worked for many groups, yet stays loyal only to the one he is currently hired by, refusing bribes or counter offers, due to his own principles.
    Appearance: 3 meters (9'8") of gray muscle, with a hint of green. A face always in a almost menacing grin, due to large, sharp teeth, hairless and with yellow eyes, he is a rather threatening figure. Tends to wear standard combat-wear, though custom made for his size.

  9. Character Name: Delihla (Dell) Semen
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Tactic/Style: She always carries a pistol, but she prefers going head-on using a large cleaver ([​IMG]) She could care less about getting dirty, and thinks about the quickest way of ridding someone.
    Motivation: Money. Dell is conceited when it comes to the dough, because she was raised in a lower-class than most of her comrades. She was taught to steal and never trust anyone. When she decided to become a mercenary, she adapted to her fellow team-members, and learned to trust them, even though she has doubts every now and again.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  10. The smallish girl creature is bringing a knife to a gun fight...?
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  11. Character Name: Markus Davis
    Age: 28
    Tactic/Style: Tries to plan out his next move like a game of chess, even though at rare times he'll act on pure instinct than good logic. He is a strategist so he will fight or flee depending on the circumstances and is not afraid to do either. He is well off with assault riffles and pistols. He will always be in the midst of action as a great example of a soldier he is.
    Motivation: An ex-military man who had been fighting for his country for over eight years before quitting to start a family of his own. He has been married for over five years to a very loving, beautiful young woman who had more of the talent for her brain rather than her beauty. She was working at the high-tech lab that ended in horror. He heard that she had died tragically in a accidental experiment. Nothing else was told and Markus took his chance to get out there as fast as possible to find what really happened to his wife so he choose to be a gun for hire. Now he was going back into the battle he had seen times before but this time with a more personal purpose.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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    If she's say, 5'6, the blade by itself would be about 3 ft, over half her height. .__.
  13. Do we have enough players? Can't wait for this to start!!
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  15. Character Name: HX368 [Sometimes pronounced in a shorthand as Hix]
    Age: 19
    Race: Cybernetically augmented Human.
    Gender: Dude, once upon a time.


    Illogical Technology- Almost everything HX368 does comes from pure instinct given his lack of experience. In truth it has been only a handful of missions since he started which makes him still very much a rookie. But where he falls short in logical tactics his cybernetics help keep him alive in more ways than one. His reaction time, endurance, and durability are above that of a normal human. In addition, he can interface with certain types of technology depending on who created it. This could give the team a rather large situational advantage given the right circumstances. Yet having such a fast reaction time is not always great since it leads to impulsiveness that can cause accidents that puts the other members of his team in danger as well as himself if he makes the wrong choice.

    Exotic Ammo- Bullets collected off the black market to fill the clips that goes into his gun. Several types of ammunition with the potential for many effects on what they are shot at. Some might pierce armor while others could carry flesh-eating bacteria. While the variety is rather impressive he does possess a finite amount of each ammo type. Usually only a clip of each on any given mission. Not every situation is solved through bullets. . . but he is prepared for the ones that are.


    Money. But not out of greed.

    Addicted to surgical cybernetic augmentation, the young man beneath the white and black is continuously seeking new ways to improve upon the human body he was born with not all that many years ago. No one knows exactly what brought this on as he outright refuses to talk about his past. All ties to those that knew him as a child were severed three years ago when he fled into the underworld of outer space. He has even eliminated his human name, adopting the alias of HX368 to make himself sound more like a piece of technology than anything else. Yet it is obvious he cannot completely let go of his human past either given how obsessively he tries to erase it altogether.

    Due to the expensive upkeep of his body, HX368 takes on mercenary work in order to afford the replacement parts that not only keep him functional but alive. Though he sometimes receives damage to his cybernetics during the course of his work. Which would seem counter-productive, except that he merely uses it to get the most up to date and fresh parts. Not every single part on him is exactly legal either. Much the same goes for his arsenal of exotic weaponry.

    The real question is if his need to become a superior life-form will ever be satisfied.


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  20. Name: Jaylin West
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female

    Tactic/Style: Battle suit she designed herself. She was a head technician for human augmentation, but she took her work home with her, developing a tech suit that would be integrated directly with the wearers nervous system, instead of being a permanent addition to their body. The suit increases her speed and strength, though not by unbelievable amounts. She has the ability to hover (for scouting), though it drains her power very quickly and she needs to stop to rest often. Jaylin is a grappling character- not being equip with many external weapons. The suit was designed for mobility over destruction. The suit is equip with two wrist guns and an electric support system to help her in the most dire of situation. She is still developing more technologies to help improve her suit, but she has not updated the suit thus far. she is a superior engineer and can be helpful in more ways than just combat.

    Motivation: Jaylin is looking to improve her suits capabilities, and the only way to do that- is to get into the thick of it.
    In suit: View attachment 16373

    Out of suit:
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