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    • Beep! Beep! Beep!

      A muffled moan rose into the air from someone who's body was hidden under a blanket. It was Fall, which meant cold days and warm clothes. The loud beeping coming from the black, rabbit eared alarm showed no sign of stopping or becoming softer, so the body under the blanket moved around until a small head popped out. Sitting up in bed, the figure turned out to be a cute girl with long, silver locks. Her eyes, however, were strange. The left eye was a golden brown while the right one was a watery blue. Slipping out of bed, one would be surprised at her small the girl was. She stood around 4'8" and most likely weighed nothing more than 95 pounds. In fact, she didn't. Instead, she was 90 pounds which was actually normal for her height. Mae wore a noodle strap black nightgown that feel to her knees and held a rabbit plush with red eyes. Yawning, Mae tossed her plushy onto the bed and continued with her morning like every other day.

      "Goodbye kids!" A kind voice called out to Mae as she left the house. She kept walking but glanced back at her mother with cold eyes. ''Sis?" Said a masculine voice and Mae looked up at her eighteen-year-old brother. "Nothing." She told him before turning her attention back to what was ahead. They reached the bus stop minutes before the bus actually pulled up. The slider doors opened and Mae boarded the school bus. "See ya!" Her brother called, waving with a smile. Mae ignored him and sat in her usual place at the back of the bus.

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  1. Nathan Kane never took the bus. Although that day he wished he had.

    He woke up around 5 minutes before someone came to pick him up. Alarms weren't something he was fond with, but for some reason, he still never overslept. Maybe it was a special characteristic of his, or maybe it had something to do with his canid customs, but he had never really stopped to think about it. He was only glad an awful sound wasn't the first thing he had to hear in the morning. Getting ready wasn't a hard task for him. He easily stood up and wore a random tee with a pair of jeans, since cold wasn't a problem either. Of course, he still took a leather jacket to look as normal as he could, but he knew he wouldn't be wearing it. Nathan slightly fixed his tousled hair with one hand, as he grabbed his bag with the other one, before leaving the small house at the sound of the car horn.

    Out there, he didn't find the usual dark Volvo Daniel used to bring, but instead there was a white convertible. The two legged wolf sighed seeing the smile of an dental kit advertisement waiting for him behind the wheel. Many teenagers would have loved being in his place, being picked up by probably the hottest blond in school, but he wasn't. Nathan still headed towards the passengers seat with an awkward smile, and wished they didn't take long to arrive. "Morning, Nate." were her first words. Oh, God, he hated being called Nate.

    Nicole was a very special girl, that everyone seemed to lust for, and Nathan hadn't been an exception in the past. Anyway, it didn't take him more than two hours to realize he had committed a big mistake. He took her out on a date and spent a night together just to irritate his friends, but the lack of brain mass inside that girl made her impossible to tolerate. The ten minutes ride had been filled with her words, about dumb celebrity rumors, dumb school rumors and ever dumber comments about their relationship. Nathan had no idea they were already dating, but it seemed she decided for both of them.

    When they finally arrived, he couldn't free himself fast enough and was being dragged inside by her hand. He felt the gaze of many teenagers fixed on them, and he assumed they'd quickly become the news inside that sometimes entertaining, but mainly over-dramatic and ridiculous institution.
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  2. The bus pulled up in front of the school and the kids all stood up as quickly as possible. Mae, on the other hand, was sitting and waiting until there was actually room to move around. After a very short wait, she stood up and followed the others off the bus. However, she stopped and reached into her pocket. After grabbing what she had been searching for, Mae pulled out a black eye patch and wore it over her golden brown eye. Bringing the strings around her head, Mae skillfully tied them without looking. She had to do it everyday since Elementary so it was no real task. Once that was finished, Mae continued on towards the school. On her way though, she noticed the people were staring at something behind her. But Mae being Mae, she didn't care and kept walking. That is, until a posse of popular kids stepped in front of her, glaring. "Are you blind or something? Your walking in front of Nicole." One of the girls snapped, causing Mae to sigh. "I don't care." She replied, only to be slapped by the same girl. "Hey look! She's the pirate everyone calls a freak." One of the other girls said, before snatching Mae's eye patch off. "Give it back." She growled, causing the girls to laugh. "Aw look, we made the pirate angry. What are you gonna do? Call your freak crew?" One joked before laughing again. Sighing softly, Mae set her bag down. "I really didn't want to do this." She muttered, but the girls were to busy laughing to care.

    Moving like water, Mae used her hand and hit that one spot in the human body that caused them to pass out without hurting the person. The three bullies fell to the ground, passed out. Reaching down, Mae grabbed her eye patch and her bag. Since it was on campus, people started cursing at Mae for 'hurting' the girls. Ignoring them, she flung one strap over her arm and pocketed her eye patch, deciding to put it back on before class. Damn girls. Now there's going to be more bullies than usual for a week. She thought to herself as she continued, walking beside Nicole and the dumbass who was dating her.
  3. Nathan just watched the scene developing before him with his eyebrows raised. Who was that girl with the Black eye patch? Even though he could recognise her smell, he didn't remember seeing her before. And it was clearly not a normal thing for a girl her age to know about those Human weak points. Unlike Nicole, she was pretty interesting.

    After taking a look at his company, he had to smile amused. She was clearly terrified to share the humiliating destiny of those three friends of her, and so she didn't speak up until she was far enough to hear her. "Oh my God, what a freak." she started, although Nathan remained quiet. "She's the weird girl with the diabolic eyes, remember I told you about her? People didn't see that awful eyes of her before, until a few years back I started to make them see. I have no idea how they accept this kind of abominations in here... " Nicole continued and, after that, Nathan had to chuckle. Of course she believed it was because her superficial comment, but actually, he couldn't avoid appreciating the irony. If she only knew who she was holding hands with...

    After a few more steps at Nicole's side, he got an idea. "Uhm, sweetheart, I need to go to the bathroom. I'll join you back later." told her with a big and fake charming smile. She didn't really like it, but just nodded and kissed him. What he did next was using his great smell sense to find that small girl Nicole clearly hated. When he did, he only approached with a friendly smile. "Hey, you, Jackie Chan. " told her a bit amused, but without any intentions to make fun of her. "I have a propose for you." added, and waited for an answer before continuing.
  4. After hearing what Nicole had to say, Mae merely rolled her eyes and pushed onwards. After a few more long strides, she found herself inside the building. Good. I don't want stupidity rubbing off on me. She thought to herself and she made her way through the school to the library. That was really the only place that comforted her in this whole school. Because she had no friends, Mae would turn to books and allowed herself be swallowed up in a whole different world. It was the only was she could escape reality and be accepted for who she is.

    Upon reaching the Library, Mae was greeted by the old lady who checked everyone in and out. "Morning." Mae greeted the women, nodding her head as well. After doing this, she continued on to the far corner of the Library where a comfortable booth sat. Because Mae always sat here and no where else, the old lady had declared it as her spot and wouldn't let anyone else sit anywhere. Mae knew that the women felt bad that she was always alone and this was her retreat so she made sure she was at least happy here. Sitting down, Mae threw her bag beside her and opened it. Reaching inside, she looked around for her book. After finding it, she pulled it out and set it on the table. However, before she could start reading, she was interrupted.

    Looking up, Mae was met with Nathan. The popular idiot who dated Nicole. Did he follow me? She wondered, her eyes becoming cold. A propose? This should be good. She thought to herself before turning back to her book. "Why would I making a deal with you?" She questioned him, staring at her book while she waited for his answer.
  5. Nathan didn't even realize he had to go through a control, and it seemed the woman didn't see him either. It wasn't a weird thing not being spotted. For some reason, sometimes his movements seemed to be unnoticed by humans. Specially when he wasn't paying attention to it, and he let himself walk too fast and silently. He took a second to look at the girl sitting before him. The library... did she always start her day in there? Oh, well, he couldn't blame her. Humans were pretty annoying sometimes. But if you learned how to treat them, and play around with them, the whole place became a lot more interesting. Sometimes more than books, but he still enjoyed some eventual reading.

    Even if the girl wasn't looking back at him, he did as he spoke. He stared at her watery blue eye, and wondered what could be so wrong with the other one to wear a patch, which looked pretty uncomfortable for reading. "Because, everyone wants doing something off their routines every one in a while. And, no matter how indifferent you can act, I'm pretty sure you are really annoyed by Nicole." told her and made a brief stop. As there weren't any chairs close enough to her, he crouched to stand on his knees, and was pretty much at her height. Without giving her a chance to add anything, he continued. "And so I am. As any other normal guy would feel after some time at her side, I can't stand her anymore. She's so damn- Well, the point is, I can't stand her. However, there is one good thing of her, which is perseverance. In my case, it just make it worse, since no matter what I'll say to keep her away, she'll need a few days insisting before she'll understand I'm serious about it. I just want to skip that process." explained her, he assumed he'd have her interest by then.

    "To avoid that, I need something stronger to let her know. And if we go down to her level... how would she feel if, the greatly handsome guy she's dating, would leave her to be, instead, with an abomination?" added, smirking a little as he stated it. He obviously didn't think of her as that, since she wasn't anything else than another teenager trying to survive in there, but he just dramatically quoted Nicole, and assumed she'll get it. "So, my propose consists on skipping the next class and make sure someone sees us together by the end of it. Gossips will just do the rest."
  6. Although she really didn't want to, Mae had to listen to this guy. Apparently, he was able to tell that Nicole annoyed the hell out of her. But then again, didn't she annoy everyone? She was willing to continue listening, but he to tilt a little away from him. When he crouched, he also got a little closer and Mae was already violated this morning. She didn't need something happening to her minutes after that other encounter. She was surprised when he said he was also annoyed of Nicole, seeing as how he was always with her but his explanation made it clear why. How could you not be annoyed of a girl that was always doing what she wanted without thinking about the consequences. Pissed her off. Skip the process? How the hell does he intend to do that? She wondered, slightly interested but still on her guard. Then again, could you blame her? Mae didn't exactly have a good past with other kids.

    Her level, huh? Revolting. Was the first thing that Mae thought when he said that sentence. Normally, one would get very angry or very sad when someone calls them an abomination. But that wasn't really the case for Mae anymore. She'd been called worse so all the insults were mere words to her. Mae didn't want anything to do with this guys plans. If she were to stoop to Nicole's level, she'd be worse than an abomination. But I guess people also think of me as Satan's daughter. What does it matter then? She asked herself, before relieving a sigh. Mae turned her head to the guy, both of her eyes now showing. They were cold and Mae kept her usual calm expression. "I don't usually stoop to their level but it makes no difference." She told him before abruptly standing up. "Hurry up. Class is starting and the old women will be coming over here. I suggest we go to the roof." She pointed out, already walking, book in hand. "The staff doesn't search the roof for kids skipping class anymore cause they think it's locked. And no student will be able to sneak out of class without a pass the second they step into a classroom." She added. One would usually be curious on how Mae knows all this but she skipped class more than others thought. Mostly to get away from the drama but also to have some peace and quiet.
  7. He could feel how defensive this girl was acting towards him. It wasn't usual to find someone like her. For some reason he didn't even know, people ended up wanting to be at his side. And as he was still really susceptible to human emotions, he kind of appreciated the change, mainly because he was a sucker for different things. The moment he was able to see both her eyes, he couldn't avoid to stare for a moment. That was just another interesting feature of her, that only made Nicole look even more ridiculous. Diabolic eyes? Did that girl knew a thing about the world she lived in?

    Nathan was glad she accepted his offer, and nodded at her suggestion of going to the roof, standing back up with her. It looked it wouldn't be the first time she was skipping classes, so he just let her lead them. Even though it wasn't his either, his ways of doing it required a little more ability than getting to the roof. And four legs sometimes. Walking at her side with his hands inside his pockets, he spoke up once again. "I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. For what I heard about your eyes, I wasn't only expecting two different colors." commented, it really wasn't such a big deal. It was actually even beautiful, but well, once again, he didn't always think as a normal guy. "I guess humans are pretty exaggerated sometimes, and are easily scared by the slightest difference." added, not caring if the term humans sounded weird.

    "So do you do this too often?" asked, talking about skipping classes, obviously. Nathan was still following her, alert in case someone saw something strange. It wasn't only they didn't need to be caught going to the roof, but he didn't need to meet Nicole just yet, although she was probably already inside the classroom, or doing some senseless make up in the restrooms.
  8. Mae felt a little strange. She was usually alone so having someone walk beside her was new to her. However, that strange feeling was lost when he talked about her eyes. Turning her head away from him, she made a slight 'hmph' sound. "Well sorry that I'm not a four eyed monster." She snapped lightly. Jerk. She thought to herself before turning her head forward and pushing on. Mae was confused yet again when Nathan said human as though he was different from the rest of them. Then again, people probably called him monster and such as well when he was younger. He might have just accepted it and kept going. She thought to herself. Mae had been called such things but she still considered herself human. She had feelings, red blood, a beating heart, and a soul. What else did she need to be human? Looking over at Nathan again, Mae nodded once. "Yeah." She answered, looking forward again. She wasn't going to go into detail, seeing as she considered it her hiding place. After all, it was the only place in this school she could go to in order to escape to think properly and have peace.

    Thankfully, they managed to reach the door that led onto the roof without anyone noticing them. Taking a step closer, Mae pushed against the bar and the door opened. She waited until Nathan exited before she followed after. She quietly closed the door then walked over to one of the benches and sat down. Students came up here during lunch, which was why there were quite a few benches. Mae glanced at her watch and after seeing the time, opened her book. "You might as well take a nap. It'll be an hour and a half until the first period ends." Mae told Nathan. He may have thought she was being nice but Mae actually just wanted peace and quiet. Who knew how badly he could ruin that.
  9. Nathan had to chuckle at her sarcastic apology. It seemed that she didn't take it quite well. But, anyway, he was sure that anything he'd say would be taken wrong, according to the way she acted. He continued the rest of the way in silence, not just out of respect, but he didn't have anything to share or ask either.

    Once they got to the roof, he took a look around. He had never been there before, and it had a pretty nice view of the courtyard. Besides, It was really quite. Nathan immediately realized why she liked it. After hearing her, he nodded with a slight smile. He would have stayed with her and maybe talk a little, since he usually was more of a pack Wolf than a loner, but he understood she wasn't. As it was a place for students to go, there was a railing around it, but he spotted a higher ground a few feet ahead that didn't.

    Nathan walked over there and jumped to climb it, Just so that he could sit at the edge of it. He still wasn't far from the girl, and turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow. "Uhm, what's your name?" asked. It was something worth of interrumping her lecture... Since it would be pretty weird if he didn't even know the name of the girl he was with.
  10. Looking up from her book, Mae turned her attention to Nathan. "Mae Smith." She replied. Now that she thought about it, Mae didn't know the guy's name either. Surprising? Well, in her case, no. Mae didn't really listen to other students seeing as they never really talked about anything that interested her. "Mind telling me your name? Unless you want me calling you Jerk." She pointed out. The fact that she was always calling him that in her head was no surprise but if she that's all she ever called him, eventually that's what she call out to him as. Picturing it, Mae chuckled to herself before looking down at her book. She decided she might as well read until he gave her an answer to her simple question.
  11. Mae Smith. With so many students inside thay school, he wasn't surprised about not having heard it. Besides, he was pretty sure they didn't share any classes. Maybe she was a little younger. Nathan smiled at her comment, not taking it personal. He was hardly offended by simple words, although actions could really piss him off. "Jerk and Jackie Chan, probably better than our real names." answered her, losing his sight to the wood that extended far in the distance, and could only be recognise as a green mass. That was his hiding place, where he enjoyed to lose himself every once in a while.

    "Anyway, I'm Nathaniel Kane. Nice to meet you, Mae." added, taking another look at her before laying his back on the floor, with his legs still hunging at the edge.
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  12. "The pleasure's all yours." Mae told him before turning to her watch and setting it so it goes off the same time the bell rings for students to change class. Once that was finished, she leaned back against the back on the bench. Turning her attention back to her book, Mae allowed herself to get lost in the fantasy and forget reality.

    [I have writers block. Wanna time skip?]
  13. [Sure!]

    Nathaniel didn't completely fall asleep, but it seemed he had. He was completely relaxed, with his eyes closed, and didn't even move in the hour and a half they spent in the roof. There were many other things he could have done instead, but he actually chose the rest, which had been well appreciated. A few minutes before Mae's alarm sounded, Nathan sat up and stretched, letting a deep yawn out. Right then, he heard the reader's watch ringing, and he quickly stood up and joined her. "Ready to go?" asked her, with a slight smile on his face. He was eager to see Nicole's reaction and so didn't even waited for an answer.

    The canid shifter walked right to the roof's door and went through it, holding it for Mae to come as well. His mind was starting to think about what they should do next, that would make clear they had been together, and thought about a few scenarios that she wouldn't be willing to create. That was a shame.
  14. Mae looked up from her book and closed it. Standing up, she nodded in reply to his question and followed him through the door. She made sure to quietly close it before following him down the stairs. By the look on his face, Mae could tell he wanted it to be more believable. I can't believe I'm doing this. She thought before squeezing her eyes shut. Opening them, she put an arm around Nathan's and pressed her body against him. Her cheeks were red, but then again, how could they not be? She hadn't exactly done this before. "This is only to make it more believable. Nothing more. So just roll with me." She muttered soft enough for his ears only. Reaching the bottom of the staircase, Mae kept her eyes down. There was no way she would ever be able to look him in the eyes again after this.
  15. He wasn't expecting that from her... but she had already surprised him a few times for the little time they knew each other. Nathan smirked at her words. "Yeah... sure it is." teased, pretty amused, and went ahead to put an arm around her as well. Of course, that wasn't the first time he did that, and even if it wasn't anything extraordinary either, her reaction was fun. Assuming she'd blush, he took a glance down at her to see the color on her cheeks and smiled. He had to admit she looked cute that way. It was then when the bell rang.

    They weren't far from Nicole's classroom when people started coming out, and Nathan made sure he stayed as closed as he could from Mae. It would be pretty disappointing if things didn't come out as he wanted them to. He didn't even have to look up to know how close Nicole was, since the smell of the excess of her fragrance was probably even easy to notice for a human. Nathan got himself in front of Mae to do his next move.

    "Alright, I really should at least assist to one class this morning. See you around, sweetheart." told her with a wide and pretty charming smile, before reaching to kiss her. He obviously didn't dare to go for her lips and chose her forehead instead, since he didn't want to lose his consciousness for the moment.
  16. Mae got a little angry when he teased her but had to keep the act up if they were going to do this properly. There was no way she'd allow them to fail after taking such a huge step. Feeling weight on her shoulders, Mae knew that Nathan had put his arm around her, making her blush darken. The bell rung and students started exiting the classrooms. She could feel eyes on her and Nathan, which made her raise her head and look forward. The familiar fruity smell was enough for Mae to know that Nicole was near. Hoe does this guy not choke when he's around her? She wondered. Suddenly, Nathan was in front of her. Next thing she knew, he was leaning in. Mae squeezed her eyes shut but felt his lips of her forehead instead. Opening her eyes, she looked up at him. The plan! Stick with it girl! She yelled inside her head, before putting on a cute smile. "Aw. I was hoping we could have more fun." She pouted. Although it didn't look like it, Mae was screaming all kinds of nasty things inside her head about what she was doing.
  17. No matter how much Mae seemed to reject his company, she was a pretty good accomplice after all. "Oh, we will soon enough, don't worry." answered her, still keeping the same smile of his, but adding a wink this time. He was already starting to hear a lot of gossiping all around them. After all, it was a pretty big new that the guy dating Nicole was seen with Mae the same day. Although he believed the whole thing was a really stupid thing, he just enjoyed to watch how a little drama made everyone react. He gave the girl with the curious eyes another smile before finally moving away from her. It was pretty weird, but he hoped they'd have another excuse, just like that one, to be together once again in the future.

    As soon as he turned around, he headed to walk towards Nicole's side, without looking at her. As he expected, she called him out as he passed by. "Nathaniel!" said, and he turned around with a innocent smile. "Nicole, hey." greeted her, and had to focus to stop from laughing from her expression. She was giving him a death stare, while her face started to turn red and she even clinched her teeth. "What's wrong?" asked, just to keep his role of not understanding. It only made her more furious. "Are you really asking me what's wrong?!?" she repeated, getting closer to him. He didn't move from his place. At that point, everyone in the hallway was looking at them. "Oh, are you mad because of..." he started to say, frowning a little. "Wait, we were exclusives? I didn't know that..." finished, and saying those words, he even felt like a real jerk. Although it still amused him. Maybe he was a jerk after all, but as he knew she didn't give a shit about him, but only cared about her status, and the fact that she had been replaced by someone who was just her opposite, he just didn't care about her either.

    It didn't take long for a slap to be released on Nathan's face. It even made his face turned to a side. Well, he might have deserved that. And he was pretty sure he would need to do a really good deed that day to compensate for it. But at least she wouldn't want to see his face ever again.
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  18. Mae had to force herself to keep staring into his eyes, even after he winked. It was her horror story, especially since she knew she'd have the shit beaten out of her once Nicole's fan group find her. She saw him give her a smile, but shrugged it off as part of the act. When he moved away, her smile fell and she looked at the people who staring at her. Heh, might as well. She thought to herself. Smiling again, she winked at the people who had been watching, but her attention, as well as theirs, were snagged by the sound of Nicole. This won't end well. She thought before moving in and watching from the crowd.

    Seeing their little argument, Mae put her hands to her mouth and laughed into her cupped hands. Seeing Nicole's expression was hilarious on her part. People around her were spreading gossip like wild fire and she could feel people looking at her. But how could they not? Nathan had just been spotted with his arm around the monster after being with Nicole. And that little act of theirs defiantly sealed the deal. However, her fun was interrupted by the sound of skin meeting skin. Hard. Looking up, Mae saw Nathan with a red hand print of his cheek and Nicole walking off. How would Mae 2 act in this situation? She wondered. Mae 2 was the Mae she had to put on in front of everyone. And who was to say the act was over?

    Shoving past people, Mae reached Nathan and placed a hand on his shoulder. That's right. The show isn't over until the day's over. She told herself, looking towards Nicole who was strutting away. Pay back was amazing. Turning to Nathan, she stood on her tip toes and cupped a hand over his ear. "The show isn't over until school ends." She whispered, before lowering herself and putting her hands down. Putting on a worried expression, Mae smiled only a little. "Are you okay?" She asked, silently thanking all her acting lessons.
  19. He smiled slightly as Nicole walked away, but still couldn't avoid to take one hand on the cheek she hit. It had been a pretty tough slap... which he didn't see coming from her. He always believed she'd care too much for her nails or some nonsense to hit someone, so it must have really affected her. Interesting. But what was even more interesting was Mae approaching once again... what did she want? Oh, she was the once deciding to keep their little acting? Well, he'd be more than glad to it.

    Nathan stared at her with a smile. "I certanly am now." answered her, sounding as convincing as her. "I am a little sorry for Nicole, though..." added, doing his best so that it wouldn't sound sarcastic, and taking a lock of her hair to put behind her right ear. "It seemed she took whatever we had quiet seriously. But, actually, I just couldn't stop wondering if you'd agree to be with be while I was at her side..." added, just for people to listen to him. It was pretty funny since he didn't even know Mae the previous day, but they didn't need to know that. They just needed to understand that he could perfectly choose someone like Mae before someone like Nicole.
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