Hidden Gems

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  1. The morning light broke though the windows of the castle. It was a perfectly normal day...nothing out of the ordinary. Prince Caesar sat up, wiping the sleep from his eyes. Today was his twentith birthday...but it didn't feel like it should be. Caesar never understood why people celebrated getting another year closer to dying. He stood up and dressed into his fine clothing. After he did he fixed his shaggy blonde hair by pulling it back into a loose pony tail. There was a knock at the door as one of the servants informed him that breakfast was ready. The prince went over to the door and followed the servent down to the dining Hall. The table was was spread with different breads and fruits. He sat down next to his little brother, Leon, who was seventeen. His brother was really his half brother. His mother, when he was about three years, old had an affair with another man who was just a villager. It wasn't too strange to have an affair these days but it still didn't change the fact it botherd him. He loved his brother, he wasn't irritated with his brother cause a child can't choose who they are born too. But he was with his mother especilly when she pretended it never happened. As Caesar reached across the table and took a pear his parents looked at him. He knew that look because the prince had been fighting them on this since his last birthday. His father, the king smiled widely at him and announced:

    "My son...I and your mother have bought you a slave. Your very own. Nobody is to use her, she is to be your attendant."

    The blonde prince sighed and slumped back into his chair, fixing his posture when his mother shot him a glare. Ceasar sighed and took a bite, finnishing chewing and swallowing it before looking back at his parents.

    "That...really wasn't nessary. We have enough servents around here as it is. I don't need one of my very own when we have so many already."

    His parents shook their heads before brushing off what he had just said. The king called for his attendant to bring the new servent in. Ceasar turned his head to watch the Girl walk in, his silver eyes attentive.
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    The brass door opened as Victoria was pushed in. Her red high heels making clacks on the floor as the door silently closed behind her, making a creak that reminded her of a child screaming. Her hands held by one of the soldiers who had opened the door, his rough voice echoing through her ears as he tried to desperatly hold a whisper to another soldier. The one who had spent the last hour in the carrage staring at her tattoos like they were moving, not to mention her chest. Victoria took no mind to it, all human men where the same, they only wanted sex and sex alone. She didnt bother to open her eyes to see her future home, it would just be like the same, a castle covered in statues and busts of who knows. She listened to the two soldiers talking, their pulse growing louder in her ears, she took a deep breath and tried to focus on something else. "I'm only saying the king has some balls for allowing a vampire to serve his son, one as much as a killer like this one. Richard, I bet you the prince will be dead in a week" Victoria couldnt take it anymore, so she spoke. "I will rip your throats out of you both if you refuse to shut your traps" At the tone of her words the guards cleared their throats. The one known as Richard making a gagging sound as he shifted his weight and eagerly fixed up her dress. Leather rubbed against her skin and made her skin tingle. She could hear the nervous heartbeats of the king and queen, their two sons thriving to be delinquents. The soldier who was shaking like a leaf in a wind storm played with the zipper of her dress, of course it had to be in between her breasts. She heared him bend down and straighten the leather to her knees and adjust her knee high heels. Leather of course. A giant red heart dangled from a chain, it was a bright marichino cherry red, just like her curled hair.

    Another set of footsteps came into the room. Another servant she assumed, when he mentioned it was time to meet the king and queen, Victoria arched her back, pressed out her chest, straightened her back and followed the soldiers into the blackened room. She wouldnt open her eyes, not for humans like them. She just listened silently to their heartbeats, one of the men in the room, whose heartbeat was slow, intentive and carefull brought all of Victoria's hearing to it. Slow and rythmic, like the beat of an native american drum.

  3. Ceasar watched as the woman entered the room surrounded by soldiers. She was very much attractive with shoulder length cherry red hair. The woman was dressed in a black leather dress with knee-high red heels. Being well-endowed the woman's clevage was very much visisble for every one else to see. A tattoo was inked onto one of her shoulders and her skin was somewhere inbetween pale and peachy. Dressed in his fine clothing he rose to his feet and walked slowly over to her. Each and every one of his steps was heard as he went over to the woman. He stopped a few feet away and looked over at his parents, after noticing her eyes were closed.

    "Where did you buy her from...?"

    His mother laughed nervously and looked from her husband to her son.

    "Oh...We were looking around and your father spotted her up for auction in the next city over."

    Caesar shook his head in disbelief, sighing heavily.

    "Of course he did..."

    Caesar knew that his parents could never remain faithful to each other. They would each have thier of romantic flings and then just get back togeather like nothing had happened. His father was a pervert. Sure they said she was a preasant but that wasn't true. He bought this woman for his son so HE could look at her everyday as she attended to him. The Prince scowled and spoke to his father as his eye remained glued the the woman's closed eyes.

    "I know why you bought her...you just want to look at her day after day like she is part of the collection of gemstones here. She isn't here for you to look at so I suggest, as she is my attendant now, that you keep your eyes above neck level."

    His father frowned but nodded. Ceasar got away with speaking to his father the king like that because sometimes even his parents agreed that adults had to be put back in thier place. After his father got silent the room did as well as they watched Caesar and the woman. He spoke, his voice firm but also refined.

    "Is there a name you go by Miss...? And...You do not have to keep you eyes closed. I"m not here to control your every movement."
  4. Victoria hadnt listened to anything that they said, her full attention was focused on the young mans beating heart, quiet, calm and rythmic. Making a low hum like a hummingbirds wings, Victoria couldnt help but feel drawn to him, yet she kept her composure and slowly opened her eyes and watching him. His eyes seeming to try to tell her something, like an ancient language she wouldnt crack. Slowly she felt his eyes bore into hers, yet she wondered about the position she was in. He had asked for her name and she felt compelled to tell him, only to help decifer the code behind is eyes. The guard known as Richard cleared his throat and she spoke, slowly and seductivly, hidden was the voice of a singer "Victoria, your highness" fixing her legs, she bowed, grabbing the edges of her leather dress. Victoria stood up straight once more. She kept her gaze untill something broke her view, more footsteps followed by constant chatter. She wasnt a museum collection, she felt mens eyes bore down her, probally trying to imagine her naked, men were such perverts. Yet this mans heartbeat drug her back to eye him, her gaze flickered to his neck, the slow drum, taunting her. She opened her mouth barely and breathed in deeply, his scent. A pine tree is what she smelt, pine trees and roses, his calogne she assumed. She blinked slowly and tryed to focus on something else. This was her new home and she would somehow find comfort in the rut she was in, she heared the heartbeat again and it sent her mind running.
  5. When she spoke her voice drawed him in...there was something about it that he couldn't make out. But he felt that if she were to sing...that her voice would be rather lovely. Caesar drew back the temptation to command her about...ask her to sing for him. The attractive woman bowed to him, gently giving up her name. It was Victoria. What a pleasant sounding name...Afterwards she broke her gaze as something distracted her. Then in her Cherry red eyes he could see something, something she was thinking about. Then a few moments later her gaze was drug back to his. He just watched her...studied her for a few long moments. It wasn't in a way that he had preverted thoughts come into his head but rather how intreiging the air about her was. There was something about her that seemed unearthly...not human. As he took a few steps closer to her, her eyes went to his neck. When both of them didn't speak, she pulled her eyes away, perhaps feeling improper to be doing that. The prince spoke to her.

    "My name is Ceasar...My father the king is known as "Your highness"; My name will be sufficiant for now."

    He said it in such a way that wasn't mean but was firm and final. Ceasar looked over at his father and turned to walk out of the room. The prince had ballroom lessons at ten and he could be punished for being late.

    "Come Victoria...We don't need to be here anylonger."

    With that he walked out of the room and out some doors. They entered a long hallway and he asked a a question as they walked towards the ballroom.

    "Where did you come from...? My father like to attened in sketchy places...so I cannot deny I am curious."
  6. Victoria watched his father for a moment, he seemed insecure, they all did. Expecially the soldiers, both of them, wearing crosses as necklaces and such, believing in the one thing she didnt, religion. She felt a little out of place in the household, her hair and everything about her seemed to draw about suspicion about where she was from. She felt eyes bore down on her as she followed her new master down the halls. When she became inticed by the paintings on the walls and the random busts of greek goddesses. She knew them all, her time in Greece was the most memorable one. Victoria heared him speak and her eyes tore from the scenery towards him, to the back of his neck where his pulse was faint

    I was from Great Britain, your father collected me for three thousand on the courtyard of RockWell and Grevy street.....Ceasar"

    Victoria said his name with a certain grace, yet she wasnt sure herself the tone that she used. It was foreign even to her. She felt that he was about to go to something important, his pace was quickened and she found the hallway to expand from where it was, the floor seemed to switch from fancy tile to granite. Her shoes making heavy clacks on the granite as she followed him. A drawing of a man riding a horse, a black one. Victoria felt her heart beat rise as three doors closed behind her, she kept her gaze and followed Ceasar. Getting ready to be entered into the ballroom, she heared a slow type of movement followed by tapping and footsteps. She was getting curious.
  7. As they walked he did not turn around and look her in the eyes like he normally would when addressing someone. It wasn't that he looked down at her anyless than he would his own blood, but he was in a hurry to get to somewhere he didn't want to be. For what reason he didn't know. As He addressed her he could feel her deep red eyes burrow into the back of his neck. The color of her hair and eyes were still burnt deeply into his own mind. Then it was his turn to listen as she spoke. Her voice was very intising. It had a certain smooth, elegant tone to it but he wasn't quite sure what it was. Perhaps it was just who she was, part of her race. She After all certainly wasn't human. Victoria told him she was bought in Great Britian, just a kingdom away. But it didn't make sense...why would he go all that way just for a pretty face? A Servent. Then he heard the name of the street and wasn't suprised. He sighed and shook his head. Having such a perverted father was rather embarressing. Especilly when they held balls and his father collected all the young woman in the crowd who were looking to be married. Then he would bring them all over to Ceasar and force him to dance with them one by one. By the end of the night he was exausted from all the dancing....there were so many his father would victimize like that. As they continued he listened to the clacking of her boots as they switched from walking on expensive tile to even more expensive granite. They were getting close to the Ball room, the ballroom being a large room made of the most expensive materials his father could find to put in there. Another severt eyed Victoria curiously as he opened the door for them and then followed them to the set of double doors painted and lined with gold leaf.

    He opened the doors for them and the ballroom expanded before them. It was a massive, expensive looking room. There was Crystal Chandeliers everywhere above them for lighting up the room at night time. Tall Glass windows and doors let in the morning lights, rainbows bounding all around the room from the Crystal Chandeliers. The room looked light and airy, goldleaf along cealing boarders and on the grand staircase. The room was an arry of cream and gold colors, the floor also made of Granite. It truely was a sight to behold. In the middle of the room as a few people and a old music player tapped out beats, the instructor also doing so. He welcomed Ceasar and looked back at Victoria, a devilsh spark in his eyes. An smile creeped onto his face. Ceasar cleared his throat and nudged the instructor to focus again. Then he went to over to a woman who looked over at Victoria in Envy. The woman was Lydia, a royal beauty, the daughter of an highly esteemed count. She had long dark brown hair with leafy green eyes. His whole life he had known Lydia, and his whole life thier parents had been trying to get them togeather. Lydia seemed to like the Idea but Ceasar wasn't so eager to give away his best years to a woman just yet. The counts daughter was pretty, there was no denying that but he wanted all of his freedmon before assuming responsisbility. Atleast as much as he could get at this point. When Ceasar offered her his hand she took it with a smile, taking her eyes off Victoria and looking at The prince before her. Her eyes seemed to light up and her frown turned into a bright when he took her hand. He sighed a bit and joined in, assuming the correct Ballroom dance posistion he wisked Lydia away into the upbeat, fast tempo ballroom dance.
  8. Victoria felt she was being eyed. The large ballroom indeed made her feel small and insecure, her boots making unattractive clacks on the floor, the noise she hated. She hated alot of things, humans mostly, they only thought they owned the world. How the world is to be made is solley out of their image, their stupid religions and prositutes befuddled even the smartest of men. Victoria had rather spent many nights in her coven in london, watching the men that pranced like horses, wide tall hats on their heads, a single glass for their eye hung by a wire to their pocket watches which never worked properly. Hired other humans to clean houses even the queen herself couldnt afford because they worked in banks and fancy establishment that lowered others self esteem. Humans were selfish creatures. And even now, despite her drawn to the princes blood, she hated him as much as the rest of the homosapien spiecies. Whether she decided to show it or not, the hatred only grew stronger. The princes blood drawing away from her, forced her eyes to search for him. She had found him next to another man who stared at her like she was a steak. She might as well have fun. Before Ceasar found it necisary to draw the instructors attention, Victoria raised her eyebrows and gave the man a sweet seductive smile. His blood was strong, he would be usefull in this house. As for the woman, Victoria eyed with no emotion but she saw the woman was in love with Ceasar, it didnt take an idiot to know. The way she sucked in air to make her breasts bigger whenever he was near, like a whore. Victoria couldnt help but back away and stand near the wall allowing them to dance. The woman known as Lydia, had rotten blood, she was no use to Victoria anymore than her body would be usefull to a aroused man. She was only used for one thing and Victoria knew it, Ceasars parents were rich and so were Lydia's, the fact to bring them together in marrage would only inprove the money that humans so desperately wish to have more of. Victoria closed her eyes and realeased a long held breath. She was no use of anyone here, this castle, this so called prince and his worthless whore of a future fiance`, would never be her home.
  9. The man looked down at Lydia as they danced. She seemed so happy to be here, so happy to touch him and be in his life. Lydia and him were friends as a children. He didn't think of her as anything more. It would be utterly strange to think of her in any other way. But Ceasar wasn't stupid...he knew his parents would never accept his rejection of Lydia as a wife. He didn't want to marry his friend, if he had to marry at all in his young years. To him...He had plenty of time to be married and have children. He was in no rush. But it seemed that everyone around him was. No matter how he looked at it he could never lay in bed with Lydia and be her husband without it feeling wrong and alien....to him. The prince knew it would be her greatest joy to be his wife but he would rather drown in the mote before that would happen. Suddenly the dance slowed to a soft, slow dance and he immeditly changed the way he held his body to accomidate the dance position. Soon enough the dancing was over; once it was she smiled up at him.

    "Ceasar...Thank You for the dance, it was wonderful. And becareful of that woman with you. She just dosn't look right. She looks like a hussie to me. Trust me when I say that Vampires like her...they only want two things: Sex and Blood. If they get both your going to be thrown out like trash."

    He frowned and stepped back from Lydia so she would see his disapproval in her comment.

    "Isn''t that what all humans want as well though too? Some obtain Sex through the only means they can. Weather it's satisfying a lust or auctully loving someone only that person has the right to say. Don't say things like that Lydia. Jealousy can only get one so far before it blinds and finally destroys them. The Woman is my new attendant weather it pleases you or not."

    With that he turned on his heel and eyed the instructor who was again eyeing Victoria like he was undressing her with his mind. He snapped him back to attention and thanked him before warning him to watch where his imagination went cause it might get him in trouble if he desired to pursue it. Ceasar then walked across the room and headed for the doors. As he passed her he could see a hate in the woman's eyes. Lydia had called her a vampire...So that is what she was after all. He beckoned for her to come before pushing through the doors himself. They reached the main hall again before stopping in front of a window and stared out across the kingdom. It was large with a few cities and towns. So many people it almost seemed crowded.

    "You do not have to pretend to enjoy my company Victoria. I know that vampires hate humans. Humans are selfish...cowardly. They want money, glory, and the perfect lover. Since your kind has began to be traded and sold as slaves it must have increased. I cannot blame you but you cannot blame me either. I didn't choose to be born here or to be human. Just like I know you dispise being here. I cannot stand fakers so If you hate me tell me. But do not blame me nor hate me for things I myself did not do. I am not the rest of humanity so I don't see any point in the hatred in your eyes..."

  10. Victoria watched him silently, her eyes which had held hatred were now soft, glassy like she was about to cry. She gently as if scared to, reached her hand out and touched his right pectoral muscle, watching him still. She refused to touch him hard, and refused to let him see the tears his words have given her. She felt different around him, never when she got here had she felt any hatred towards him at all, but the feeling to be around him was the best thing she could get out of a castle like this "Ceasar, from the moment I have gotten here, my hatred has never been for you. I have never wished for you to be blamed for years of my kinds hatred, I was born into it and my thoughts of humans shall not change" she stared at his chest his heartbeat soft against his skin "Your heart is strong, noble, gentle. Your w- friend is different, her blood is filled with jealousy, lust, revenge" she closed her eyes "You are different. I should think that you would hate me as the rest of your family. You may or may not choose to trust my words. Whether you do is of no importance to me, just know that as long as I tend to live here, my hatred will never reach that gentle heart of yours" Victoria took a while to remove her hand from his chest. His heartbeat was the most beautifullest thing she had ever heared in her years. She turned her face away from him at that moment, her glassy eyes remaining. She wished he would take her words truthfully, she couldnt imagine all the feelings in her non beating heart, hatred for him. Victoria eyed the people outside the window. Emotionless, she couldnt develope her feelings after their words.
  11. He turned from the view of the window to look at the woman. The strong look of hate that once captured her expression was now exchanged for something that surprised him. His expression became different, the tension that always seemed to capture and direct his face into that mean or sour expression was gone. Though his expression was still one of indecision. The prince didn't know what to think nor to say as he saw her cherry red eyes become soft...glassy. It almost looked like she was going to cry. Then ever so gracefully she reached out and gently placed her hand against his chest. Her touch wasn't much but it certainly read that she meant no harm and it made his heart stir in his chest for a few brief moments. Why did she become like this? What it what he said to her? It must be, tears did not fall nor threaten to fall out of nowhere. From his experience tears came at the price of a great pain...a pain that would only go away if he only convinced himself he never did care much for what it was that so Grieved his heart. He wondered how his words effected her and why?Then she spoke in that same voice he had only heard a few times before but had come to be familiar with already. When she spoke her words commanded her attention, he looking down into her eyes that drew him in. She told him that she had not and did not hate him...that the hate her kind had for humans would not change and that did not exclude her.

    Then she looked away from him and stared into his chest. It felt like she was watching his heart beat as if it were visible for every last person to see. For a moment he felt tiny beneath this creature that so haunted his nights in stories and fairy tales he had been told as a child. Then she spoke again and again he listened. She said his heart was noble, strong, and gentle. That Lydia's was completly different. it being filled with hate, jealousy, lust and revenge. The first three he understood but why would She was revenge? Lydia had never seemed that kind of person. When her eyes closed he looked down at the ground, his eyes instinctivly picking up the patterns in the flooring but he didn't allow himself to be so easily distracted. Then she told him he was different and that it would not suprise her if he hated her like most humans did Vampires. Vampires for centuries had hunted down and killed brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews. The prince had every right in the world to hate this woman but it did not make sense to. Why should she be judged for the crimes of her people? He did not want to be treated in such a way so he did not have the intent to hate her. The silver-eyed man finnished hearing her out before speaking again. This time his voice more gentle and his tone softer.

    "Victoria...I have no reason not to trust you seeing as you have not yet given me reason not to. Yet I do not have reason to trust you either, but I am going to give myself to chance and trust your words. If I die because of my foolishness then my fate was well deserved. As I have asked you not to judge me based upon human error , I will not judge you based on the crimes of your people. I am the type of person who reads first impressions then from there watches as personality and intent unroll before me. Before I know a person I be a sinner if I judge them before I attempt to know thier hearts. Show me that i can trust you as my protector and attendant. In my hands a servant will not be there for slave labor but to work an honest living. So do not in anyway expect me to order you about like you are my pet. You have a concious and can make descions so i see no need to treat you as such. But There are orders that will be followed..."

    As he finnished speaking her hand slid of his chest and he felt some tension creep back into his expression. He looked at her to find her looking back out the window, the glassy expression still in her eyes as she studied the people in the courtyard. An intresting creature...woman indeed. It was worth the risk to have her on his side and no one elses. Ceasar turned on his heel and continued down the hall. There was much to attend to today, he had no more time to waste but there was one thing...

    "I have things to attend to Victoria...come with me if you would like but also feel free to explore your new home, within the bounds of the castle that is. Also...Please tell me if your thirst needs to be quenched. As much as I'd like to see a few of these snobbish nobles drop dead I cannot allow that to happen. And my Dance Instrutor...I did see you eyeing him like dinner. Please bare in mind I need him for awhile longer after that I don't care what happeneds to the fellow. As far as I am aware it was a simple accident that took his life or made him Ill..."
  12. Victoira hadnt watched him as he spoke. She had lost the will to cry, had lost it a long time ago, the will to continue living. Before she became a vampire her life was supposed to be the best but had failed on an act of her own will. She had lacked the consious he spoke of. As for the instuctor she didnt have any interest in. Her thoughts for Ceasar where beyond even her troubled mind. She had told him that he was different, she had no reason to lie to the man, she was to be lied too. Victoria heared his shoe swivel from the floor and she slowly turned ot eye his face once again. He gave her permission to explore the castle and explore she would. As for wanting blood, she had other means to do so, she had her ways and they have changed through each place that she had been to. As each person varied, Ceasar was doubting her trust and he had every right too. Victoria shook her gaze from him and looked down each hallway, perhaps she would go outside and venture, within the castle bounds of course.
    "Yes sir. I have ways of quenching my thirst I assure you. Whether it be from a human or my own wrists, I will not attack until provoked or ordered. You have every right to not trust me, but please. If you need me, you shall only need to call. I will be on the roof, call for me at midnight if you must" Victoria took steps away from him, and closed the grand door of the foyer to the outside. Taking a split second to smell the blood of the horses as they grazed in the meadow. They would be her last resort if she needed to feed, yet she loved them. Horses where the only animals that seemed to connect with her, vampires fancied cats, blasted creatures that cared for nobody but their own desires. Horses were different, they formed bonds that couldnt be broken even the most hatefull of persons. At her aproach they lifted their heads and ventured towards her, she welcomed them of all different colors. Caressing their long faces gently, they made her feel how she used to be.
  13. He looked at her, stopping in his tracks and turning his head as she spoke. She spoke telling him she had ways of quenching her thrist was a good thing. It wouldn't be good to let bodies pile up around the castle or the family name. And she told him to call whenever he needed her. Ceasar nodded, a small smirk on his face.

    "Of course...Enjoy your day Victoria."

    With that he went off to the rest of his lessons. Next was his ettique lessons. It of course was rather boring. Really it was mid-morning tea mixed with his lessons so he had an Idea what it was like. It bothered him how many times they felt they needed to review this. The prince wasn't stupid, he knew what to do.Then after that was His final year of schooling lessons from a travling tudor. And an hour or so for left over work then it was lunch. After that he had been summoned to the throne room. For what he didn't know but he didn't like the feeling of it. Left over work was a bugger to finnish seeing as his mind was rather occupied of what it could possibly be. Lunch he managed to pick though but it was rough. He wasn't hungry. Then came time to go to the throne room. As he walked there he fixed up his clothing and walked in. Before him his father was on the throne, his mother next to him, Lydia next to her and her parents on the opposite side of the king. As the doorshut dread filled his heart. Ceasar knew what this was...it had come much sooner that he had planned though. The prince approached his parents and his father smiled. The prince stopped infront of his father who smiled happily at him.

    "My Son...I am So very proud of everything you have accomplished. But as you know I will Die eventully and you need someone to rule by your side. I have chosen Lydia Nighgrim. You two have always gotten along so spledidly and it is a perfect match. Once day you two will give our royal family name honerable heirs just like you are my heir Ceasar. Now here...take this gold band signifying the bond between you two now and forever."

    The prince hesitantly reached out and took it, just holding it in his hand. He stared at it blankly in his palm before Lydia's voice urged him to put it on. He looked up at her and a pleased spark lit up her eyes. With everyone in the room staring at him he slipped it on his own ringfinger. It felt strange and it didn't feel right. He wanted it off and now. Her parents thanked his parents and him before he was excused from the room. As soon as he was he noticed it was close to dinner time so he wandered off, a blank expression on his face, towards the dining hall. Once there he took his seat then stared at the band through dinner. His parents were beaming and his brother scowled at him in envy. Ceasar didn't touch his meal but as he was dismissed took the bottle of wine with him. Where he was from, this kingdom parents chose when children had the right to touch alchoholic bevrages. The rule here was after their engagement. So conviently he was just engaged so he grabbed the full bottle of wine before wondering off into the halls. He settled in the west wing, the floor below his room and slumped agaginst the room. The prince thought he would be sick if he had any solids in his belly so he popped open the bottle and began to drink. It was bitter but it felt good on his throat. Most of all it didn't upset his stoumuch so he drank until it was almost half empty. It seemed to have a numbing effect on him. He didn't have to remember that he was engaged to a selfish woman or that someday he would hold alot of responsibility as king and husband. He sighed and looked up at the sky his vision and body shakey. Ceasar felt trapped in his stuffy clothing and unbuttoned the top few buttons so he could feel like he could breathe better. He would just sit here till he was found or became sober...there wasn't much else he could do.
  14. "They must have told him about the engagment, I smell alcohol" Victoria whispered kindly, her red lips forming a smile, laying on the grass under a shady tree that laid in the pasture. The horses grazing by her, nickering their comments to her remarks and surrounding her from every angle. They had grown a liking to her as she had with them, a chesnut mare in peticular seemed to be taking a special liking to the vampiress. Her brown eyes watched Victoria closely, her belly on the grass, her long legs tucked underneath her and her mouth rummaging through the semi-wet grass. Victoria rested with them, keeping in the shade as the sun beat down on the horses. She would be burned if she stayed in the sun like them, her skin matched humans but was unusually pale and burnt easily. She sought nothing else to do in this castle, a small pile of freshly picked apples lay in her lap. A plump uneaten one in her hand, her nails digging into the soft flesh that gave in under her force. She had climbed on one of the horses and snagged a couple of apples as they fell, she had given them to the horses and her hunger for blood susided when the creatures ate off her hand. Magic creatures they were indeed. Victoria pressed the jade apple to her lips, sinking her fangs into the flesh as the sun begun to set over the castle.
  15. The prince must have fallen asleep because when he woke the sun had almost finnished setting. He groaned as a headache began to form in his head, making the remaining sunlight almost unbearable. Slowly he managed to get himself to his feet, after awhile though. He could hear many people coming to search for him. That he did not want. He didn't want to be found especilly not this way. Ceasar still holding the bottle stumbled over to the stairs that lead down the the horse pastures. he didn't go down there often and he would have already been down there if he had gone to riding lessons today. But he had not gone because of the engagement. It had distracted him and he had missed them. They were supposed to be after dinner but hecause of what happened he drank through them. Ever so slowly he stumbled down to the fields, taking sips of the mind numbing wine as he came. Then the horse pasture came into sight. In the distance he watched for a little while while the vampire interacted with the horses, especilly his own horse the Chestnut mare. It was a curious thing...he would have thought that the woman would eat them not being able to feed on humans as she wished. Ceasar then slowly approached the pasture and her. Once he reached there he collapsed against a tree nearest to the pasture and laid his head back against the tree before taking another long drink. The prince wiped his lips clean of the liquid then looked over at her, his mind spinning. He closed his eyes again, catching his breathe. His had the ring was on became visible, the gold shining in the setting sun.

    "I hate this...All the responsibility...I wa...want to disappear..."

    With that he reached up and tugged at the collar of of his shirt, the next few buttons coming updone. His neck became more exposed, it streached out a bit as his head was rested against the tree.

    "T-This I-Is all a mwess..."

    His words were slurred as he spoke, some of them understandable but kind of hard to understand.
  16. Victoria just watched him, the alcohol radiating off his flesh, she shook her head and whispered to teh chesnut mare and the rest of the horses with her about how he found out. She carried an apple to him and sat down a couple inches from him, her legs crossed and her gentle eyes watching him. She had taken the apples with her but the horses had followed. the chesnut mare laying down again next to Victoria who kissed the mare on the nose gently. Causing the creature to nicker softly and nudge her neck when she moved her focus back on Ceasar. She grabbed his shoulders gently and took the bottle from his hands. Setting it against the tree, hearing the barely audible clank. She lowered his head slowly onto her lap, making a pillow out of her thighs. She played with his hair gently "Your family and fiance wont be happy if they see you like this Ceasar" she had said it as gentle as she could, feeling the tinge of jealosy, she hadnt had that feeling in a long time. Thinking she needs to distance herself from him. But she couldnt bring herself to do it, he was drink and she knew all to well a drunken human needed to have their necks elevated or they would choke on their own drool. Yet his hair was so soft, like silk or a birds feathers. The horses gathering around them once more, a bay stallion snagging the apple she had saved for Ceasar.
  17. The prince just laid there, propped up by the tree. He felt useless and limp, his body relaxing but his stoumuch churning. Right now his thoughts shifted so much he din't have to focus on anything for too long. It was a relief from the stress he constantly felt at the hand of his slave-driver parents. Nothing at the time being felt real...atleast he didn't want it to be so. He didn't want to Marry Lydia or have children with her. Nor did he want to be married so early in the first place. Not only that, but he despised that he one day and his father had or would have so much power and influence...responsibility. Ceasar more than anything just wanted to be like almost every other being on the face of this planet. Normal as in being born into a normal family with a faitful mother and a devoted father who went away to work during the week and brought home food and supplies for his family. Parents who spent time nurturing thier child, teaching him everything he needed to know...life lessons. Parents who had thier child because they wanted one not because they were forced to. But here he was born for the sake of having/being an heir. Not because his parents loved each other...cause they didn't. His mother had, had his half brother and still messed around with the man who was his brother's father. His father had numerous mistresses and was still eyeing any woman who was pretty and passed his gaze. They were forced to marry and so would he. Him and Lydia would be just like his parents. He hated that, the prince never wanted to be like his parents. He had never really felt true love from or towards his parents. It felt as if they were just room mates tolerating each other.

    Then he heard light footsteps walk up to him, they stopping infront of him. He heard her sit down infront of him with a wrestling. His eyes shot open as he felt soft, cold hands grab the wine bottle from his hand then the hands moved to his shoulders. Slowly, ever so carefully she moved him down until his head was resting against her legs. Again his heart fluttered in his chest just like the first time she had touched his chest back at the castle. But this time the fluttering didn't stop as she started playing with his shaggy hair.As his breathing was slowed down because of the depressant alchohol he just looked up into her cherry red eyes. She then spoke, saying that his family and Lydia wouldn't be at all pleased to see him like this.
    As he spoke his words were slurred togeather much like in the fashion a person would talk when drunk.

    "Are you going to tattle tale on me Victoria, for having my first drink? Or perhaps you'll take me back to the castle and let them see me? It matters not what you do with me...I cannot function nor defend myself right now. Besides I don't care...I despise my life as it is. Ceasar...I was was jusr born for the sake of my selfish parents saying they had an heir. I've never felt love for my parents nor felt any love in return. They also had an arranged marrige, there is no love there. I hate Lydia...I don't at all want to be bound to her for the rest of my misrible exsistance...."

    The prince tilted his head a bit, his neck exposed fully, If he listened closely and closed his eyes he would have been able to hear his own heartbeat...strong and steady.

    "Another thing I don't understand is...Here am I so drunk I couldn't possibly imagine trying to sit up by myself at the moment but yet you treat me so gently. I am so exposed but yet you do not take advantage of my weakness. After all I deserve it after how badly humans have treated vampires...but I also heard my whole life that vampires would attack whatever human they came across. What is one human to you? One pathetic human...What makes me so special that I am not attacked? I am not better than anyone else nor will I ever pretend to be. But I cannot lie when I say I have difficulty feeling for people...people who I feel have never truely cared...for the first time It feels like someone auctully care about my wellbeing and not weather I missed dancing lessons. It may be you just doing your job but a thanks is in order.You may be vampire but you have probably experienced more human emotions than I ever have...you are more human in that aspect than you think or believe...Victoria."

    If she would have anything to say he would listen and respond. His vision blurring more and more the harder he fought to stay concious as the two spoke.
  18. Victoria just listened, taking the extra time to listen to his slurred words hoping she wouldnt get any of them wrong. His hair was like silk in her fingers, the sweet smell of his blood filtering through her nose. Yet despite how he turned to expose his neck, she had never felt the need to stoop down to his level and steal a drink. He spoke of how she was more human than monster. Those words she couldnt believe even in her nightmares, she wasnt human, humans never thirsted for the life source of others creatures. They never expirienced love, only lust and want, two things Victoria had never felt. Only this time, the strong connection she had to Ceasar's heart was strong that she could never possibly harm him. "No Ceasar, I shall not tell, or let your parents find you. As for your fiance, her mind is clouded, you must learn to live with the burden she will bring to you. It wont be long untill you grow a bond with her, as for you. You are my life now, it would be like killing my own people if I were to end your life here" Victoria watched his eyes as she felt drawn to them, feelign the urge to bend down and kiss those tender lips. She wouldnt dare, he was a married man soon, she was a servant, who had no right to seduce the young prince. She tore her gaze away from Ceasars eyes and released a calming breath.

    (sorry its short)
  19. He chuckled a bit as she told him that his parents would never find him at least for tonight. Tomorrow he would have to go back to normal like nothing happened, with Lydia at his side. Then she spoke, saying that he would have to get used to Lydia and then a bond would grow. A scowl formed on his lips.

    "Lydia had twenty years to make that happen and yet I despise my childhood friend for wanting to love and marry me. I don't think marrige will strengthen the bond. It will only make it weaker..."

    Out of the blue she said he was her life now, that if she killed him it would be like killing one of her own. Her life...? The prince clearly knew the context behind that comment though he couldn't help but feel that it had deeper meaning. Though he was engaged he couldn't help but think of the vampire in Lydia's place. Immediatly he brushed it from his mind. His parents would never accept such a marraige. Besides she was his advisor...not proper at all. Ceasar couldn't help but not look anywhere than her eyes. They were entrancing...captivating...the eyes that drew you in and would never let you go. As she continued to run her fingers through his hair a desire shown in her cherry eyes. It looked as if she wanted something from him but it wasn't a drink. Then after awhile she tore her gaze away, pulling herself away from whatever temptation haunted her. A smirk tugged at his lips.

    "Victoria...I have never been kissed nor kissed anyone thanks to the sharp observations of my parents but now no one is watching. But that is out of place for me to say, forgive me. Apperently My thoughts are not so safe with alcohol in my system..."

    He closed his eyes and sighed too. Tonight had been the most intreasting night he had experienced in a longtime. After a little while his breathing became normal and he drifted off into sleep on Victoria's lap. When he woke he was still with Victoria but with a none too pleased Lydia looking down at him. On top of that was sick to his stoumuch, pale like a ghost, and had the worst headache of his life. This was going to be a long day...
  20. Victoria had tried for the night not to lean down and kiss him. So as soon as he closed his eyes, she began to sing the softest lulliby she could think of. Her thoughts drifting to his words, it had almost seemed to her that he wanted her to kiss him. She shook her head, that would be absurd, he was a soon to be married man. She had let go of his hair and leaned against eh tree, her eyes closed but in light of reicent events she couldnt fall asleep. Her senses awake to the sound of the horses and the other creatures. The crickets finally luring her to let her mind rest. She had awoken however to Lydia, one thing she didnt want ever. The whore bore her hideous eyes on Victoria, and it took everything she had not to rip the womans throat out at the very smell of her horrid rotten blood. She wouldnt answer to Lydia, no matter what question was asked of her. She hated the woman from the moment she had seen her in the ballroom. She heared Ceasars heartbeat rise and it tugged her eyes down at him. He looked horrible, good thing she hadnt let him grab the wine bottle. Then again the whole night his attention was to her, she had never felt so important.

    "I'm sorry my lord, I dare not move you from your rest" She wouldnt call him Ceasar with his whorish fiance boring down on the both of them. Her mind thought back to ripping Lydia's throat out and her mouth watered, the urge to attack whoever was near, to taste their blood in her mouth, biting intot eh sweet flesh- She shook her head and closed her cherry red eyes. She needed to feed or she would make a meal of Ceasar, she wouldnt give a bloody thirsty demon Lydia.