Hi? .-.

To be honest, it'd be easier just to do a private RP on the forums.

Post up an OOC thread and someone will be more than happy to jump in, I'mma sure.
Though popping the question in the cbox and seeing if anyones interested would work too.

Welcome to Iwaku Nekko! :D

I'm Sakura, Global Moddie in charge of the General Board :)

If you have any questions or need help, let me know :D

Nekko! I found your greeting thread. :D *hugs and greets, greets and hugs*
Right like Diana said we won't cook you but maybe a slight sauté . :]] Welcome to Iwaku! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, it's pretty fantabulous!
Greetings! I'm Zypher and with Vay I am one half of the RP mod team! Any questions you have feel free to ask either of us anytime! We're just a PM away. Also ignore those bad rumors about Diana, she is a fair and just admin and doesn't eat newbies! (At least not since we lost the Teriyaki Pot in the fire of 53)
*sees Diana run off screaming*

Zypher you know not to mention the fire of '53

*more Diana screaming*