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  1. Hello.. I was referred to here by someone, so I joined... I'm gonna have a look around now, so... *runs away*
  2. Anya snuggle close to Arthur, “You’re staying on earth right?”

    Alena laugh softly, “Not wasting time I see.”
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  7. Ohhh, now what will Itchira do?
  8. Hey there little nekko...

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  9. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku enjoy your stay and ask any questions to anyone at all

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  10. Heya! Any idea who referred you? :3
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  12. [​IMG]
    Location: Bartering Hall
    Time: Late Afternoon
    Lys, Jofie
    Truly, a wondrous day. First the murder, then the zealots and now Samael causing havoc. It was only further helped by the sass from the arbomite whom they had apparently just saved from an arse-whooping. It was times like this where Allie cursed the 'violence as a last resort' nature of the modern day Unity Fighters. When the organisation started, it was action like one couldn't believe: righteous violence against those who would seek to harm others and disrupt the peace of the Catacombs. Now, it seemed like they were resented baby sitters more than guardians.

    "We really don't have time for this," Allie spoke, looking to Lys'. "We need to remember why we came here..." Without even waiting for a response from Lysander, Allie frowned deeply at Jofie. "You, what happened? And make it quick!"
  13. I also may just be a lurker :P but I may post something soon. We'll see. This is a great idea, though! :)

  14. Shilia | Bartering Hall | Late Afternoon

    Interactions: Amadeus @KatSea, Clo & Samael @Tealous

    Once again, Shilia picked up on the sarcasm easily. She figured that he gave up trying to hide it by now. It that wasn't the case, then this Amalgy was full of far more bitterness than she first perceived. No matter, that only confirmed his initial impressions of him: a lost soul in need of guidance.

    "You hold a bitterness towards the church and for that, I cannot blame you," Shilia said. "You and everyone else have a right to their own feelings and opinions. It is just sad that I cannot say the same about the truth." It truly was sad. The amount of misconceptions and hatred pinned against the church was depressing, though at the same time it gave Shilia that extra boost to remain loyal and focused.

    "Clearly you're inhibiting your imagination," Shilia giggled as Amadeus asked what the sacrifice could offer. "Honestly, if immortality doesn't entice you, then think of it this way..." She was careful of the Amalgy's every breath as she gently placed a hand under his, raising up to place her other hand over it. "I am no psychic, Amadeus. I'm also no witch nor bearer of some Zealot dark magic. However...I know when one is in pain. Yours is far too potent and familiar to ignore. If it is the past that grieves you so much, then this will be your second chance."

    She peered up at Amadeus intensely.

    "This shall be your rebirth--"

    She jumped in surprise when a loud crash pierced the air. She covered her eyes as a small burst of splinters exploded from the stand. Two people shortly emerged from the mess, an Arbomite ((Samael)) and a Human ((Clo)). "Oh dear..." Shilia mumbled. Honestly, this day turned to be more and more eventful as the minutes passed.

  15. Someone here on the recommendation of an inactive user..... GET SPARTAN ON SO WE CAN THANK HIM AND THROW A PARTY!

    Then kill him for leaving.

  16. Rek’Sai
    The Shark

    . It’s not a question of if I will fall,
    It’s how hard I hit the floor.

    "Fight or make room for those who will."

    Temk's curiosity was a joy to see. She was so eager to to learn and every subject seemed to fascinate them. The answer to Temk's question was more or less what Rek'Sai thought would happen. There was some sort of recycling/refurbishing process that got the parts back out into the system. Without such a system Rek'Sai doubted there would be even close to the number of androids and cybernetically enchanted beings. There was more than enough organic material to support every race in the galaxy but the materials needed to build artificial beings were specific and limited in some cases.

    Not long after the Captian had dismissed Austin, her head of the medical wing strolled through the door for some refreshments of her own. She sighed as she spotted the second mug in the Auron's hands. The Ku'Rhom was grateful for the kindness offered her way but she had already exposed her face to Keter and Temk as she ate her soup, an exception made only because of how hungry she was after unfreezing. She also thought she would have had enough time to down the soup and be on her way but she wasn't quite as early waking up as she thought she was. Rek'Sai was incredibly proud of how she was able to keep her body in such good shape while it was being attacked by the virus that plagued her people. The virus still had a vice grip on her body however and her jaw was one area that it showed, If it was spread across her face to the degree it effected her jaw she would look like a Zombie the Humans liked to fantasize about so often. The second mug made its way in front of the captain and she wrapped her hands around it out of habit. The slight warmth of the glass was certainly inviting but she was still not quite comfortable enough to take her mask off to drink what ever it was. Detaching her hands from the mug, she slid it near the mostly empty bowl of broth she had earlier. The Captain acknowledged the first statement with a nod of her head. The ship was still intact and her crew was as well, everything was in order for the time being.

    "As good as one can be right after walking out of the freezer." Rek'Sai mused. "I'd join you in that drink if I hadn't just finished my soup. The cake looks even better; wouldn't be able to keep it down unfortunately." She envied the Auron for being able to eat such a rich desert while her own body would reject anything that didn't consist mostly of water. After her years on the Leviathan she had gotten well versed in keeping her deceitful hunger at bay while she slowly reintroduced food to her body after each cryosleep. "Every thing well with you after the deep freeze Tavi?" She asked as the Geologist fell into the room and slid an extra pace. Marica held a knife in one hand and a syringe in the other then quick;y abandoned her other shoe to finish her sprint up to Tavi. Rek'Sai stood up from her seat so she could make sure that knife didn't cause any problems. She wasn't sure about this demonstration that involved a knife but the smaller woman certainly looked driven to follow through with her plan, what ever it was. Curiosity got the better of her as Marica brought her leg onto the table and stabbed herself, following it with an injection from the syringe in her other hand. "What, the fuck. This is the dinning hall, people eat here. This is no place for experiments." Rek'Sai roughly swiped the other girl's leg from the table, letting it fall to the ground as she scolded. "I don't care if you cured Izkah, do not do that ever again. Make sure you keep your experiments inside the area that has been provided for you. Are we clear?" Rek'Sai forcefully questioned, taking full advantage of the height difference between the two to become more imposing. Once satisfied with the Geologist's answer she would call upon Homer to clean up the biological waste that had sullied the table they were using. Before the android arrived to clean up the mess, Rek'Sai gathered her bowl and the mug Tavi had offered to her to place on another nearby table. The Ku'Rhom knew there would be a level of uncertainty when she wasn't able to choose her crew but this was something else entirely. She wanted to be wowed by this demonstration but instead the achievement was undermined severely by the presentation. Unfortunately for the rest of the science departments, Marica had already squandered Rek'Sai's patience for the unknown. Further demonstrations would have to be well documented and take place in an appropriate setting.
  17. Rio kept her lips pursed in a stoic manner, pale hues fixated on the pilot just long enough to ensure he was the recipient of the venom housed behind their gaze. When he finished and was thoroughly done with the bridge, Rio released a heavy sigh that even her mood altering chip couldn't alleviate the need for. In this time, her hand was taken by the much larger Ku'rhom, and gently, she met the warmth of foreign fingers with manicured digits that couldn't shake the cold from the tips no matter how Rio tried to boost her circulation. Rather than consider how her interaction with Johannes may have gone better, her thoughts lingered on Uluro and their exchange thus far. Did she have a genuine preference for the options she had given him? Certainly, though nothing set in stone - but perhaps they were best not traipsing through the other sections of the spacecraft when the bridge was adequately empty of intrusions.

    "Homer-" The Aurouun dictated to the Artificial Intelligence monitoring the overall ship, "please close the partition between the Systems area and the stairwell leading to the lower deck."

    H-OM-3R replied with, "As you wish, Rio." In accordance with her instructions, segmenting doors slid closed and the two were alone with only the constant glow of the countless monitors and screens driving information across their faces.

    In her pale visage, Rio allowed an almost defeated frown to replace the trained smile she usually wore, though it lasted only long enough for the Auroun to admit, "That wasn't my finest engagement." As was common with more first impressions she made, it was a poor display of who Rio was known to be, but like anyone else met with similar circumstances of disappointment over many years, she swallowed the guilt and unease it brought. "Nonetheless, we're here for you now." With her now free hands, she gestured to her temples with two fingers brushing each in time. "Would you rather speak at the source?" Drifting easily between the seats lining the wall of monitors, she took one and pulled it out, using the gravi-sensor module of the floating node to readjust the seat to the exact height she wished it to be during their conversation.

    Whether Uluro wished to speak aloud or was content using telepathy wouldn't change her first question. "Can you recall your dreams recently, Uluro? Whether they stopped or increased in intensity since cryostasis?"


  18. I look over at the giant man feeling slightly intimidated. "Oh of course sir" i said in a soft and gentle tone. I wasn't the best at speaking loudly or confidently. I slowly make the hot chocolate for the man and walk over putting it down in front of him.

  19. Ello! Welcome to the site! I'm here for my mandatory attempt to drag you* into the Table-Top Tyrants, were we discuss and play anything from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40k to Magic: the Gathering! Interested in a game such as one of these but don't know how to play? FEAR NOT! Those of us at T3 are more than happy to teach you the ropes! T3 is a Group here on Iwaku, and thus can be found under the Groups tab at the top.

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