Hi? .-.



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Hello.. I was referred to here by someone, so I joined... I'm gonna have a look around now, so... *runs away*

Don't stray into Insanity just yet; your brain may melt from all the stupid.

OOC threads a good place to start, though, if you want to find yourself a game to jump into.
Welcome, if your user-name is a portmanteau of Neko and Nekkid I love you already.

If not, I'm sure I'll like you fine just the same. :P

Once again welcome to the site and feel free to direct any questions you have to the colored names, collectively named 'the staff'. All of us will be glad to be of service.
Welcome to the Iwaku, Nekko!
*gives cupcake!* Have fun and sturffs! yeah... too lazy to say anymore.. >_>;

*runs off*

I'm TK the SuperModerator of STUFF

So basically if you need help with anything or anyone, you can go to me for help if you like! I'll be sure to always direct you on the right path!
Um... thanks for the welcome everyone! *eats the cupcake happily*
@Myrnodyn: Sure... wait. o///o
Don't be frightened, little one! >:3 We won't cook you, we want to play with you!
Hey there little nekko...

Welcome to the forums, all the advice given do far is good, but you may also want to fill out a ROLEPLAYERS RESUME before heading to the OOCs and don't be afraid to ask the staff questions, though if you'd ask our roleplay support duo (Zypher and myself) its OUR JOB to answer you to not doing so would inspire the wrath of the diana so you're guaranteed to get an answer, and a helpful one too.

We die standing fighting the emperor's enemies.
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku enjoy your stay and ask any questions to anyone at all

*walks off into the shadows*
Heya! Any idea who referred you? :3
Not that it matters, it's nice to meetcha. I'm Kitti.
I think he goes by Spartan or something here. He thought I would like this place..
Thanks for the new welcomes!
Spartan? o.O Haven't seen him in AGES...

He was pretty cool...bit shy...but that was okay...
Oh, so you knew him? That sure sounds like him..
See if he doesn't fancy coming back. Old members are always welcome.
Someone here on the recommendation of an inactive user..... GET SPARTAN ON SO WE CAN THANK HIM AND THROW A PARTY!

Then kill him for leaving.
HEY I WAS RECOMMENDED BY AN INACTIVE USER... well two actually. Pretty sure you don't want to kill one of 'em.

Welcome to the site Newbie. Don't mind Diana, she really does want to cook you. We have told her repeativly to NOT play with her food, but she just won't listen. Kids these days, you know?

Now anyway, like I said... welcome to the site. Have fun, play fair, and do what the boss (wo)men tell you to.

Aside that... I highly endorse going into Insanity (our spam forum) and posting nothing but "Yrly" over each and every thread atleast one time. It builds character. Which every cat could use more of.

Ta ta for now as I have a feeling TK will be chasing after me with a fry pan soon...
Ello! Welcome to the site! I'm here for my mandatory attempt to drag you* into the Table-Top Tyrants, were we discuss and play anything from Dungeons and Dragons to Warhammer 40k to Magic: the Gathering! Interested in a game such as one of these but don't know how to play? FEAR NOT! Those of us at T3 are more than happy to teach you the ropes! T3 is a Group here on Iwaku, and thus can be found under the Groups tab at the top.

Now that that's outta the way, I am TNT, and now that my job has settled down a bit, you'll be seeing more of me (hopefully). If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to help!

*Kicking and screaming optional
*stays away from TNT* No dragging please...

Quick question: What would I have to do if I wanted to have a one-on-one RP via pm's? Ask random people?