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  1. Hey everyone, just signed up for Iwaku! For those of you that don't remember I'm Zypher from Moonwings waaaaaaaaaaay back when but now I'm back here! I look forward to roleplaying with lots of you!
  2. Crawling up from the depths of the sea, you mangey varmint! D:<
  3. I've never been to moonwings...but Iwaku did exist already back then, I think. I'd have to ask Diana. XD

    XD but welcome here regardless.
    What follows will be a whole mess of people that give you good advice and tips. IF they warn you about me...don't listen...I'm harmless.
  4. Awww Dia-No-Kami! I missed you! I promise to be a good boy~

    Oh and Myr-San! It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm sure you're quite harmless. Just beware of my overly chipper attitude! (One of these days I'll act my age!)
  5. (Weird, I thought I replied to this 3 hours ago. Also, finally had the chance to start Origins. IT'S SO GOOD)


    He sat rubbing his temples at his desk. Dylan walked in. "Let me guess, just got off the phone with Bullock?" He nodded. "Guess I shouldn't mention he's been calling me trying to make an appointment with you."

    Ray: "I'd really prefer if you didn't and don't let that happen. He's one of the few people who can stress me out, and only because he is so annoying and close-minded."
  6. Iwaku was created during that last year/two years of Moonwings! (Yaaaay for Community History!)

    You better roleplay. >> I have sticks for beatings...

    Of course you WOULD pick the day I'm going to shut down everything for an hour or two to run an upgrade. >:D
  7. (Oh that's okay. I heard Origins was supposed to be be very good)


    She slid into a sitting position on the bathroom floor and was rubbing her temple. She could still see the stains from the dye on her sink. She felt nauseous and swallowed hard. She immediately felt dread ride into her throat and she knew she wasn't going to be rid of her problem. She stumbled up from the floor and walked back out to the couch, noticing the traces of her hair all over the kitchen sink. "W-well I'm the dumb one in the house now I guess."
  8. Cause thats all that MW is, history!..........

    And welcome to the forum! :D
  9. Welcome to the site! If you need any help at all, we're all happy to help!
  10. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

    *Walks off into the shadows*
  11. HI! thats really all i have, but Hi!
  12. Welcome to Iwaku, old bean.

    Be wary of ninjas. They have a population boom this time of year and it takes us a wee while to cull their numbers.
  13. Welcome to the party, please mind the gap
  14. *Carl kicks Tain into said gap.*

    Hey, watch your step, kid.

    Seriously, someone should do something about that gap.

    *Engineers bring bridging equipment and bridge the gap.*

    There we go...
  15. Carl, no insanity-style spam in newb threads.