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Hey folks, I'm Sporkboy/Sporky/theSpork/You'reProbablyGettingTheIdeaByNow. I used to hang around back when MW was up and running, and then someone decided I should come back and play. I'd say who it was but I don't want to rat Kura out so soon in my tenure here.

I'm a late 20-something Aquarius with a heart of gold (two of those facts are true, one of them is biologically impossible) who likes music, explosions, tabletop gaming and single barrel bourbons. But enough about me, I'm much more interested in hearing about you. What's your name? Do you mind if I sit down? Why, yes, I was in a band, how can you tell? You're observant, I like that. And pretty too. No, I really don't say that to all the websites. I really love the way the black brings out the green in your links...

And so the chatter continued on that way for a while, with Sporkie continuing to make all the right jokes at all the right times until everyone was happy. Then, somebody bought him a glass of Maker's Mark on the rocks and he, too, was happy.

Chapter II: The Sequel

(this is the part where you say something)

Why, hello Sporkboy.

I am known as the all-knowing wonderful and supreme lord, The Master. Though many call me Brandi.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.
This intro actually made me chuckle.

Well played, sir. Welcome to Iwaku.
Oh, a new person? Why hello there Sporky, I'm HeartOfTheDragon. You can call me Heart or Dragon, either's fine. Me? Oh, I joined a month ago. Well, a month and a day. Yep. That's right. I love Fantasy RP's especially with awesome elvsies. What do I like about them? Oh, their pointy ears and their awesome god-damn skills. What do I actually look like? That's a bit personal. Yeah, I do look a little bit masculine. It's probably all the sport I do. 100% female though. Funny you should mention that actually ...

-- Dragon

Well, that's me. But welcome to Iwaku , Sporky. Hope you have an awesome time.
Oh, stop it, you! *BLUSH!*

Welcome to Iwaku.
Hey there, Sporky. I'm Moonie, Moon, Mooners, Blade, ect...

I'm the bastard moving in with Kura, too, in case she mentioned that. :D Either way, welcome to Iwaku!
Hey there, Sporky. I'm Moonie, Moon, Mooners, Blade, ect...

I'm the bastard moving in with Kura, too, in case she mentioned that. :D Either way, welcome to Iwaku!
Haha, we'll probably end up hanging out at some point then when I make it back home.

In general though, thank you everybody for the warm welcome, etc etc [traditional mass reply here, edited for brevity]. I look forward to [pleasant, introductory level, social interaction] with you all and hopefully even [moderate to extreme social bonding activity] with those of you that can put up with my [self-effacing joke]!

My schedule is pretty insane right now so I doubt I'll be around as often as I'd like, but I'll try to check in when I can.

[Amusing parting comment]!
Welcome to Iwaku, Sporkalicious. I don't know if that was one of the names you mentioned, but I think it is a pretty badass name. And if you don't like it then we'll never mention it again.

I am October Knight, people call me October Knight! Or other common variations would be Octy, Octo, OK or just October.
Hope you enjoy your time here.
*squints* You seem familiar, anywho I'm Zypher, fellow ex-Moonwinger and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Welcome to Iwaku! :D
Welcome to the Iwaku, Sporky-pants! :D
Nice Intro! I like it!
I do think you're gonna get the hang of things around here very quickly!

*tips hat*
Good luck and make yourself known!
Hello there, looks like you've gotten tons of help but if you need anymore, please feel free to ask!
Welcome to Iwaku, I'm Kitti by the way.
Nice to meetcha.
I think Sporkalicious fits him rather nicely. >:D
Go ahead. You know I can totally take it by now. >:D *tauntteaseteasetaunt*
*joins in on the taunts because I can* :I
Hey Moonski: Isn't she cute when she's mad?
It is, it is. And.... Moonski? That's a new one.

But I'll allow it.