Hey, Asmo.

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  2. So true... so true. T___T
  3. Ironically, her and Belphegor are my favorite of the seven.

  4. Otome/Otonan games either take over your life or ruin your life C:
  5. FucK you this is the FUWA FUWARI, FUWA FUWARU

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X2h21KNYD4&feature=related"]YouTube- Bakemonogatari 4th OP (english sub)[/ame]

  7. Asmo with long, flowing pigtails...

    *closes eyes and strokes them*

    They're like the perfect handholds for throwing someone down the stairs.

    *does so*
  8. Why do they all dress like expensive hookers?
  9. That's not what real people dress like, dude.
  10. Because in animu all girls are high class hookers

    .... and yet I keep crawling back to it! ;__;
  12. Don't worry Fallen Princess Asmo, your handsome Prince David is going to find you some day.
  13. *doesn't appear*

  14. This thread is now about muffins.
  15. As for you.... You're a trap no matter what universe you show up in.
  16. *Vomits uncontrollably in the corner*

  18. This loli derailment has been brought to you by Orochi. Be careful treading into his mind for what is seen cannot be unseen.
  19. I just realized that's a really small bikini.
  20. Hello ^ยท^

    You guys can call me whatever you like, I am a man of many names so whatever my username is at the moment is fine by me.

    I'm an agnostic and former Christian, I believe monotheistically. It's a little hard to describe my belief system but the best way to describe it is that I make a distinction between human love and a divine love, I worship a God whom I believe to be the embodiment of love so most of my actions and beliefs focus on what the truth behind love is :3

    I have found in all my soul searching that some pagan religions and especially Wicca has a few practices and peripherals that have helped me greatly :3 I often consult with Wiccans in trying times as I believe having multiple people come together with different spiritual backgrounds can achieve awesome things :3

    I have an acute ability to read atmospheres and discern things about an area through the air and it can come across as empathy, I'm also a practicer of Tarot, however I do it a little differently in that I have my own system and use regular playing cards. I would be delighted to describe my system to anyone curious enough :3

    My hobbies include video games, roleplay, and homosexual activities involving screwdrivers (vodka+orange juice) and assorted chocolates.

    I'm really hoping to learn a lot from other people's beliefs from being in this group :3