Hey, Asmo.

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  1. Harmony snuggle against him and slowly close her eyes.
  2. Astorath kissed her forehead as he closed his eyes.
  3. Astorath held her close as he drifted to sleep.
  4. Wanna know something funny? mamon means someone who does blowjobs in spanish.

    Also, fuck you, this is the real Belphegor.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hdFt6dkRbg"]YouTube- Belphegor - Stigma Diabolicum[/ame]
  5. "She somehow got her down that far."
  6. *goes to get his nuclear weapons from the closet*
  7. Asmo with long, flowing pigtails...

    *closes eyes and strokes them*

    They're like the perfect handholds for throwing someone down the stairs.

    *does so*
  8. "We could have but you were upset." He teased as he handed Melody back to her.
  9. That's not what real people dress like, dude.
  10. Because in animu all girls are high class hookers
  11. "You piss me off." Harmony pout as she cuddle Melody.
  12. Don't worry Fallen Princess Asmo, your handsome Prince David is going to find you some day.
  13. Alena smirk as she continue sucking on him.
  14. This thread is now about muffins.
  15. As for you.... You're a trap no matter what universe you show up in.
  16. "Alex..." she moan his name lovingly.

  18. This loli derailment has been brought to you by Orochi. Be careful treading into his mind for what is seen cannot be unseen.
  19. Harmony nods as she follow behind him.
  20. [​IMG]

    Dat... dat...

    D'oh, dunno what to call it...