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  1. Hello! This is my second group roleplay interest check. This time, I'm looking for a small group of people (eight or nine) who would like to do a modern superhero-like roleplay with me.

    In this roleplay, our characters will wake up in an institution who keep and train young teens with abnormal abilities. Well, that's what they say they're doing. In reality, the institution are performing terrible experiments on their patients to try and find out what makes these people gifted -- so they can share their secrets with an evil organisation who want to make an army out of gifted people to achieve world domination.

    Our characters escape when they find out what is happening to them and, with the help of a couple of rebels, find a way to locate this malicious organisation and stop them, before it's too late.


    Basically, I'm looking for these roles;

    (lead by my character)
    (two or three other people)

    (five or six other people)

    I might also want to find someone who can play the villain, but most likely that character will be one of my NPCs.

    Further details and such will be discussed and revealed in the OOC, which will be posted when I get a few people interested. Ask here or PM me with questions

    Tagging a few people who might like this;
    (@Lurcolm @Kitsune @DANAsaur @Mysty @Aleksandar @Mason Moretti @EmyBear @MaryGoldRound @Justinaholic)

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  2. You had me there. I'm in
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  3. Same, the moment I read 'super hero' I was in.
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  4. I'll make a tentative agreement. I'll see how RPs go with you first before making a commitment. I already have a group and don't want to take on too much.
  5. Understandable. We should start our one x one soon!
  6. I'm interested too. I think I can help with the villain role if you leave it not NPC, but if not I could be any of the other roles.
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  7. I feel special being tag and yes I am so in for this xD.
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  8. I think I'm going to NPC the villain because I want them done in a very specific way. But glad to have you on board!
    Well considering all I see from you is the Joker, which is a character from a superhero franchise, I figured you might be interested. :-) (ps. I loved Suicide Squad)
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  9. Yup any superhero rp I'm so in xD. SS was amazing lol.
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  10. Hmmm, I'd be willing to give this a shot. Never done a group roleplay, so this might be fun. Count me in!!
  11. I am definitely interested. From the plotline it seems like my type of roleplay.
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  12. Been craving superheroes lately. I want in xD
  13. Reserving Thermokinesis for my Char's Superpower. And a New Kid Spot.
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  14. It looks like I'm just in time, if you're willing to take a 9th! I'd love to be one of the rebels - it fits the character I have in mind very nicely. By the way, what age range are you looking for, exactly? By teens do you mean 13-17, 12-18? I'd personally like my character to be on the older side.
  15. Ages, anywhere between 14 and 19. And I would love for you to be a rebel but you can't reserve until the OOC is up. Don't worry, I'll mention everyone and drop the link here when I post it.
  16. I would love to play one of the kids. Maybe a supergirl type?
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