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  1. Some of you from the Guild might remember what this is. Some of you probably didn't like this thread. But whatever, I got requests to start a new thread here, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

    SO ANYWAY I'm a college student, and I have a roommate who, for the purposes of this thread, will be known as Henry.

    Henry is a... peculiar individual. I just moved back into my dorm an hour ago, and here are some of the things she's done since I moved back in:

    I saw her staring at her hand, wiggling her fingers and saying to herself "Woah... is that my hand...?" A few seconds later, "Yeah, that is my hand... wow."

    A few minutes later she complimented my socks, and then asked, "What do you think of my socks?". I told her she wasn't wearing socks. "Whaaaat? How did you know?!" I said that I could see her feet plainly in front of me and they weren't exactly hidden or anything...

    Later she asked what I thought of her hat, and I told her she wasn't wearing a hat, either. And then she said, "Wow, you're good at this!"

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg. On the Guild thread I mentioned a ton of other strange things she did: like taping a piece of paper to one lens on her glasses and putting her foot in a Mtn Dew box as she pretended to be a pirate, and running around the floor while saying pirate things. She's also sort of a conspiracy nut who thinks that the government will put her on some sort of "list" if she acts even slightly outside the norm. It only just recently occurred to me that it's probably a little too late to be concerned about that -- yet she still uses that as an excuse to never put anything even the slightest bit unusual about herself on the internet.

    Also, she sometimes laughs uncontrollably in her sleep. One time she was apparently in the middle of some strange dream that had something to do with "basement pizza", as she kept saying in between laughs. She had no recollection of it when she woke up, so I guess we'll never know what that was all about. Speaking of her sleeping habits, she claims that at like 2 AM when I'm asleep, she'll leave the room and go hang out by the vending machines on the first floor, and apparently she does this so often that she has a sort of vending machine crew of people that she hangs out with at 2 AM, so much in fact that one night, when she was sleeping at her parents' house for the night, she wanted me to tell people that she'd be gone that night just in case her vending machine buddies wondered where she'd be.

    While typing this, we sort of got into a conversation about hackers, and she said that she says she has nightmares about hackers getting into all her personal stuff, and I said "You have nightmares about everything. You once had a nightmare that I was selling your internal organs on the internet."

    Because she does have a lot of strange nightmares. And she always has conversations with me about them, where she always says something like "Hey, have you ever had that dream where" and then she describes some insanely specific scenario, and is surprised when I tell her that no, I have not had that exact same dream. It's not like the-dream-where-you-forget-to-wear-clothes that actually is common enough and also simplistic enough that a lot of people have had something similar to it. But no she tells me about this super-specific dream she had with all these details and is surprised when I say that I haven't had the same dream, like she just expects that everyone has the same dreams as her.

    I think I've rambled about her enough for now. I will post updates on her strange behavior.

    Edit: Also, she has no diagnosed mental disorder or anything, so, yeah.
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  2. Henry sounds awesome.
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  4. I love her already. xD
  5. B... but, she'd be like there #1 suspect then already. :/
  6. I never said her logic made any sense.
  7. She sounds like me.
    Jero loves to remind me of the time where I wrapped up in a blanket, rolled around the bed, and shouted, "I'M A RAVIOLI."
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  8. I know...
    But things need Logic...
    Logic is just... Gah!
  9. That does sound like something she would do.
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  11. Oh, this.

    My initial response remains unchanged.

    Throw a smelly sock at her head.
  12. I-Is Henry hot?
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  13. If you want my opinion? No, not really. She actually looks kind of androgynous and claims people often mistook her for a guy in high school.
  14. I can work with that...
  15. If I tell her that some guy on the internet is attracted to her, she will probably destroy all nearby computers out of fear.
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  16. This is definitely peaking my interest.
  17. She's probably a Sheldon like person.
    By which I mean halarious when you're just sitting back seeing the antics and stories, but a whole different ball game when you're actually dealing with them.
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  18. This is true.

    There are times when I find her very, very annoying.

    But I share her antics with you guys anyway for your entertainment.
  19. ...Sounds hot to me. Maybe she's more cute than she is hot?
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