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  1. Henchmen!

    Welcome to the city of Megamegapolios, where beings with super powers are common and epic battles occur daily, oh let’s just say in-between 12 and 4 PM.


    Most of these costumed heroes and villains have made famous names for themselves and for some reason no one ever questions why they dress up funny. Though at times the mayor’s face turns white when he sees how much money it will cost to fix up Saint Jimmy John’s Orphanage for the third time this week.

    However, this tale is not about the big names of the Supers’ world, today we’ll be focusing on the low lives that take crappy jobs working for imprudent big names. One of these said fools is the villainous Dr. Loeb.


    Dr. Loeb pays very well, though there are no benefits, and there's only a matter of time before some hero pops in and starts beating up henchmen - like yourself. Dr. Loeb ignores your capabilities, puts you on various guard duties...

    Our saga begins in an aptly Hide-out called: Dr. Loeb’s Top Secret Lair….
  2. Sara blushed a little, and said "Well...worse case I be your monster..." with her blush getting a bit darker, and her adding... "Maybe you should give me that kiss on the lips to make up for those gifts we did not get" with her thinking their first kiss would make up for all those toys and stuff. Or a least she hoped that was what Kyra would think.....personally she would take that kiss over all the toys and stuff in the world. "Why did you shoot up in the air...." with her soon going "oh...that is impressive. But he deserved it. I did not like how he was looking at some of the other people here. Wait...does it cost money to get into the academy? Cause I got nothing but the clothes on my body..." with her pausing....and then asking "Do they sell clothes in heaven?" Or maybe they give clothes away for free?

    Meanwhile Sara wonders how much fun they have at the academy, and if she can actually use any of the things they teach them...since she was not actually a soul reaper. Still...if the academy takes a few years like actual school then she have time to master her hollow powers a least, and going to the academy will a least let her know the average tricks a soul reaper may use against her if they learn what she was....not to mention she can make sure no one gets any ideas about HER Kyra. Hmm...if there is low lifes in the afterlife, then maybe she can take over a 'dead' gang?
  3. "What is this?!" Matt gasped, pointing at a set of hunter orange curtains. "Dr. Loeb is OBVIOUSLY a winter." He started tearing down the curtains and sent a weasel message to Julia and Sally, who sat by his feet. They scurried off, returning quickly with a set of white and light-blue curtains.
    "Oh, this is much better," he commented, admiring his work after replacing the curtains. "Now to work on recovering that couch..." Matt turned around and saw a small, overwhelmingly cute girl standing in front of him. He bent down and introduced himself. "Why, hello there. You must have wandered in here by accident. I'm Weasel Man. Or, Matt if you prefer. And these two are Sally And Julia."
  4. Chiri-san watched the weasels for a few seconds seemingly enthralled then looked up at Matt. “Chiri-san” she said tilting her head slightly before noticing the new curtains. With a small squeal of delight she ran up to to them ans wrapped herself in the light-blue fabric and peered out, “SO nice to have new things.” she said with the air or a schoolgirl. Then she looked at the weasels again. “Are those yours Weasel man?” she asked timidly.
  5. Yep. I just posted a butt load of stuff. Can races be restricted?
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  7. "Apparently you haven't met Dr. Loeb," Matt smiled and picked up Chiri and put her on his shoulders. "Let's go for an adventure and find him!"

    OOC: Okay. We have a loli and a gay guy. This is too nice. lol Where is Rory?!?!
  8. Best part.
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