Helsing High

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  1. The Story
    Welcome to Helsing High! Here at this high school, you are accepted as demons, vampires, werewolves, dragons, etc. This high school was initially built by Abraham Van Helsing in the late 1800s to house hunters and teach them about hunting the supernatural but when he died soon after the school was built, his son became the headmaster of the school. He had a secret he couldn't tell his hunter father; he was hunted and killed by a vampire but when he woke up, he was a vampire. He enjoyed being a vampire however despite not being able to step out into the sunlight. He let the hunters stay but started to slowly let creatures of all kinds into the school which was a mistake on his part. They quickly knew about the hunters that still remained at the school, and in one night the hunter population quickly diminished. The headmaster couldn't stop them from killing each and every one of them. Now at this school, it just houses supernatural of all kinds and there are only two rules: You cannot turn into your supernatural side on campus and you cannot tell other students what you are. Now good luck!

    The Rules
    1. Be nice to each other; get along out of character
    2. You can have up to 5 characters
    3. No God Modding
    4. No perfect characters
    5. You can make your post as long as you want; no limit
    6. No one liners
    7. You can have romantic relations with characters but if anything sexual happens, take it somewhere else
    8. Keep level of supernatural creatures even.
    9. Be creative as you want with your characters!

  2. Emily and William walked into Helsing High. They had just unpacked their things in their dorm and had their things for their first class of the day but first, they had to go to the auditorium first so the headmaster can tell them stuff they already knew. Luckily, their schedules were mailed to them so they didn't have to go and get them. Emily walked through the auditorium double doors and smiled, happily. She looked around at all the people around her. She looked at the headmaster on the stage, getting everything ready. "He's so handsome! I would love to marry that boy and make him have my babies." Will hit her and said "your drooling again." Emily glared at him. "I hate you so much." He laughed in amusement. They slipped into a seat side by side. All the different scents in the room was making Will a little sick. There were so many different species. This happened every year. He sighed a little and Emily slipped her hand in his to keep him calm. She smiled softly at him and he nodded at her. "Thank you sis."
  3. Schedule

    Free period
    Physical Ed
    Spells and incantations 101
    AP Calc
    World History

    Max looked at the schedule she was mailed and walked around locating all her classes.
    She knew there would be an assembly type thing so she started on her way towards the auditorium. Max found an empty seat behind two students holding hands. She knew the girl was in her class from last year. When Max looked at the stage there was the hottest man alive the headmaster. All the girls in the room stared as he set up for the welcome assembly.​
  4. Ryan had entered the assembly early, and watched carefully as the other people started to trickle in. He could feel their thoughts, their consciousnesses, without even trying. There were a lot of people here, each one a beacon of sentience and supernatural magic. He could see their souls too, flames of energy, each a different combination of colors, each for a different person. Some souls were brighter than others, signifying greater power within them. His own soul was nothing to scoff at, he was a Lich, and a talented necromancer.
  5. Amber walked onto campus and sighed, running a hand through her long blonde hair. She checked her outfit once then kept walking. She entered the school building and looked around. She pulled out a white folded piece of paper from her pocket and unfolded it. She scanned over her schedule then folded it and started looking for all the classrooms where her classes would be held. Better know now then look for them when school started. That'd be a disaster.
  6. Having had a good morning ,so far, Alex walked into the auditorium confidently. He was surprised at the number of students. He expected a large number but not as many. Looked for an empty seat and found one on the top row. He tapped the seat like the beat of a drum as he waited for something to happen. He turned to the person next to him. "I bet the Headmasters a vampire." He joked in no literal sense. He didn't even know if all these people were supernatural.
  7. Rose sauntered into the main hall. "So many others like me. I can't believe it. My parents were the only other ones I knew." There may well have been a thousand students heading for the auditorium, and she joined the throng.

    There was a seat in the back row available, next to a rather cute-looking boy. As she sat down, the boy made a wisecrack about how the headmaster was more than likely a vampire. "Would be ironic with a name like Helsing High. Oh, sorry. Where are my manners today? I'm Rose Green."

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  8. The noise in the auditorium got louder as more students arrived and started chatting. Max sighed waiting for the assembly to start. There was an empty seat next to her and she tried to imagine who would sit there, a werewolf maybe a fairy. Max found herself lost in thought which was no where near unusual.
  9. Richard Helsing walked up to the podium and looked at all the students. He smirked. He waited for people to quiet down befre saying in a thick British accent "the name is Richard Helsing and I am the headmaster of this school." He cleared his throat. "I've been a headmaster for so many years and I'm still not good at things like this." He chuckled. "Anyways, my father Abraham Van Helsing was a vampire hunter and he built this school to house vampire hunters like him." He seemed really tense talking in front of all these students. It was no wonder. He usually hid out in his office and was not used to speaking to them directly like this. His vice headmaster is in charge of dealing with the students. "My father was a real asshole and the day I became a vampire, I knew what I had to do. My father died doing the thing he loved, killing and hunting our kind." He laughed in pure amusement. There was hatred in his voice. "The day I took over as the headmaster of this wonderful establishment, I turned this school into what it was truly made for; a school for vampires, werewolves, demons, fallens, angels, dragons... a school for those beings that spent centuries fearing for there lives. There are only two rules: You cannot tell anyone what you are nor can you transform on school campus. This is a school where you can be who you are but we want to prevent anyone getting hurt. Humans cannot find their way to this school. There's a spell around it that only allows the supernatural to come through. I think that is all... I will leave it to the professors to do their thing." He walked off the stage. It would most likely be the last time anyone would see of the headmaster.

    "He's so cool!" Emily gushed but Will just shook his head in disapproval. "He's such an emo kid!" He pouted. Emily shoved him playfully. "Look who's talking." The two siblings laughed but when another student hushed them, they rolled their eyes. Will whispered to his sister "I'm going outside for a little bit. The smell in here is making me sick." He slipped out of the seat and passed people till he got to the hallway. He sneaked outside and hid behind some stairs as he lit a cigarette. He knew his sister would kill him but he was about to have a panic attack because of the scents. His nose was better than his sisters because he was an alpha. He let out a sigh of relief, breathing out smoke as well. "Much better."
  10. "Alex Toverich." He replied and held out his hand. He was about to say something else but the headmaster started talking. He gave him his attention. When the professor said he was a vampire he had to bite his tongue so that he didn't disturb anyone with his giggling. He turned back to Rose. "Ironic to the tip."
  11. Evan hurried inside the auditorium. He had spent maybe too long fixing his stuff and that was why he was already late. In his way on finding a seat, he could only hear half the speech of the headmaster. Luckily, he got the only two rules. It wouldn't have been nice getting kicked out on his first day, because he wouldn't have taken long to transform into his other shape if he didn't know about that. Anyway, the other rule about not talking about their species was a really annoying one. He was already smelling all the scents around him, and even though he could make some idea from which supernatural being they belonged, he couldn't tell for sure. It was a large and weird mix.

    Right after the speech ended he realized he had sat next to a blonde girl. "Sorry to bother you, but did he mention anything of importance before talking about the rules? I had a busy morning and I guess I arrived a little late..." asked her. He couldn't avoid to sniff a little into the air noticing her peculiar smell. He had no idea what she could be, and sniffing wasn't helping. "Oh, I'm Evan Jackson, by the way." added with a wide, friendly smile.

  12. "Max, nice to meet you. Before the rules it was pretty much just daddy issues" max smiled at the cute boy. She didn't think about the cute boys before this, she could finally have a boyfriend who knew what she was well if she was willing to break one of the two rules. "don't feel too bad everyone is having a weird first day" max flashed her signiture smile.
  13. "Well, that's strange. Why aren't we allowed to tell each other what we are? I'm going to make it a personal mission to figure out what everyone is by the end of the year." She smiled at Alex. "The vampires might as well talk anyway. Kind of hard to hide it when you have a bag of blood out at the cafeteria. Not that I'd know from first hand experience."
  14. Amber had found all her classes and followed the remaining stream of students into the auditorium in time to hear the headmasters speech. She sat down in the back row and listened to what he had to say. When he finjsrd Amber looked around then leaned back on her seat and sighed softly. "I hope this school is as great as they say." She muttered to herself.
  15. "Nice to meet you as well, Max." told her, keeping his smile for a little longer. Daddy issues? He wondered why would that have anything to do with the school. But it seemed he'd need to look for the story of that place later. "Yeah... but I bet every day will be weird in here." added, taking a look around. It was amusing how everyone it there could look pretty much similar, but they were all really different. He was kind of excited about it, though, and meant it in a good way. He looked back at her once again with some amusement. "And you don't know how tempted I am for asking you what you are. And pretty much everyone else in here. But I guess I'll try to respect the rules for a bit longer." added with a small grin.
  16. Will walked back into the auditorium, sighing in relief. The professor who was currently talking glanced in Will's direction and asked "and you are?" Will looked around. He flashed a grin and said "the name's Will! Great to make your acquaintance." As he was coming back to his seat, Emily glared at him but let him be. He sat beside her. They were whispering to each other. Finally, they dismissed everyone and Emily and Will slipped out. Emily said "hand over your carton! How many times do I have to tell you not to smoke. Its not good for you especially it was just last month when I found you practically dead on the floor! I'm not dragging you to the hospital anymore." Will rolled his eyes. "Nag nag nag... loosen up sis! Mom and dad aren't here and neither is the nanny so things will be fine. I promise. And no more drugs!" Elizabeth prayed that he meant it. She cared about him a lot. He was very everything to her. She really couldn't lose him.
  17. "I don't have to tell you what I am but my someone from my family is pretty famous. You didn't hear this from me but I'm related to Malificent." Max whispered under her hand in Evan's derection. "plus I never told you what I am."
  18. He smiled once again at her hint of her specie. Maleficent... he haven't exactly seen the movie, but didn't she turn into a dragon? "Oh, well, that is awesome. Send my greetings to her." answered her a bit amused. "And since we are talking about Disney movies, I should tell you I'm more familiar with Lady and the Tramp." told her with a quick wink. His own hint would probably take her to think he was a dog shifter or a werewolf, which he wasn't exactly, but it would be quite similar. As he realized people was starting to leave, he thought it wouldn't be good to be late once again, so he stood up. His attention was drawn to a girl that didn't either seem really happy to keep her identity in secret, and it took a slight chuckle out of him.

    "Maybe we should get going to our classes. I think I have homeroom right now, what about you?" said, turning once again to look at Max. He wouldn't mind walking with her if they happened to share their classes, although he didn't even know if they were on the same grade.
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  19. ___________________________________________________________
    §Heaven Sky Graham§
    Heaven was skipping through the halls, playing with her hair. She had gotten a little lost, being a freshman and all, Heaven didn't know the school to well. Luckily, she bumped into a teacher. The teacher brought her to the auditorium.

    Heaven made it just in time to hear the last bits of the Headmaster's speech. It wouldn't be hard for Heaven to hide her true species, Sirens looked normal, compared to other creatures. The only way someone would find out that Heaven was a Siren, other then her telling them, would be her getting into a water or her singing.

    It would be hard for Heaven to not sing, she loves to do it, not only just to play with people's mind, but she just loves to sing. Heaven found a seat in the front of the auditorium. After the Headmaster left, Heaven was just stuck there. Could they leave now? Or what's next?

    To Heaven's relief, they finally dismissed everyone. Heaven skipped out of the auditorium. She started to sing, not on purpose, but it was just normal for her to do it. "What is love, if it's not guaranteed, what is love!" Heaven saw how some of the other students started to get annoyed, she stopped singing and started to walk briskly to class. Well that was fun.
  20. "Yeah I do, tramp" she didn't often give nicknames but she felt it suited him. "And after I have mythology. " Max said standing following Evan out of the auditorium and in the sunlight (were a couple people she could only assume we're vampires either walked in the shadows or opened an umbrella.) Max thought as they walked Evan didn't fit the werewolf steriotype of smelling like wet dog he smelled like a normal teenager if that could be classified as a scent. Max's mind jumped through many topics while walking alongside Evan.