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  1. Each few sentences should be punctuated by a gunshot, because there's a person unloading 13 rounds one at a time into the seer's chest cavity. The seer is able to speak only because he's being possessed by his gift.

    It basically comes down to this:
    I know so far that he calls his gift and himself "the Eyes" or "the Powerless", Kanna is either "the Guide" or "the Shining One" or "my Safety", Beryl is typically "the Stone Spirit" or "the Host" or "All-Mother".

    I haven't decided which term he uses for Unifiers, maybe something about paradise-seeking?

    The berries can come from plants from below, because I'm not quite sure which two to pick:
    • Mercy's Cabbage
    • Silver Woodbine
    • Crawling Nightshade
    • Direglass
    • Wicked Emperor
    • Ghosthorn
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  2. Dunno bout the gunshots, but this is what I've got.

    The sight of the Eyes has been darkened, for by the work of those who seek the Great Oneness have the Everlasting Marks been led astray.
    Gather pondwater on the night the moon bleeds its sorrow for the loss of the sun, and marry her with silver powder, and two berries whose ink is purple, but becomes black with the passing of the years.
    Mend the Everlasting Marks, and also shall you mend the Eyes. The Powerless shall breathe again to end the tears of the Guide.
    The promised child will be freed, but blood will stain the earth if the Shining One remains bereft of the true power of the Powerless.
    Hope dies in the breast of the All-Mother. Comfort her, and she will bond herself to you, to lead you to my body.
    But caution, my Safety: The Paradise-Seekers guard the body of the Powerless with arms of deadly silver, and all will be lost with your life, for the Eyes are nothing without the Guide.
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  3. Thanks again, Lowercase. ♥ That helped a lot!
  4. *hugs. You did it all on your own, the final product is way better than the stuff I cooked up. XD Now go to sleep! :D
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  5. Pff, accept some credit. What you cooked up helped enough I kept it open as I worked as a quick reference. =P

    Also, I slept. <3