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  1. As briefly mentioned in the "how often do you change your username" thread, I've been considering modifying my username, and changing it to something else without the "-kun", but I also think that just plain "Kaga" is too short and simple. I've been thinking about this for quite a while now, actually, but the main barriers to me changing it are that A) I don't have any good ideas, and B) I don't want to test out a thousand different names to see what works well because, as clearly stated in the other thread, I value having a consistent identity and seeing people change their names all the time is freaking annoying. :D So, if I do change my name, I want to be sure I change it to something good, so that I don't have to change it again anytime soon. (I also still want it to have "Kaga" in it, because I like being Kaga, and I also like it when people still know who I am.)

    That being said! @Dervish (semi?)jokingly suggesting "Kagatron" in the other thread got me thinking -- I might actually be open to some sort of similar suggestion. XD

    Soooo give me ideas! I mean, the practical part of me is pretty sure you'll all just be trolls, but, I might actually get something useful! And then I can change my name to something I really like!!

    Also, now that I think about it, I could just go oldschool and be Kagamine again... hmmm....
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  3. Go with Kagatron.
    While we're on the topic of username changes, have @Brovo change his username to Brovomine, because reasons.
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  4. Kaganomicon.

    Kaga, slaya' of tha draga

    Killin' Autonomous Grand Agrestal



    Or Kagatron. Works too.
  5. [​IMG]
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  6. Kagami!

    Kagatron and Kagalicious sound fun too ^_^
  7. Note to self: Be very terrified of A-Brov-ination.
  8. Fun fact!! Apparently I named my character this in Pokemon X and then forgot about it after I hadn't picked the game up in a while.

    So then when I started playing the game again to get this year's wave of mystery gifts, the delivery lady at the Pokemon Center was like "Kaga-sama, I have a package for you" and I just had this moment where I was like "woah why are you calling me 'sama' isn't my character like ten years o- oh wait"

    Both of these would make for good user titles, actually. XD I'll keep them in mind.
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  9. Brovomine best OTP of the decade.
  10. In that case, it's gotta be Ori-Kaga-mi.

    Kaganator. Please.
  11. KarateKaga? Lady Kaga? Kagayours? *shrugs*
  12. Mhm. Perf.

    MO' KAGGA!!

    You'll never be as hot as Kag-ma.
  13. Well, at least you're recycling the bodies. That's good.

    What did I bring back.
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  14. This does actually have a nice ring to it...
  15. Happiness and rainbows? :D
  16. Pedophile jokes. Pedophile jokes I never once appreciated. Not even slightly. Not that anybody listens, that might imply a sense of empathy, can't have that on the Internet.
  18. Ishikawa? :p

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  19. Bro, do you not see the red star by her name now? No more implications of pedophilia from the unwanted ship! You're halfway free!

    On topic, Kagatron is a solid name and should be paired with some kind of robot avatar. Obviously.
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  20. Oh, I know. Most people doing it now are harmless. It's just certain people who want to push a dead old joke that was dead when it started and dead even now.

    Pretty sure the horse has been beaten into a powdered glue at this point, and is being used to stick together the mangled shards of bone that were left behind in the aftermath.

    It irritates me, but, my being offended is by no stretch of the imagination a sign that others shouldn't be allowed to have fun with it if they wish. N' all that.

    As for Kaga names, why not Kagamon? Don't you have an obsession with pokemon?
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