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  1. A soft cold wind kisses the skin gently as white snowflakes dances down in a desperate attempt to avoid the trees long and skinny branches. The darkness surrounds the forest and the only thing visible is the purple-white snow and a tall street lamp some distance away from you, decorated from top to toe in a silvergray colour, while giving of a cold, white light to the small snowy road and the trees that is close to it. The wind gets louder and stronger, colder. Like it wants the attention over the streetlamp in middle of nowhere, standing there by the snowfilled flat road surrounded by the dark forest, with it's elegance appearence and hight.
    The small road leads to only one straight way, by the streetlamp into the darkness of the cold forest that may seem to never end with it's tall, thick trees. The trees cannot, however high they are, hide the sky with it's thousands and millions of small white dotted stars, creating a piece of art. The snow is far more smaller, but the wind that bruches the trees off the snow, makes it seem like it's still snowing even though the clouds are now thin and almost gone.

    You start to walk towards the light, towards this streetlamp that is all alone, atleast that's in your mind before you see a figure standing on the other side of the road who is also, approaching the cold light. The sounds of creaking snow gets louder as you two take a halt and the wind gets it's attention again, though now you may not hear it clearly as before. Because now, a hooded figure is standing right infront of you on the only straight lonely road, together, by a lonely light. Now, you two are visable under the light, even so, the hooded figure have yet to show it's face.
    The hood, that is the first thing to notice, is a dark green thick piece of cloth that is ending only some feet away from the ground and holding it together is a small golden pin in the front that almost looks like a fire, branching out towards the dark green hood. Under it, is darkbrown leather clothes with small furry pieces of animal furr in a gray, a little black and white color. Strong, thick and well-made clothes for the cold winter, and with the small decorations of gold, this person seems to be a wealthy person and what you can make out of the figure and height, the person seems to be a female around 5'4 to 5ยด5 foot tall. The little skin you can see from the face is very white in the contrast of the dark clothes, you also see a small string of bright red hair sticking out in the front. Now, with the wind that has calmed down just a little, the woman takes her hands to her hood and pull it, revealing a young face with bright purple eyes that is looking straight at you. With long red hair that is braided, some of it that is too short has fallen to the side of her oval shaped face. Her purple eyes are big in contrast of the small potatoe nose and thin light pink lips. The eyebrows are also thin and just a little darker red than her hair that is almost matching the little amount of freckles by the sides of her cheeks. This woman seems to be human by the appearence, no elven ears or other sort other than the purple eyes.
    -"Please..." She then mutters out in a light, yet shaken voice.
    -"Help me, stranger." In her elegant voice, there is a tone of desperation. Now, looking at you with fierce eyes.
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  2. The woman's red hair disappointed him. He had let himself hope for an instant that maybe it was her and that she hadn't died and that he weren't such a long way from home. But no, she had red hair. And purple eyes. The woman was pretty and the desperation in her voice filled him with the last vestiges of what he once called honor. A damsel in distress: what more could a hunter, a ranger, a sellsword ask for?

    He shivered against the cold wind, pulling back his own hood to reveal his sharp blue eyes and hawkish features, still hidden under a few days of unshaven stubble. He spoke in a gravely, thirst-parched voice, "What's the matter? Why are you out so late in this cold?"

    As he spoke, he tightened his dark cloak around himself; making sure to obscure the weapons he carried. The heavy wool cloak and tight fitting padded leather armour kept out the cold on most days, but now the wind was biting and he shivered again.
  3. When the man answered, she couldn't hold in her joy of his acceptance to help her, a mere stranger out in the middle of the winter forest. With the same fierce eyes, the woman looked at him, taking a step closer as she called.
    -"P-please! It's my village, it have been attacked by a Golem! We don't know how it got there or why it is there but you have to help us!" She looked at him, waiting for an answer. It seemed that this situation was very bad and truth be told, a golem who is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created entirely from inanimate matter shouldn't be close to the humans. The questions is though, how a Golem got there and who have created it, if it by any chance however have own life. The wind is getting calmer but the cold still remains as the woman stands under the light and looks at you.
  4. The man hesitated slightly at the mention of the golem. The magical creation of those creatures was no easy task, and was not done lightly. "Who sent it upon you?" He asked warily.

    The more he looked into her purple eyes, watching the soft light of the lamp post reflect and dance over her irises, the more they seemed unnatural. Under his cloak he touched the hilt of his dagger, wondering just who this woman was.
  5. -"I... I do not know who it is that has sent it. The golem appeared out of nowhere and now the village is at flames. Please, stranger! You have to help us!" The woman looked at you straight in your eyes, if she was lying or not was hard to know. Though, she seemed very serious about this but without any response, she would be ready to go back from where she came through and that was the only straight road into the forests again and leave you there by the street lamp, making you either follow the road ahead or go back to where you once came.
  6. "Lead the way."

    He still didn't trust the woman, but he wasn't about the let a such an opportunity go to waste. He hadn't slept in a soft bed or eaten warm food in ages, and not to mention the reward for defeating a golem. Following the woman down a narrow road, he adjusted his blades, moving his silver dagger within easy reach.

    After a few minutes of silent walk, "Did you get a good luck at this golem? See what it was made of?"
  7. -"I think it was made out of ice but I was so paniced that I just ran away." The woman sounded as if she was ashamed of her actions but quickly brushed it away.
    -"I... saw a reflection on it but it wasn't myself..." She then said a but unsure herself, as if she wasn't sure enough in her words.
    -"What the reflection showed me was a dark figure and I think I saw a red stone gleaming. It was so blurry though that it looked like a red dot in a foggy shadow." The woman then laughed.
    -"I'm sorry, maybe it was just an hallucination. I mean, when I saw the Golem I just ran for it. Away from the village in a desperation to find help and quickly." After that she was quiet, only the wind took it's form back and a chilly atmosphere surrounded the dark forest. She started to walk faster through the high snow. The road turned thinner and thinner and the snow higher between but that would soon not matter, because when the forest clears up before you there is a landscape filled with snow and a burning village.
    The woman started to run faster towards her village when she saw the fire that was now spreading from house to house. A creepy and chill atmosphere was filling the area, not only because of the cold wind but because there were no screaming, no people that called for help, only the fire that cracked and raised in the air. What made it more uncomfortable was that there were no Golem in sight, maybe it disappeared or hid somewhere but it was awfully quiet and so was the woman infront of you. She was quiet, for what seemed like a minute before she finally spoke.
    -"...They all..." She almost whispered.
    -"They all ran away." The woman seemed shocked but in a relieved way as a small laugh came forth.
    -"Ooh... I'm so happy. But..." She started to walk to the nearest house that was built in tree and stone, which was on the very outskirt of the village. However it was empty with shattered bowls on the ground, thrown chairs and it was a tornado have been inside the house.
    -"Can they have ran into the forest? Where is the Golem.. I... I don't understand. Where is everybody?" Now instead of relief, her voice started to crack in the end of her sentence, she looked inside the empty house with a sad expression. Taking down her hood she then turned away from the house towards a road that would lead into the heart of the village that was in flames.
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