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  1. SWIM mixed questionable substances and I can't go to sleep without being scared of SWIM dying or not breathing, so keep me up.

    911 isn't an option- it's under control as long as we are awake. So let's chat it up!

    I like science stuff so let's talk science and politics and morals. Like eugenics.
  2. But... This misses out on so much. ;A;

    Anything specific?

    Cause this can be anything from the Science of Donald Trump being popular right down to the Shadow Proclamation.
  3. The Cbox would have been a better option. Good luck out there.
  4. I ended up passing out, but it's all good. I have a hangover from hell and my liver probably hate me but the world is still turning!
  5. ...What the hell does SWIM stand for? Who is SWIM?

    And don't mix questionable substances together.

    That is silly.
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  6. I don't really understand this thread, but I am concerned nonetheless. o_o
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  7. Someone Who Isn't Me.

    Something about self incrimination or something. Also calling 911 if someone did drugs and may die is considered a Good Samaritan act in most places. You won't get charged for your drug use if you're calling it in to save a life.

    So don't snort all those marijuanas.
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  8. Seriously. This. o_o

    If you call 911 because someone's suffering from a drug overdose or something, 911 won't give a shit about trying to get you thrown in jail -- they'll give a shit about saving lives.
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  9. In the state of KY, the caller will not have chargers pressed on them. The sufferer, however, can still have chargers pressed against them by the state.

    SWIM- Someone Who Isn't Me.

    SWIM decided to mix opioids and alcohol. A lot of alcohol. SWIM was going to use the random users on here to help keep her awake and ended up passing out around 4 AM.

    I have seen friends that called 911 due to methamphetamine abuse go to jail for admitting to using methamphetamine and having some of it on their person when picked up by the ambulance. Around here, they only care about the # of busts they make. Not who needs help, or who "should" be arrested. My friend who called due to meth was having a paranoia overload. When the hospital flushed his system, he was arrested AT THE HOSPITAL. He didn't make bail, and is facing two years house arrest, one year probation. He was 17 at the time.

    I guess this thread can be about stances on drug abuse and law intervention, haha.
  10. Lol SWIM did it again. Halp
  11. You hang with a fun crowd don't you? Well can always talk about how America will face another four years of hell come Election Day. Or about not hanging with people who do dangerous shit. I mean trump 2k16
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  12. Haha, if you don't understand SWIM completely then you never will. It's the blurred line of self incrimination.
    If I were to ever mix any sort of pain killer and alcohol together I believe it would be for deep emotional trauma that haunts me every second that I'm sober. I digress.

    Half my senior class is writing in our APUSH teacher as a joke because he is a Ronald Raegan fan.
    Sean Oakley 2016
  13. Ahh well Im not one to do such things, I tend to admit my mistakes before they become too big for me to handle. So either its a friend of your, or yourself. All I can say is to stay safe man. As for your teacher, well one has to love a good joke. Hopefully your teacher is said people.
  14. Oakley is an ass, but he can take a good joke. He ruined 15 years of sobriety because he got a 92% passing rate on his AP exams that we took last year, and came to work with an awful hangover and still dealt with us, haha.

    And some things you can't confront. This shits been building for like four years and it stacked and stacked and confronting it rather than ignoring it made it worse, as I found out. Oh well. I'm dealing with it, so is SWIM. Though SWIM is really not dealing with it super great since they can barely stand being sober and has only three real friends. Whoops. It's senior year. All these fools will be gone soon I suppose.

    Half life has been hit. I can pass out now. Sleep well.

    Also, thank you and everyone else that's contributed. It helps a lot.
  15. We are not the type of people you should be seeking halp from. o_o
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  16. I think your SWIY should seek professional help. They obviously need help, appear attention-seeking (cry for help) and are dangerously self-medicating. Medicating with a cocktail of depressants. That prove to exacerbate the underlying problem.
  17. I'm not gonna lecture you on what you should and shouldn't do, cause in the end youll do as you please so here's a good topic to keep people awake;
    Consider if Kermit and Ms Piggie had a kid. Would it be a frog or a pig or some creepy mix?
    Evolution Origins vs the Bible always starts screaming matches. If you both believe in the same hing, take the opposite side. Be a huge dick about how 'your opinion' is correct.

  18. Former addict here, lol. Unless they're gonna prescribe me adderall I'm not exactly something that can be helped. SWIM neither. Some people have poly-addiction which basically means "addicted to not being sober"
  19. Right. Well, have fun with that? Just, try not to take too many people down with you.
  20. I'm quoting this one since you use 'SWIM,' but SWIM is the blurred line between self incrimination and "helping a friend."

    I promise that SWIM does these things only with me and if they were to die then no one would be in a quarter mile radius because I would be the only person with SWIM.

    If you still don't understand, then you're just giving me a migraine, lol
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