Help, I think I'm dead. Again.

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  1. "Why would anyone wanna hurt something so small.."
  2. you got ANOTHER shoe thrown at you?? jesus if my car hadn't broken down today I'd come down and knock some sense into people -_-...


    I'm sorry to hear that this is all happening! wish there was something i could do hun :( if you need to talk i'm online though!
  3. Is that room-mate a roomie in a dorm or are you guys living in like an apartment or something? Because that's assault =| If it's a dorm, tell the person in charge and they'll move her. Even if it seems like she's only picking on you right now, it won't be long before she starts taking it out on everyone there and you'll all end up being miserable with her there. If she's been acting so bipolar, maybe she needs to be on medication or something. Or she's supposed to be, and isn't taking them. Kind of hard to think someone would just hate someone else like that for no reason. But there are people like that I suppose...

    This, in a way, is true. People go to college for different reasons. Some of them go purely to socialize. That's why they never finish school. Not everyone can automatically make a connection with strangers and by being so surrounded by strangers, you're bound to feel isolated. You're not surrounded by the people that know you best now, so that's why you have to choose what's important for YOU now. YOU have to take care of YOU. Drinking again is seriously the last thing you need to do. It won't make you feel better. It'll only make things worse.

    Things could start to get better though once classes get into full swing. By that point everyone will be so distracted with their own work they won't have time to fiddle around with anyone else. Don't let them drag you down, man. It's awesome that you can have a positive additude when others don't! It really is.

    I emphatize with you, TK. Can't say that I've gone through your exact situation, but I think a lot of us here can identify with your feelings. I haven't known you all that long, but it's obvious that a LOT of people on Iwaku like you and care about you. If it really bothers you to keep your feelings bottled up inside, remember that this space is always here for you.

    I really hope you start feeling better soon.
  4. "That just makes her unique."
  5. oO you have an odd roommate my dear
  6. @SoleStride

    roger dodger, we'll tag you from now on. The easiest way to check is honestly to go to your unread threads tab, that'll always tell you. In any case, since I set the deadline yesterday, it'll run out tomorrow at precisely 12:59 am. After that deadline, I want you to post the second part of the collaberation.
  7. why dont you throw a battle axe at her, then say "it was just a joke" when shit goes horribly wrong?

    in all serousness though, i reckon some teachers (and professors) have a sixth sense for helping students who they beleive actually respect them, i know alot of my teachers helped me in school.
  8. ......

    Tea is a wonderful thing..........

    Me and my crazy roommate talked over tea a few moments we're getting along.
  9. good to hear mate.
  10. T.T

    *Walks back in with a shoe mark on the side of her face*

  11. o_o

    Seriously Trance.

    Get one of those RA people.

    Or else buy some kleets.
  12. D: Ew man, maybe it's some kind of FETISH~
  13. ............
    i slapped her.

    .....So now we respect each other?
  14. I don't pretend to know how girls work.

    Especially shoe throwers.

    The most I've seen is teenage guys that throw milk.

  15. Until it turns into a slapfest =|

    ;_; Neverending circle of violence. Can't we all just get along?
  16. .........

    Let the Tea-slap fest begin......
  17. I hate having to come back to this thread and admitting that there's another problem.

    But I hate not being able to talk about it more...

    Catie's back in Texas. She left her husband. And she thinks she's a lesbian now.

    And she thinks we're still chummy....

    I really just want to tell her off, but I'm still so afraid of her. She's ruined my life so much, and she's twisted me in so many different ways...

    Just being in the same state with her makes me sick to my stomach.

    Because of her, I'm half the person I thought I would become. And that other half of me is stuck in the past, thinking of ways to kill myself.

    I won't let that control my life, but I'm distressed. And she knows where I live....
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