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  1. Hello you wonderful people!! I recently got pokemon Y, and yes, I know I am WAY behind the ball! I actually haven't played a Pokemon game since Soul Silver! So I have missed all of Black/White, and I don't own Omega Rube or Alpha Sapphire. Though I hope some of you might!! =D

    None the less, I currently have decided on 4/6 of my team, and I'd love to see what you guys thought would be good additions to my team!

    Current team:

    I have been thinking about using Swampert but I would need to trade with someone from Ruby/Sapphire to do so. I don't use Legendary Pokemon, but outside of that I am really open to hearing what you guys think! =D

    Also... If there are people who'd love to be my best friend and trade me the starters from Black/White and/or Ruby/Sapphire, I'd be eternally grateful! <3~
  2. Easy.

    Get rid of all those Pokemon. Have a Mewtwo and have a Darkrai. fill the rest with Magikarp.

    Boom, your know Tobias but better!
  3. Huh, I see you picked fennekin as I did, that said, I'm currently working to build a collection of eeveelutions and training up my non-starters... ^.^;
  4. Yeah I did, and I plan to get all the Eeveelutions as well, once I get my main team down. XD
  5. @F0X
    Important question! Is this just for the game, or are you putting together a team for competitive battling?
  6. Well, I am pretty competitive by nature, and I am sure my friends will want to do some battling once they know, so competitive is certainly good!
  7. @F0X
    All right, I ask because my suggestions would be much different depending on what you wanted to do with your team haha. Let me do some thinking and I'll post here with some ideas!
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    Firstly, if you’re serious about wanting to enter the competitive Pokemon scene, I would start with reading this general overview by Smogon, which is generally regarded as the standard resource for competitive battling:

    Introduction To Competitive Pokemon - Smogon University

    I would also suggest using Smogon to look up any potential Pokemon you might want and read about team composition.

    With that out of the way, let’s get on to the Pokemon you currently have on your team! I’ll be honest and say I haven’t really dabbled in the X/Y Pokemon scene much; I kind of stopped in B&W. Because of this I don’t know the most about gen 6 Pokemon and their place in the game, so most of the suggestions I’m giving you there are based on reading I’ve done. If there are any other folks here who do actively participate in sixth gen competitive battling, feel free to correct me!

    Most of the Pokemon you currently have are either UU – underused – or OU – overused – so I’m going to be giving suggestions for an OU team. You can use UU/RU Pokemon in OU battles, though you might have a difficult time against teams that use strictly OU Pokemon. What I’m going to write is just preliminary impressions, before actually taking time to think about team composition and any potential additions (because I’m at work and shouldn’t be doing this at all whoops)

    Delphox: Delphox appears to be RU – rarely used – and therefore might not be the strongest choice. However, it has a very high special attack stat, and has good resistances to a lot of common types. It also has pretty dang good special defense, and resists fighting, which is a good key to have! Unfortunately, you already have a psychic type in way of Gardevoir, and Gardevoir is simply better in all ways. Fire isn’t the most desirable type to have, due to the prevalence of stealth rock.

    Lucario: Lucario is super powerful; Mega Lucario can even be used in Uber battles despite not being a legendary Pokemon. However, regular Lucario can be used in both OU and UU tiers, so as long as you don’t want him to be mega, you’re all right. He’s a solid physical sweeper with a decent bit of utility. Just a good pick all around.

    Gardevoir: You might want to consider making Gardevoir your mega. Mega Gardevoir is a hard hitting special attacker and, more importantly, a wallbreaker – meaning it’s good at tanking down walls (which I’ll get more into with Umbreon.) It has decent speed, but not high enough to save it from some potent revenge killers. Pixilate is also an incredible ability to have, making Hyper Voice chunk most Pokemon that don’t resist Fairy.

    Umbreon: Umbreon is what you call a wall – what other games might call a ‘tank.’ It has really good defensive stats, with its special defense being slightly higher than its defense. It’s also a baton passer, meaning that it ‘sets up’ for other Pokemon on your team. Its standard trick is Wish + Baton Pass, which allows your other Pokemon to take advantage of Wish’s heal. Umbreon is just a really solid pick, so definitely keep it on your team!

    So as it stands, you have a super strong physical sweeper (Lucario) who has good access to steel and fighting stats, and has decent resistances. You also have a good wall in the way of Umbreon, and a good, albeit slightly slow, special attacker in the way of Gardevoir. Delphox is kind of sticking out like a sore thumb here, so you have to ask yourself if it’s a Pokemon you really, really want to keep, in which case you might have to replace Gardevoir with something else. That’s up to you. You’re also lacking someone who can set up hazards (stealth rock, toxic spikes) and a speedy revenge killer, ideally. As mentioned, I haven’t quite done any thinking as to who else I can add and what kind of team composition you might like! First I wanna ask who you’d rather keep: Gardevoir or Delphox.

    Edit: Also, come to think of it, Swampert might be a good addition! He's tanky and has access to Stealth Rock, and his ground typing gives him super utility.
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  9. You're forgetting about the Kanto Starter you get after the 3rd Gym Leader.

    Blastoise is a very solid choice here, not many weaknesses (as opposed to Venasaur's many), and in his Mega Form water Pulse is an outright beast.
  10. Thanks for your suggestion!! Delphox is RU, I know, but she seems pretty decent enough to where I am really wanting to keep her around! As silly as it is, I got the game because when Delphox came out I was so excited but didn't own a 3ds, and I finally made the leap to get it! So she is gonna be a sweeper on the team for sure. Swampert is certainly high on my radar, its so good for so many reasons. I actually just got a mudkip from a friend so that is likely gonna be on the team. Though picking between her [Delphox] and Gardevoir is gonna be really harsh, and I'm gonna try to work with the two of them for now. I am so sad that Salamance is an Uber btw... I love them, but I am certainly going to stay away from Uber tier pokemon for my "main" team.

    Anyway! I certainly do need another pokemon or two that have really good hp. I have damage, but I feel my Umbreon can't tank it all.

    I grabbed Squirtle from that, however I am thinking Mudkip might just be all around better...
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  11. Mudkip is better all around assuming you choose to use your Megastone for Lucario instead.
    But Blastoise Mega-Evolved is an outright beast that no other water starter can parallel.

    Note: Mudkip can't Mega-evolve in X/Y, that wasn't introduced until Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
  12. @F0X
    That's fair, I know how that goes! If you want high HP, then I definitely say go with Swampert. In fact, I have a competitive Swampert I could probably trade you, if I can figure out how to get Gen 4 Pokemon into my X game. >_>

    Also, Salamence isn't Ubers - only Mega Salamence is! Salamence itself is UU, so you can totally use him. :) That's double weakness to Stealth Rock, though, thanks to its secondary Flying type. Garchomp is another good choice, especially since it resists Stealth Rock. I'm going to say go with a physical Pokemon for your sixth slot, since if you're keeping both Gardevoir and Delphox, you'll want another physical hitter. Doublade could work really nicely, from what I'm reading; his dual typing would be really great. I need to do some more looking to give any other suggestions.
  13. Oh really!? Well that is great to know! I thought Salamance would be out for sure, I thought I read he was an Uber! Well that is good news! Salamance also fills that Physical hitter roll. And I got a Bagon from that same friend, so it looks like my team is gonna be complete! It is going to look a lot like my Soul Silver team XD

    Actually... Scratch that! Lets not use Salamance since then over Half the team will be the same as my SS team!! DX
    My mind is kinda thinking another Flying Physical would probably be the thing to fill out my team... Hm...
  14. @Opal

    Balance teams aren't the only way to go, y'know. I've been out of the game for ages so idk what the meta is doing right now, but your logic doesn't make a lot of sense because it doesn't address the metagame. For example, in BW ubers, I think, it was common for a while to run both Rayquaza and Salamence on the same team because they shared a very limited spectrum of checks, so few teams could reliably handle the same threat twice when the former weakened that pokémon past it's ability to check either one. Similarly, I built a team around roar+copycat prankster riolu once. It lacked complete offensive presence, going against all common philosophies at the time, but I wrecked so much shit with it with just one set-up and SR. What is good and what is not depends on the metagame surrounding it.

    Also Gardevoir is only strictly better than Delphox if you run the mega, and even then you can still run Timid Choice Scarf Delphox as a revenge killer. I'm pretty sure it learns either switcheroo or trick, too, so it can shut down walls when needed as well. Something Gardevoir cannot. Fire STAB is pretty good, too. Even if it's not god-tier sub-fucking pixilate hyper voice. So you can say there's overlap, but you can't say one completely outclasses the other.

    Also Smogon uses a lot of it's own standards for the metagame and use an online simulator because it cannot enforce their rule and banset in the actual games. So I'm pretty sure this is going to be a setting where you can throw out sunny day and have blaziken wreck shit on a whole other level in common play. I mean, even if you do want to compete, you might wanna talk about breeding, EV's and IV's first. Their metagames are based on their simulators and rulesets so I wouldn't cling to them too hard, because... Well, you'll simply not be prepared to handle threats they've excluded from their metagames.

    My honest advice is... Play what you want and what feels right. Love Swampert? Go for it! Adjust your team based on what you come across. Is your friend 6-0'ing you with a Breloom? Give Gliscor a try. Does everyone and their dog online use Garchomp? Have a Weavile in the wings (can anyone tell how old my reference points are? They're super-old.) Coming into competitive Pokémon from point blank, there's just way too much information to front-load. Smogon is a nice reference point, but it's not an end-all to everything. Use it to see what could potentially handle things that wreck your shit, sure, but if you go to it for all your advice you might as well c/p a team which will suck a lotta fun out of the teambuilding process and you'll never really learn about synergy and evolving metas.
  15. @Kestrel
    Like I said, I haven't played for a while myself, so I'm certainly not the be-all-end-all of Pokemon knowledge. I'm sure the meta now is much different than it was when I played.

    I linked Smogon and suggested learning from there first because F0X didn't seem to know much about competitive battling, and it's a good place to start. If someone doesn't know the basics yet, you can't really expect them to throw together a crazy team and have it work out for them! And no, you certainly can't expect to find random battlers via the game's battling system who follow Smogon's rules, but I've never done that myself. I always found opponents online in competitive battling communities versus queue up against random folks who might be running six mewtwos or something silly like that.

    You have to start somewhere, and Smogon is a very good place to start. I certainly wasn't trying to suggest that she copy an OU team because it's great and what everyone else is using; I almost strictly played UU myself because I didn't like using the same OU Pokemon, and liked to put together my own team compositions just by reading, practicing, and finding cool synergies. I'm sorry if my post came across as me saying 'use what everyone else is using,' because that's certainly not what I meant.
  16. Thanks a lot for your input. However, no need to be so harsh, Opal was just trying to help in her way just like you're trying to help in yours!

    None the less, the biggest reason why I ask about it in the first place is I know I can make a super team to beat the game with, that's no problem! I honestly don't know anything about anything above B/W, and I was hoping to hear lots of suggestions! I know a lot about IV's and EV's, but unless I decide to go to an actual tournament, I doubt I'll really focus on it. I used to quite a bit when I was playing FireRed, but clearly lots has changed since then. I know very little about MegaEvolutions as well, but I plan to quickly learn about them as I am going through the game!

    That being said, I think right now my current team is going to be:

    At this point if I can settle on another Physical Attacker with decent HP and Defense, I feel I am gonna be quite happy! Honestly this team has some of my favorites, and I am loving my Braixen and can't wait for her to be a Delphox!!

    Thank you both for your thoughts! I can't wait to hear what else you have to add/suggest as well as what everyone else might think! =D
  17. No no Opal! I think I am in the same boat as you! I like to use Pokemon that fit well with me! That said, Lucario often times gets put in my box since "everyone loves her" but this time around I said, "You know.. I LOVE HER TOO!!" So I am gonna be running her this time around. I tend to stick with RU and might use a Pokemon from a tier up or tier below. Actually, when I was playing competitively in FireRed, I just had teams for each tier and then my "favorites" that I'd play with friends who didn't take the game very seriously.

    I really do appreciate your suggestions and by no means have I felt that you were just saying, "Here do what's good scrub" or anything like that. Pokemon at the end of the day is a game you should really enjoy the pokemon you're using! I play plenty of games that I take really, really seriously (Like Dota 2, Path of Exile, MtG) so Pokemon while I do take it seriously, I don't take it as seriously as some of my other titles I enjoy.
  18. The amount of complexity behind Pokemon games still manages to boggle my mind 20+ years after playing Blue. All I ever took from it was X is weak to Y is weak to Z etc while the stats that are high is good.

    Time to dust off Y and actually finish it.
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  19. Yay for finishing Pokemon!!! =D
  20. Already had my legendary and finished the big bad dude.
    Pretty sure there wasn't much after that?
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