Hellsing's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

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  1. London was currently in the middle of a heavy downpour, yet it's populace didn't seem to care. It's mind was focused on bigger concerns, such as the awful streaks of murders that had happened seemingly weeks ago. The problem may have been solved, but that didn't put any ease on the worry. What's to stop a copycat from repeating the murders? Almost nothing. Now, not everyone was worried about that, some were worried about what to get for groceries or what type of music to listen to on the way into work. Or where a couple should go for their honeymoon. Or for a boozehound, what new type of poison should he try out....Assuming he could remember which type he had tried already. Yet none of that concerned a certain individual walking down a sidewalk, umbrella in one hand, a duffle bag in the other. Wearing a tailored black coat with a hood designed to cast the wearer's face in shadow, not that it was needed. He was already wearing a white mask, with two lines over the eyes. Said eyes seemed to be like a void. Hardly no-one could see the wearer's true eyes unless they were looking from a certain angle. To others, he was most likely a cosplayer not having any sense to go out into a downpour to "Larp" somewhere. But to those who kept an eye on the news or went on the internet frequently. He was Echo. The 3rd Dragon.

    The reason for why he was in England was something he did not expect, for he had received an invitation to an Estate of a well known organization. Even though he had covered his tracks and made sure he was off the grid, as to avoid being hunted by another group. He was still contacted, which peaked his interest. Thanks to his various connections, he had arranged for himself to be transported from Japan to London, England. Much to his displeasure, he had to carry most of his gear in a duffle bag tailored to look like a tourist's dream come true. So he could avoid anymore attention, not that he received anything aside from a glance. But it was better safe and paranoid than sorry..
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  2. Walking down the cold alley way of London Rash looked at the envelope he got again."Mr.Kingston you are invited to blah blah blah"he said while stuffing it in his pocket now you might think Rash might stand out but hes not suprisingly.He was wearing a black jacket with the words"OBEY"on it,some black jeans,his regular pair of orange glasses,and a glove that covers his hand.Now if you were curious about what Rash was before London he had his own little private army.Now this private army right now is only 178 men but hes wanting to make it bigger but not to big so it doesnt become a problem with the government.Now back to Rash he was walking down the street holding the guitar case and backpack the had his "things" he felt a vibration in his pocket somebody was calling somebody important so he continued down the street and answered the call.
  3. General Victor Markov arrived in London a week prior to the letter asking him to show up at the Hellsing estate, signed by the One and only sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing herself, showed up in his hotel room. Room service said that a butler hand delivered that message sealed with a wax seal no less. It had a time and a day on it, but the werewolf would have to hurry. The soldier was use to rushing off to parts unknown. He was even the leader of an off the books black ops team called the Beowulf unit. An elite seven man crew of highly skilled soldiers. The team was on leave until they were needed again and nobody on his team was remotely aware that they were under the command of an actual werewolf. After reading the letter, Victor memorized the important details before he burned the letter and envelop, packed up, checked out and made his way to the meeting. Nobody knew he was there, so how did Integra find him so fast? He didn't know, but he intended to find out.
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  4. After several weeks traveling around Europe through various ways, train, wagon, even his own feet, Vincent had made it to his destination; England. The weather was drastically different for the Spanish gentleman. Where he is use to the sun kissing his skin, he's now blanketed by the mucky clouds dampening his clothes. He hasn't had a proper bath in weeks, and was starting to tell. He traveled the empty streets lonesome, only the weapons inside his robe accompanied him with his journey. One thing still startled him; who found him? This voyage started with a letter addressing him, Vincent believes who ever sent him this is the top of the class in Intel. Knowing that he is alive and well is somethings that not his own government knows about is something that interested him; but also worried him. He takes out the letter from his inside pocket and checks the address. This is the first time he had left his home that's not for his vigilante duties, so he is lost in a city where he knows nothing about. Vincent wandered around trying to find about this "Hellsting Mansion".
  5. Harlow exhaled the smoke from his pipe as he walked down the streets of London, the cherry scented tobacco smoke wafted into the air as a white wisp. His rain coat fluttered in the breeze as he thought back on what had brought him here, a letter from the Hellsing organization a group who's goal was to destroy the supernatural threats of humanity the letter itself was rather impersonal and asked that he come to the Hellsing manor at his earliest convince which brings us back to now. He shifted the weight of his pack which held his rifle and pistol both disassembled along with a change of clothes, he found it odd how easily he got his weapons but the letter he had had proved useful in keeping even the most overzealous English officer quiet and docile. He noted that he was only a few block from the manor. "I wonder what their smoking policy is?" Harlow wondered privately to himself as he drew closer.
  6. By the time Echo had started to get closer to the Manor, he was almost drenched to the bone. Whether the cause be the heavy rainfall which had calmed down to light rain or from a speeding driver coming along and sending up mass quantities of water along the road onto the sidewalk. Deciding it was best to hurry up so he didn't get covered in more water than his liking, he changed his pace from walking calmly to a jogging one. Up until a Double Decker Bus came along, and judging from the way it was going, it was most likely to be heading in the direction of the manor. A good easy way to the manor, and if it changed routes, a good shortcut. Quickly as he could, placed the umbrella into the duffle bag. And aimed his wrist or rather, something on his wrist at the bus. A small mechanical whine soon could be heard as a wire shot out from his wrist and latched onto the bus. Now being pulled by the bus like one of those skateboarders who hang onto back of cars for fun, Echo had to pull himself closer so that if the bus swerved for a second, he wouldn't be thrown into opposing traffic or into anything along the side of the road.

    After 23 minutes, the bus began to turn and with that, Echo detached himself from the bus. Now significantly closer than before, which he estimated to be about 23 miles away. Much better than having to walk it from across England. He resumed his calm walk from before.
  7. Vincent finding is way down spiraling alleys ended up seeing a rather odd man in all black with a mask covering his face. "What the hell is he doing here this late?", Vincent trying to put pieces of this giant puzzle together. First was this letter, somehow finding him. Then now this mysterious man right in front of him; was this the doing of this organization? He needed answers now, so he try to catch up to the stranger and ask him if he knew something about his situation.
    "Hola extraño , ¿podría ayudarme me ?" Vincent asked in his mothers tongue unknowing if they knew Spanish.
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  8. Harlow had arrived at the Hellsing manor gate but it was neither open or manned with anyone to let him in so he decided to wait and see if any others show up or if it was only him, he sat down and pulled his trench coat a little closer to his body while he pulled the hood up leaving only his pipe and the smoke he exhaled visible the rain was not letting up but it wasn't getting any heavier thankfully. He smoked the last of the tobacco in the bowl of his pipe before he tapped it against the gate to get any left over ash out before he put it away and continued to wait.
  9. Victor pulled out a Cuban cigar along with a box of wooden matches from a box he kept on his black leather long coat as he walked before lighting the expensive cigar. He was a ways off from the manor gate. Hell, the blasted place was on the other side of London and then some. None the less, the werewolf walked calmly through the city of fog and rain. He wore a black wide brimmed fedora he got while he was in Italy, which was one stop on his trip. "Looks like my vacation time is up." the general muttered as he puffed on the cigar. As he walked, the Lycan left a trail of smoke in his wake. Before he knew it, he was at the gate and noticed someone already there. "You get some mysterious letter asking you to drop by or something from some butler?" Victor asked as he drew closer.
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  10. He had smelt the familiar scent of a cigar before he saw the man walk up to him before asking him about the letter. "Ya though the fact that the butler or anyone else isn't here to let us in is rather aggravating." He said as he stood up. "Name's Harlow by the way." He said as he extended his hand for a hand shake.
  11. "Victor Markov. Perhaps there's an intercom somewhere." Victor said as he shook the man's hand. "Nice to meet you. I doubt they're out. But there's an unmistakable smell here. The scent of blood. I'd wager there was an attack here not too long ago. A week at the latest. Sorry, old habit forged through several wars. It's kept me and my team from walking into a trap on several occasions."
  12. "I've become to use to the smell I was exposed to much of it in my time, as for an intercom we could look for it or we could wait I feel that their may be more than just us who are going to show up here, we'll be let in when we all arrive or we'll just take down the gate which ever comes first though I don't think it would give a very good impression on our new employers if we started out by destroying their property." He said half joking and half serious.
  13. "Indeed. I'm guessing there's something that singled us out to deserve a summon to the esteemed Hellsing family estate. Something unique. But varied from person to person." Victor said before he took another drag on his cigar.
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  14. Echo turned around, noticing the other man speaking Spanish. The question he somewhat understood, his own Spanish was a bit rusty yet he still gave a shot at it. "¿Vas a la mansión Hellsing así?" [Or in a rough translation. "Are you going to Hellsing Manor as well?"] He said with a voice that sounded deep and monotone, like someone who had seen and/or done a lot in their time, yet from his voice did sound young. Not having that "hint" of greatly aged in his voice.
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  15. "I can tell you Spanish is not well, can you understand English?" Vincent asked the man surprised by him knowing decent Spanish. "Also yes, how did you know, did you receive a letter from a older gentleman?" Vincent hopefully getting the answers he needs.
  16. Echo gave a nod. "Yes, but my invitation was not given to me by a older gentleman...But I found it in one of my hideouts in Tokyo." He had switched over to English by now. "Shall we do what some of today's generation do...The 'Walk n Talk'?" He said that like he either wasn't use to using slang or perhaps he didn't like to talk in that way.
  17. (Im back)

    Walking down the street he saw a giant gate and two men in front of it"Hey you got that invitation too"he greeted them.Standing right next to them he grabbed the gate and pulled"locked ah thought they would at least let us in"he said kicking the gate a bit.
  18. Victor looked back down the road when he heard someone asking if they got a letter as well. "Then the two became three." the werewolf said with a chuckle "yeah, we got a letter. And of course the gate is locked. Probably will remain that way until everyone who was invited here arrives. I wager there's at least two people left." the General added as he continued to smoke his cigar.
  19. Vincent started to walk forward letting the man be next to him. "So are you Japanese? I've been to Japan a few times." He explained to his new aquanauts. He touched the brim of his hat to get rid of the water that had been collecting over time. The man was different from others Vincent sensed something coming off of him making him like Vincent. The unknown force threw him off guard but didn't faze him. "I'm Vincent Hernandez of Spain, my I ask for your name?" He asked politely to the masked man, not wanting to offend or make him a threat.
  20. "Well hello new comer. Names Harlow and our resident cigar smoker here is Victor." Harlow said as he pulled out his pipe and began to pack it with more cherry scented tobacco and lit it before taking a nice long drag letting it out mixing the cherry scent with the cigar scent in the air around the three. "So what weapons do you both use?" He asked being rather curious as to what type of heat that was gonna be used.
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