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  1. Hi, I'm new to the site, being directed here by my good friend @Shadow. I like roleplaying in a small group to a one on one encounter. I love anime, youtube and Roosterteeth, anybody wanna talk just PM me. Okay? Okay.
  2. Indeed. Fourth person in one day.
  3. Well welcome aboard yoru no tenshi (gosh long name) well welcome yoyo san (PFTT making a short nickname) to I waku hope you enjoy your stay~
  4. But.... but... why Yoyo-san?
  5. My habit making people nickname by using the first 2 to 3 word and then double it.....

  6. Iz okay, don't worry about it.
  7. Welcome to the site! (: I'm new, too, so we can be newbies together. ;u; (And I like Roosterteeth). Hope we can roleplay in the future!
  8. RYUKO!!! I would be very happy to play with you!!
  9. Time to promote my RP!!! wait I need to hold myself down ==" anyway welcome once again yoyo san ^o^~!
  10. Have at it, Donuts. He's a Digimon fan.
  12. I would be happy to hear about your RP Donuts, however it is 1 AM, I am in College and I have classes tomorrow, so Donuts, Kinoko, please if you wish to RP with me, or just talk feel free to PM me, as I said in the first post, for I am leaving this world for the night (hopefully for somewhere better). I will hopefully talk to you both tomorrow. Good night and may the Doctor be with you.
  13. ... Lol. Better world, my shadowy ass.
  14. Pfttt sure"~ I'll be waiting in.. not.. stalkish... way... PFT!
  15. 'Twould be if not for your shadowy lard ass,m my friend.
  16. Whoo, Kill La Kill! :D Will definitely PM you, have a good night.
  17. Oh, fuck you. The chair spins both ways, you can get up on the other side and go around me.
  18. Bitch I know where you sleep.... Just not when....
  19. The beauties of running the Iwaku night shift.