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    Welcome, to my little garden.

    Tis I, your host, UsagiCiel.
    If you found this thread, you are most likely looking for a partner to roleplay with, let it be One on One or a small group. I may seem dark and mysterious, but trust me; I'm a weird little nerd. I like laying in my little garden of shadows and bringing new friends into my life.
    Before we get into details of roleplays, I would like to talk about a few things; let them be rules or just things I hope to accomplish with you while roleplaying.​

    1. I'm a college student with a part-time job. Monday through Thursday expect AT LEAST one post from me. On the weekends I have much more time on my hands, so I can post more. Please post at least once a day.

    2. Please be respectful. I'm human, you're human, we make mistakes. I can understand grammar and spelling mistakes here and there, but please not all the time.

    3. Please be at least 16+. It's weird asking that, but I sometimes forget I'm 20... *loud groan*

    4. Writers block and one liners do happen from time to time, as I know it's happened to me, but I cannot deal with one liners all the time. Please post at least one paragraph, but feel free to post more if you'd like.

    5. I don't just want roleplay partners, I want friends as well. Please talk to me! I'm easy to talk to, I swear! Let's make the plot together or talk about how your day was!

    6. I prefer to play females, as I find that most of time I play males they turn out very feminine. I can attempt if need be, but I would much rather have someone else play the male.

    7. I also prefer heterosexual relationships in my RPs, as I am straight myself. This doesn't mean I will not turn down FxF or MxM roleplays, but the plot or idea must interest me.

    8. I personally do not like the use of cannon characters in my fandom roleplays. I do not want to make a fanfiction with you, but depending on the subject or if I like the plot enough I may say okay to something like this. As of so far, my experience with cannon characters in play hasn't been too great. :/

    I will add more things as I see fit.
    Now onto the fun part, the roleplays!

    I will be continuously adding on to this.


    Sailor Moon
    DC Universe (Young Justice, Justice League, ect.)
    Marvel (Avengers)
    ~ Disney ~
    Kingdom Hearts

    Generic Pairings:

    Master x Maid
    ~ Angel x Demon ~ **
    Medieval Times
    Knight x Princess/Warrior Princess
    Vampire x Human
    Supernatural beings
    Phoenix X Partner's choice
    ~ Rockstar x Dying Fan ~ **
    Highs school/College Life
    Assassin x Target

    ~ ~ Means I have an idea for a plot.
    ** Means I would LOVE to do this.

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  2. I would be happy to do super villians.
  3. Sounds good to me! Just PM me and we'll talk!
  4. I will do something Marvel related if you're still interested.
  5. Send me a PM and we can talk!
  6. Are you open to doubling for Marvel?
  7. ^w^ I have a Sailor Moon Fandom character. Though she is POST Canon. I have been trying to get a few people into this idea though you would make three if you joined me and Nyx.
  8. Sure! Send me a PM!
  9. Want to send me a PM and tell me the details? :D I wouldn't mind learning more about this RP idea!
  10. Ill do the angel x demon with you.
  11. Awesome! Send me a PM!
  12. Bahahaha! All I can think of is The Cable Guy when I see Medieval Times in your list!
    If you're more active on here, hit me up; I still haven't figured out the site.
  13. That I am. I'm a bit slow because I'm in school and all that fun stuff, but I'm active enough. I'll send you a PM and talk to you, ya dork. XD
  14. I'd be up for hearing your Disney thoughts if it's still available!
  15. Always! Just send me a PM!
  16. I've added a few more roleplay ideas. I may start adding plots or possibly characters soon. :D
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  17. I'd be interested in DC (universe?) ,Marvel ,Disney and/or Fairytail.
  18. Awesome! Shoot me a PM and we'll talk. :)
  19. Still looking my dearies~!
  20. Im interested in maybe hearing your Disney ideas, I might also have a few myself
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