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  1. Hello to the people of the internet and this wonderful site!I'm your newest guest star Serious Face!And as you may have guessed from not only me posting this in the introduction forum,but also from the fact I just said I was new.That I am a brand spanking new member on this lovely site of yours.So while I may not have any
    questions I am all ears to any tips you fine people out in the audience may have.Anyway that's all I have to say for the start of this thread,so this is Serious Face saying hello,goodbye,and please excuse any grammar mistakes.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Have a cookie and enjoy your stay.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! We're all super friendly and look forward to your participation in the many many selections of RPs and partners!
  4. Thank you very much esteemed swordsman.I shall now go into this corner and eat my cookie!
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  5. Ok a few things here ,one thank you very much for this reply dear guardian of hearts,secondly I look forward to any and all interactions within this site,as I expect it to be a very fun time from what I've seen so far,and finally Yes! Another cookie!Jenkins would you mind adding that to the tally for me?*Jenkins pulls a lever making the number on a large scoreboard go from one to two*
  6. Haha, how's that working for you Serious Face?
  7. I'd say very well dear gardian,wait..is that another cookie I spy?HAHA it is!Jenkins would you mind?*number changes to three*
  8. Oh this is most entertaining. Please... If you ever need an RP to join... I've got a good one going right now, and we're still young in, therefore accepting people.
  9. Thank you I take great joy when others are being entertained,preferably while I'm being entertained as well.what can I say I have a bit of a selfish streak when it comes to entertainment(joking).and I will be certain to look at the Rp as soon as possible...which is right now.And also is that another cookie!?where are they coming from!?*looks up at the sky nervously*anyway Jenkins do the honors.*Jenkins throws baseball at the scoreboard changing the number to four*
  10. Ok seriously where are these cookies coming from!?*quickly looks around room*oh well doesn't matter.only thing that matters is that it's delicious*takes bite of cookie*Jenkins yoh now wah oh do*says through mouth full of cookies as the number changes to five*
  11. *eyes widen in shock*Another one!?Ok I think somebody may be messing with me.*looks at audience with suspicion*Oh well their still delicious.*puts cookie in pocket as the number goes up to six*Hey Jenkins I didn't even have to say anything this time!I should give you a raise! (Jenkins)~you mean pay me more than the already giant sum of nothing?Sir i would be honored.*says sarcastically* (Serious Face)-nobody likes a sarcastic butler Jenkins.
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  12. An axe wielding maniac...Jenkins would you?*Jenkins pulls leaver making new scoreboard appear*And could you do something about...him?*points to axe welding maniac while slowly backing away*(Jenkins)~Yes sir.*pulls lever opening trap door*
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  13. Hi dude! Welcome to the magical world of Iwaku! I look forward to any future rps that we may do together! *curtsies and hands you a cookie*
  14. Hello
    Hello fair Letter....person.*bows low at waist and then sees cookie*YES HA! I told you Jenkins that we would get another one!*takes cookie and holds it like a prize as the scoreboard changes to seven*
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  15. ....another Maniac?we need to get locks on our doors or something don't we Jenkins?*Jenkins nods as he pulls the lever changing the number to three*(Jenkins)~yes sir*he grabs a broom and shoos away the maniacs
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  16. Oh for the love of-Jenkins! Would you mind!? (Jenkins)~with pleasure sir.*pulls lever changing number to four and releasing a pack of attack dogs*(Serious Face)-Thank you Jenkins.
  17. *stares at the creature for a few minuets*O.K I think if I just back away slowly it won't notice me*starts to back away slowly as Jenkins remotely opens a new scoreboard from a different building*
  18. *gasps*i am most certainly not!*hicups*now if you shall excuse me I have a meeting with a penguin.*walks into broom closet and walks back out with bucket on head*good day to you madam*walks face first into a wall and falls to the floor unconscious as Jenkins pulls up a new scoreboard*
  19. Well you read what Me plus Alcohol equals,and don't even get me started about the home videos *says while rubbing forehead and a wild scoreboard appears!*
  20. Yes cookie!...and did anyone get the Pokemon reference!*score goes up to eight*
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