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Erm...so I have been craving a decent roleplay for a very long time and I happened upon this place by chance. I was pleasantly surprised to have finally found a forum that's still active. I'm a little rusty in the roleplay field so I hope you guys will take it easy on me and give me a chance. >.< I'm just looking for a new place to call home and make new friends!


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Hello there, Neva.I am Celest, and I am pleased to inform you that you have stumbled across the perfect place to call home! ^.^ there are many friendly people around who will quickly claim you.

If you would like some help with your roleplaying then you could sign up for a mentor here .
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Welcome to the site, Nevaleah!

Iwaku is the perfect place to sharpen up your RP skills. Let me know if you need help finding a game to join and I'll do my best to help.


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Welcome to Iwaku, Neva! :D

I am Iliana and it's a pleasure to have you here? Have you looked around the forums lately? Find anything you like? I hope so! If not, I'd be happy to assist you in anything you need! We have a bunch of people who are looking for one on one partners and a bunch of group role plays that are in need of characters! Stop by the
ONE V ONE REQUEST FORUM to answer requests or post your own request. Either that, or you can peer around in the SIGN UP FORUM to sign up for a roleplay in the making!

To by pass the waiting, you can also just jump into a role play in our
JUMP IN FORUM. Whatever fits your muse, do it!

Have fun! Iliana is here if you need her assistance! :D


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"Generic extra help"

But in all seriousness dont forget to check out the cbox up in the tab bars.


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Hello there, Neva!
We met in the chatbox already but I'm just getting around to a formal hello now.
It's good to see that you've already taken a peek around and found some things.

If you need any help, please do ask~


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Weeeeeeeeeeeeelcome to the community Neva!

Fantastic to see more new people that want to roleplay coming around!

Please, have a cookie..... and see you around!



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Nevaleah! This is a good place to make into a home. :) Have fun!