Hello... I'm new, and shy, and scared, and-

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  1. Hello!

    My name is Kat, I've been role playing for three years and I still have lots to learn!

    I love role playing and I love making new friends. Feel free to say hi! :D
  2. Hi! *waves awkwardly from afar before hiding behind tree*
  3. *Watches* Oh my god hi tree! *waves awkwardly and then awkwardly hugs tree because I'm a big bundle of awkwardness* <3
  4. *steps out in the open absent mindedl* (I guess the tree wanted a hug XD)
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  5. Hey! calm down! All this awkward awkwardness is making me feel awkward! +^+
    Welcome and junk.
  6. Welcome to the awkward club >:3
  7. ( Kawaii tree needs hugs >w< ) *Blinks and sighs* Oh. I really thought this tree could talk. You must be the one that said hi? *hugs you instead*
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  8. Gaaah! *blushes but accepts surprise hug*
  9. Thank you >3<
    Wanna see my awkward face? XD
  10. I'm sorry I'm just so hyper >3> *hugs to death*
  11. Gaah! It's fine XD... I'll just try not to panick in this surprise glomp attack X.X
  12. *snuggle*
    Don't you wish trees could talk?
    I'd marry a tree if I could!
  13. I guess so o.o would definitely be curious what they have to say.
  14. I would to. TTwTT I have no idea what I'm doing on this website. I'm just clicking random things. ;w;
  15. Heh, I'd advise checking out the roleplay talk and signup pages to start off >.< (1x1 requests too I guess) or we could start a roleplay ourselves... Somehow :P
  16. Squeeeeeeeeeee
    *rolls on the floor due to adorableness*
    Fie, that was was an adorable read....
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  17. We should role play! Pwease~?
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  18. Sure o.o I guess I can't argue with you even if I didn't want to X3
  19. This is my awkward face - OWO
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  20. What character do you want to play? ;w; I'm going to play as my character Karen. She has red hair, bright green eyes, and she wears a gas mask ( Or keeps it around with her ). She is a killer, and she was kidnapped by a team of scientists that gave her the power to be half fox and half human. So she has fox ears. She is a loner and she's stubborn sometimes.