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  1. He's become something of an infamous meme. No face, pale skin, abnormally long arms and legs- withe extra limbs.

    He's had games made of him, stories told about him, videos and documentaries. People try to prove he exists, and others try to prove he doesn't.

    His name is Slender Man, he's known for mesmerizing children and taking them away, probably killing them. If he's nearby, electronic devices might malfunction, and you might have a ringing in your ears and nausea.

    You can't escape him, and you can't fight back....

    So if he's real, how can you possibly get away from him? Even in games, he's hard to beat, and the jump scares give you less time to react.

    A couple of friends of mine, and friends of friends, decided we'd go to a forest near our town, just for shits and giggles, to scare each other and tell stories- to freak each other out with pranks and have some fun. We'd put up notes like we saw in the games, and some of us had the costumes to really look like the guy... it was supposed to be funny.

    It wasn't supposed to lead to anything like this...

    We found a note a few hours ago- one we didn't make, none of us made it.... it was a typical one too, "No Escape".

    We all laughed for a few moments, then realized no one was owning up to making it... and that was when it happened- all of us felt that sick-to-your-stomach feeling, and ringing in our ears... I threw up, I'll admit it.

    We just started running after that- madness took hold- we ran AWAY from our camp, where all of our food and water and items were.

    The second we realized it, we tried to find a way back, but we were lost.

    We don't even know what's going on, we're trying to find notes or items that might be important- hell, some people are looking for teddy bears. We haven't found anything.

    Just that one note.

    Every time our flashlights seem to start having problems, we run, we run like hell.

    Well, then finally, one of us finally saw him...

    And then... everyone saw him... he looked impossibly tall... and that face... or lack there of...

    We've been running and running, and now, I can't keep track of anyone I'm with- I know I'm missing a lot of people here, I came to this forest with twenty people, and there's a lot less than that now...

    He's watching us.... I know he is... I'm so hungry... All I have left is half of a granola bar... We're all stopped in a clearing, everyone's eyes are peeled as I write this, there needs to be an account of what happens to us...



    Anyways, I'll have the char sheet codes up tomorrow and additional information.


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  2. didn't even make it past the first sentece before I flipped if this is an rp sign me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. since it is an rp I'm in :) i literally exploed at the sight of this
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  6. As a reminder, no double posting, there's an "Edit" feature for a reason.


    This RP will rest heavily on two sources:

    The "Slender" games and this tape: [video=youtube;KTGILrbpc70]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTGILrbpc70[/video]

    As well as this video: [video=youtube;ESgfThPxaq8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESgfThPxaq8[/video]

    Your objective is to survive and try and find out, while keeping alive, is who or what is following you and IS IT SLENDER MAN, OR A VERY DEMENTED PERSON? Which is worse, hell if I know.

    VERY FEW WILL SURVIVE, if you want to live, watch horror movies and avoid the mistakes people make in them: Stay with people, stay together, and keep everything on you, so youdon't have to go back for anything.


    If Slender Man is after you, or a group you are in, I will contact those people and talk to them in PM and ask them how they want to play it out- who dies, who lives, and who runs like hell from the group to save themselves.

    I AM CONTROLLING SLENDERMAN, I will have him show up at certain points, but the name of the game is t keep moving, ESPECIALLY IF I GIVE SOME KIND OF WARNING, SUCH AS: Someone might be feeling sick to their stomach, ringing in their ears, the flashlights aren't working well, ANYTHING LIKE THAT, so PAY ATTENTION TO POSTS.



    DEFINING FEATURES: (Something on your person, that, if you should perish, this will be left behind to let others know you're goners =D)
    How much do you know about Slender Man?:

    (IN A PM SEND ME THE FOLLOWING: (And yes, this is important)


    This will come up later, but I need it now to make sure I have everyone's secret, and that none are the same, and I will contact you about it before we cross that bridge.)


    NAME: Jess Setter
    AGE: 22
    HISTORY: Jess and the few close friends that started this whole thing, live in a semi-remote area, surrounded by woods. Not much happens in the town, they thought it would be fun to invite some people, some friends and have them invite friends, just to kick around in the forest, have some jollies to add some life to their lives. She works as a gas station attendant, the gas station is small, rundown and doesn't get much business- so the pay is shit. She's constantly on the edge of being unable to pay for rent- and never is able to get enough food in the house- there's never much money to buy food for herself. Her family consists of one brother, who's a marine in the Middle East right now. Her life consists of living in horror movies, watching them, just to feel something. Just to get that moment of gripping fear that reminds you that you're alive.
    PERSONALITY: Confident, most likely to try and work out a plan so that everyone, or most everyone can survive- but is not above sacrificing a few so that she can get away- she sees it as simple human nature. Guilt is not something that comes easily to her, she believes that she has everything planned out, nothing's her fault if someone doesn't follow the plan. HOWEVER, she can't exactly figure out what to do about the current situation.
    HOW EASILY FRIGHTENED ARE YOU?: surprisingly detached from the fear in a sense. She's trying to logically put things together and figure this out- will get angry or frustrated if she can't find answers. The anger is probably her only way to express the fear- albeit, this is a unhealthy way, and it makes her a little... hard to want to stay around.
    How much do you know about Slender Man?: She's one of the organizers of this trip, she's watched videos, cheesy documentaries, played the games, looked up the photos, the whole shebang.

  7. NAME: Marcus Albright
    AGE: 20
    APPEARANCE: http://vishstudio.deviantart.com/art/Neverending-Nights-331500169
    HISTORY: Just stumbled into town one day and never left; Marcus liked the simple life made things easy for him, he had no dreams of grandeur or riches so he stayed and started to carve out a life for himself. He currently works as mechanic with a somewhat decent pay, one day he came across a few locals and they just started hanging out. There are a few of them but he really only keeps a few of them close enogh to be called friends. For the most part he enjoys his life here and isn't leaving anytime soon
    PERSONALITY: He tends to be a bit thick headed when angry, but other than that he is pretty easy to get along with. He looks out for his friends and always has their back, he's never been tested like this though so there is no telling what he might do in order to survive. He may sacrafice himself to save his freind or he might leave them behind in order to survive its a roll of the die now just hope he comes back for you
    HOW EASILY FRIGHTENED ARE YOU?: Not easily frightened after years of scary movies he's built up a tolerance when it comes to being scared, he's known for keeping calm in emergencies and being able to think calmly, this however will be a test of his abilities.
    How much do you know about Slender Man?: He's a big slender fan games, movies documentories he's seen them all so he was definitely on board when his friends mentioned the camping trip, now the thing he loved is chacing him and he plans on using every bit of knowledge he has to stay alive.
  8. Alright! I like this one, accepted.
  9. Slendy? Dibs.

    NAME: Matthew Browning
    AGE: 21
    APPEARANCE: You know what? I'm not going to use a picture. If you want me to, that's cool, I'll edit.
    Matthew has no features about his figure or build that separate him from the rest of the crowd, bar his height. He is, due to having slightly shorter legs than normal, slightly shorter than most men his age. However, other parts of his body seem larger, somewhat disproportionately so. His shoulders are broader than one would expect of a person with his stature, and his hands adhere to the same principle - they are larger than one would think. His skin possesses a slight natural tan, but the shade is only minutely darker than most people's.
    Browning's hair is mid-short length, but incredibly bouncy - thus, despite everything, it miraculously retains its original shape. Its colour is a dark brown colour, almost black - yet, still distinguishable, with enough light. His eyes are also brown, but not quite as dark a shade - instead, they are more of a light chocolate brown colour, while vaguely paling as the pupil is approached. Browning's thin lips are constantly in a disapproving frown, though this situation may change this constant.
    After deciding to go on such an excursion, Matthew decided to dress for the occasion. He didn't have any ominous feelings and whatnot, he just hated getting his good trainers dirty. Therefore, he donned an old cotton shirt of his, turned dirty white from all the previous encounters it had faced. On his legs are a pair of snugly-fitting black jogging pants, worn for the sole reason that his other items of legwear were still drying. The outfit is rounded off by a pair of mud-brown hiking boots, ones resistant to a bulldozer's onslaught. He doesn't usually wear them, but he figured that if he was going to be trudging through a forest, he'd do it in suitable attire.
    He did, however, bring some items in the way of insulation. A charcoal-grey trench coat covers his torso, the buttons made of a cheap black plastic, while woolen fingerless gloves of the same colour keep his hands warm.

    DEFINING FEATURES: His trench coat.
    HISTORY: Matthew never really had any plans, but he did manage to get a part-time job as a waiter. Even if the pay isn't exactly grand, he figures that the meal discounts and the tips make up for it somewhat. It isn't really a high-end restaurant, more along the lines of a cafe that tries to be classy, but ends up being tacky. In the way of family, he has his parents, and he has a little sister. He counts himself lucky that she and him are on good terms - she's far more successful than him, and if she wasn't as nice to him as she was, he'd never hear the end of it. His life so far has consisted of gaming, reading zombie apocalypse books, and displaying a passing interest in topics that garner interest on the worldwide web.

    PERSONALITY: To say Matthew has one particular mindset is to say that hens usually have teeth. They don't, he doesn't. No, Matthew is a hotpot of rage and happiness, boredom and anguish, bewilderment and amusement. However, most of the time, he tries to take things seriously - sometimes rendering him incapable of understanding humour. When he does his own humour, however, it's dry and/or macabre. And in a situation with one-liners that are ripe for the picking, he'd have a field day - apart from the fact that he is terrified of what could chase him, despite him not believing in the monster. On a side note, he has a slight Napoleon Complex, in the sense that he will ssuddenly grow fiercer when his height is mentioned.

    HOW EASILY FRIGHTENED ARE YOU?: Matthew flinches whenever he sees a Weeping Angel. That is to say, that dealing with Slenderman will have him silently soiling himself.
    How much do you know about Slender Man?: He has a passing knowledge, and has the basics nailed down. However, he only knows the barebones information about it - he came on the trip to prove he didn't need to know much. Not a very good decision on his part.
  10. Not joining, but I just want to give you a thumb's up for bringing this to Iwaku. I'm familiar with Slenderman through DeviantArt comics... You'd be surprised how many hilarious comics there are. Enjoy your nervous laughter. Extra Creepy Adventures http://unseenchaser.deviantart.com/gallery/39311620#/d5eo4fy

    You're welcome.
  11. Obsidian Dragon, you may join. ShovelSlap, I have yet to get a PM from you.

    Synthetic, While the link is appreciated and the content is funny, this is not the place for that. I'm a very easily distracted person, and if I have too much non-RP gibberish going on in my OOC's, I can't focus, and I can sometimes miss posts and forget others.

    Think of your GMs as drivers of an eighteen-wheeler, and y'all are the cargo- too many distractions and I will run into something, roll, crash, burn, you name it. Distracting me is WAY too easy, but try hard to keep on task. <.<;;

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    AND YES, I SPENT THIRTY MINUTES MAKING THAT. It was supposed to be an eighteen wheeler, but apparently, the post didn't like that idea... <.< USE YOUR IMAGINATION. I AM NOT DOING THAT AGAIN DAMMIT.

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  15. Obsidian Dragon, I stil need a secret from you- and from the looks of it, half your character would make a could secret. Either way, you haven't give informatio on whether you're with my group or not, or even where you are- nail out some more details and I'll look it over again
  16. Okay. I'll redo it and fix things. It'll just take a bit longer then cuz I'm busy a lot.
  17. IT's all good, take your time. If you need anything, you can contact me.
  18. I've been stalking this for awhile... I'm really interested but i think it will be a bit over my head. I'm also already in 8 other roleplays - which is a lot for me.
    BUT I REALLY WANT TO JOIN. What should I do? :c