Hawthorne Academy for Juvenile Delinquents

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  1. Hawthorne Academy for Juvenile Delinquents


    Just by looking, I'm sure you can tell that Hawthorne is not a desirable place to be. Hawthorne has been running for close to One hundred and Fifty years, housing the most severe Juvenile Delinquents the World has to offer. There are four buildings on the Hawthorne Property, two are Dormitories and two are for education and recreation. Building A is the first building you see when pulling up to Hawthorne. It's not surrounded by fences, since the armed guards usually take care of any runaway kids. Building A is where your parents drop you off, and where all your classrooms are. Along with the Gym, which is the west side of the building. Its pretty small, since there aren't many Students cleared to be in an actual classroom. The next building you'll see is Building C which is off to the right of Building A. Building C is the Co-Ed Dormitories for the Students cleared to live freely with others. It is a large building with 3 floors. The 2nd floor is girls and the 3rd is boys. The bottom holds their Common Room and Cafeteria, along with the Build C Warden. The building to the left of Building C and directly across from Building A is Building B. Building B is the Hospital Wing. It is there for the safety of all our Students. To the left of Building A is Building D. Building D is the Maximum Security Dormitories for those who are not cleared to live freely with other Students. These dorms are saved for murderers, serial killers, rapists, and other big offenders. Building D is 4 floors the top 3 being cells and rooms. The first floor is basic cafeteria and Wardens Office. The basement of this building is called the Shoe. Or Solitary Confinement. Not a nice place to end up. In the middle of all the buildings is the Courtyard. Cleared students are welcome to play sports and roam around, with the company of armed guards at all times of course.

    Welcome to Hawthorne Academy. Enjoy your stay.

    - No Godmodding
    - Pretty much, don't play other people characters unless they gave you permission

    Character Sheet:
    Building C or D:

    _________________________________If this roleplay interests you, please make a character sheet. Its an interest check but I would like to play this at some point._________________________

    Open for all kinds of CS's again​
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  2. Name: Joan Indigo
    Age: 17
    Building C or D: Building C.
    Crime: Alleged Assault.
    Appearance: Joan is an average looking individual who stands at 5'4, weighs 125lbs and has Northern European features. She has dark brown hair, light blue eyes, pale white skin, and tends to wear things closer to the shorter end of the spectrum. She likes to wear boots which make a lot of noise when she walks along, she says that it 'compensates for her lack of height'.
    Personality: Joan is known to have a temper, and it is that very thing which landed her in this place. By the looks of her, some could argue that she had done nothing wrong when convicted of assault, in which she punched another girl in the back of the head with a 'king hit', due to how innocent her features make her seem. Regardless, Joan is a fairly passive person who has a high tolerance, but once that tolerance is lost, her temper kicks in and it is said that most things in the room will go flying at one point or another.
    Other: Joan has a tattoo of a vine running down the length of her right index finger, for unknown reasons.
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: Elvira Romanova
    Age: 16
    Building C or D: Building D
    Crime: First & Second-degree Arson


    Elvira stands at 5'5" with a 'pear' shaped body. She has pale ivory skin. She has long wavy dark brown hair that stops mid-back. Her fringe touches her eyebrows, almost covering her eyes and is swept to the left. She has green eyes. Usually, her hair is tied in a high ponytail or half ponytail. Her natural face looks like a scowl, making her look angry when she isn't. She usually dresses in monotone coloured clothing. Most of the time, she is seen with skirts and knee high socks. Prefers wearing sneakers. She has three piercings on her right ear and two on her left.


    Before entering Hawthorne Academy, and even now, she usually keeps to herself. She is considered a wallflower, plus it gives her some advantages. It was quite a shock to everyone in her previous school that she was the one who risked almost everyone's lives. Unlike others around her, she does not have anger issues nor a killing intent. She gets really shy sometimes. Whenever it comes to the topic of fire, she gets excited and happy, sometimes smiling like a maniac, for some reason. In other words, she's addicted to fire. Despite being in Building D, she's actually a really nice person and tries to behave herself.

    Because of her pyromania, she is visited by the psychiatrist every week on Monday. Before entering Hawthorne (it's her second year now), she knew how to start fires with the lighter she used to carry around. She is unable to join Building C because of her disorder. She's been learning to control herself since she entered Hawthorne.


    -- She has pyromania.
    -- She used to carry a lighter around with her. Since she's in Building D, her lighter was confiscated from her.
    -- When she was six, she found sparklers in the storeroom of her house. So, she decided to play with a stick or two, without parental guidance. She took her father's lighter and lit the sparkler stick. Soon, she found it really fun and decided to bundle all the sticks in the box together, taped them up and lit them. Of course, she was doing this in her backyard. When she lit them, she found the fire enchanting and she felt a certain kind of euphoria in her. That's how she started becoming a pyromaniac. She received a few burns but they faded away as she grew older.
    -- She was found out by one of her previous school teachers for setting up a fire in the chemistry lab, which led to an evacuation of the whole school. No one was hurt though. This wasn't her first time setting her school on fire. She once placed a self-made sparkler bomb in the Design and Technology room, which is full of machinery, and got away with it till she was interrogated and confessed to the police.

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  4. Both of you have been accepted. Welcome to Hawthorne.
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  5. Cool ;3 I can't wait to start~
  6. Name: Vanessa Mills
    Age: 16
    Building C or D: Building C
    Crime: Trying to kill an officer
    Appearance: Vanessa has sun kissed skin, deep blue eyes like an endless ocean, her hair is wavy and black and it goes to the middle of her back. She stands 5'4" and is 123 pounds. She has a small nose and a round face with bangs that cover her left eye. She has a hour glass body with 56 D in breast size. Her shoe size is seven and a half. Vanessa usually wears her hair down and when it comes to clothes she usually wears skinny jeans or any thing short and for shirts its the same thing. Her shoes are usually sneakers or boots and she never wears jewelry except for a heart locket her deceased mother gave her.
    Personality: Vanessa is pretty rude and cold hearted. She doesn't get close to people and she seems to drift from those she is close too. Vanessa can get angry if someone says something about her but if you piss her off you better pray to god you only have a few broken bones. Vanessa is very brave and bold and the bad girl type. She can be nice and kind if you can break through her walls and barriers but good luck.
    Other: She has a tattoo of a heart on her chest just above her breasts, She carries a knife but its hidden really well, She doesn't really like having walls and barriers up but she never knew how to take them down
  7. Accepted!
  8. So how many people are you looking to have?
  9. Name:
    Freddie Scannell


    Building C or D:
    Building D

    Stabbing two of her maids to death.

    Show Spoiler

    She stands by 5'5" ft.

    Freddie is an intelligent girl, extremely so. As a kid, she had to advance several classes, since none of them showed enough challenge for her. Pranks were also part of her daily life, she absolutely loved to prank people. Friends of her wouldn't think her capable to brutally kill two people, be them dear to her or not. She was kind, smart, a genius even, shy. However, everything changed when she completed 15 years.

    Being the daughter of a wealthy and powerful family, it wasn't that much of a surprise when she was kidnapped and was only going to be returned once they got what they wanted. In that case, money and a gun project that the Scannell Industry was working on. It took 3 months for the project to be finished, and then, she was returned. However, she wasn't only kidnapped. She had been tortured. And that took a toll on her sanity.

    Freddie wasn't the same. Her mind was slowly breaking apart. Voices. Hallucinations. Shadows. She lived inside her mind now. She couldn't think straight, her genius brain was slowly decaying. And then, insanity took over. After the murder of the two maids, Freddie was sent to the Academy instead of an Asylum. Her father didn't believe that a mental disorder was what made her kill them.

    Nowadays, she can be kind, even a little pain in the ass. However, she is extremely unstable, snapping at nothing.

    - Freddie can still hold a conversation, however, her mind can slip at any moment, leaving her staring at nothing.

    - Her father do not believe his daughter to have any issue, he thinks that everything she was doing was for attention. Her mother does not agree with him, but does not dare to confront him. Therefore, in their eyes, Freddie was nothing more than a criminal.

    - What lead her to kill the maids was merely annoyance. They were whispering to each other about Freddie and how mad she seemed. The girl, obviously, didn't like it. In normal circumstances, she would have just told them to shut up and mind their own business, but of course, that was not a moment of normal circumstances.

    - She carries a little doll with her wherever she goes. And talks to it if bored. Its name is Lola.
  10. (My Characters are twins so I hope thats alright)

    Name: Allison Cateena

    Age: 16

    Building C or D: C

    Crime: Serial Robbery, Arson, and murder

    Personality: Allison is a kind individual, despite her crimes. She is capable of being a very caring and loving person, but a small word of advice, don't make her angry. Her angry side is one of the scariest things most people have seen.

    Other: Allison was in Building D for her first three years at Hawthorne, since, she was a murderer after all, but was cleared to live in Building C due to good behavior. In her past Allison has killed three people, robbed four banks, and lit her school on fire. But she wouldn't have been able to do anything without her brother.

    Allison prefers to be called Allie.

    While at Hawthorne, Allison has been in three fights. Judging by the current evidence, if you make her angry enough, you are lucky to escape with your life.

    Appearance: Here
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  11. Both of you are accepted!

    I'm hoping to get nine or ten people.
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  12. Name: Nate Wilson
    Age: 17
    Building C or D: D
    Crime: Bank robbery, serial killings and attempted murder
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: quiet, doesn't trust easily, rude, cold hearted, patient and shot-tempered
    Other: Nate has a tattoo of a skull soaked in blood on his right shoulder
  13. NAME:
    Noah Dahl
    Seventeen (17)

    Building C or D:
    Building C
    Encouraging/Assisting crime
    Home Invasion
    Motor Vehicle theft
    Possession of stolen goods
    Weapon Possession
    Bomb Threat
    Attempted Arson


    Noah is the kind of guy to make friends, but not for the sake of making friends. Noah socializes for social and future advantage and gain. He doesn't have 'friends,' he has alliances. Putting on a smile that would get him out of a lot of trouble, attempted charm and an unnaturally cool head under pressure, are his assets. He doesn't do well with aggressive people, however. And he acknowledges this fully. Though Noah will seem like an honest guy, he's quite the liar. Intelligent and suave - not to mention he's a snake in the grass. And finally, he has an unnaturally ginormous need for success. Failure and miscalculations seem to be the only things that can break through his exterior, and get under his skin. His arrest and the betrayal of his partner still stick with him sorely to this day. It is an even more sore subject. Speak of it with him, if you know, and you'll see how hostile he can be.

    Noah is Swedish.
    The majority of his crimes were preformed with an older accomplice. Who, in hand with turning Noah into the police, was arrested and sent to prison, whereas Noah was sent to Hawthorne.
    Vocalizes his wishes of preforming a perfect crime.
    Stands at Five foot seven. (5'8)
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  14. Thank you!
  15. Name: Aubrie Willis

    Age: 16

    Building C or D: C

    Crime: Scamming, Hacking into Federal Files, Black Market Trading, Involvement with a Drug Ring, 1st degree murder.

    Personality: Fun-loving, but careless. Aubrie likes to make friends, but she is no relationship master, so she has trouble keeping them. One thing you'll notice about her is when socializing, she wants to hear more about the other person, and doesn't talk about herself. Aubrie is an Analyst. She likes to learn and get to know someone, discover weaknesses based on what she knows. Aubrie is a fantastic liar, and is very cunning. She can lie or charm her way out of pretty much anything.

    Other: Aubrie was turned in by a person she considered her friend, which is why she makes friends, but prefers to not involve herself in the relationship that much. Aubrie is an expert hacker, and never bites off more than she can chew. Aubrie weighs 101 lbs and stand 5'3".


    I've created the Thread so you may begin posting whenever you wish.. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/hawthorne-academy-for-juvenile-delinquents.65309/
  16. Am I accepted too?
  17. Name: Leo Vandelt
    Building C or D:C
    Crime: Accessory to murder, theft, selling of drugs
    Personality:Friendly to those he thinks that he can use later, he comes across nice and easy going. He is a master of manipulation and can lie or charm people into believing just about anything.
    Other:Leo managed to manipulate his nanny to kill his parents, since police couldn't get either the nanny or Leo to say what exactly happened, other then Leo was somehow involved but that it was the nanny who did the killing, he was put down as an Accessory. He was also brought up on selling drugs that he had stolen from his fathers hospital.
  18. Everyone who has applied has been accepted. The Thread is up and you can start posting.
  19. .. hey, could you make a list of characters that is in Building C and D? So as to not get too confused when writing and character interaction .. >.< thanks.
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