Have you ever...

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Easy, peasy. Simple ask the next poster if they have ever _____ and answer the person above you.

Have you ever fallen off a horse?
I haven't even been ON one.

Have you ever had brain freeze?
I apparently don't get that, so I can gobble down ice cream. ^^;

Have you ever decided to read an entire textbook?
Textbook? Like... school? Hello no >_>

Have you ever been tricked by one of my 'traps'? :D
Yes. Yes I have. c_____c

Have you ever received a compliment from Asmodeus?
Once...I think he was drunk though

Have you ever ridden a panda bear?
I think the number of people who has is very limited >.< so no....

Have you ever driven drunk?
I have many times, back when I used to drink a lot.

Have you ever been a victim of change>?
Erm, yes? *Turns and faces the strange.*

Have you ever run from the cops? >_> <_<

have you ever sat outside for three hours just to see the sun rise?
Yes...but I was also locked out so I had no choice either way

Have you ever regretted a decision?
Everyone has.... I think thats pretty obvious.

Have you ever seen the lunar mountains through a telescope?
nope, never had a chance.

Have you ever felt any phantom limbs you never had to begin with?
Actually, I felt one time like I had an extra finger on my left hand. Then again, I was sleeping on it and it was coming out of being numb.

Have you ever heard, seen, or caught one of your friends "in the act" with someone?
not one of my friends...but my nephew...

Was funny as hell actually, walked in on his first time XD

Have you ever been walked in upon "during the act"?
YES! Many times! Once by my brother, another time by my ex's roommate -__-;

Have you been embarrassed by someone else's actions before?
((zyph i've had that same occurance with the roommate haha happened twice actually >.>))

yeah but oh well IM OVER IT AND SHIT HAPPENS!

Have you ever had a dream about something and the next day it came true?
Shit, i wish. Though I sometimes figure something out the moment before it gets explained to me.
Have you ever felt like the things people remember about you are your screw-ups, and nobody remembers your good qualities?
All the time...Then I talk to some select people on Iwaku again, and all is well with the world.

Have you ever broken off a friendship because of something that he/she did or said to you?
Almost did, cause he was being a complete dick-head, but we're still great friends to this day. And I feel your pain, Basil. Exactly how it was for me in band, with the exception of a few kickass people

Have you ever walked in naked/towel draped into a room where there were people who came in with a roomie/family member?