Have you ever...

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Since my closest friends have usually been males, and I don't really like sleeping next to other men...I can't say that I have...

Have you ever been the victim of a malicious rumor?
Yep. It sucked balls. I thought men were your thing?

Have you just wanted to curl up and die and wish everything would just go away?
Yes, Plenty of times. Luckily I've never given in to such sentiment.

Have you ever reached a state of euphoria through dancing alone?
No, But then I cannot dance.

Have you ever given a gift to someone, only to have them cuss you out? Violently?
Nope! o__o;

Have you ever been ran over by a bike?
Yes! I've also ridden over someones head once, with a bike...but that's a different story.

Have you ever gotten horny at a wholly inappropriate time?
Yes. Period.

Have you ever found out AFTER the fact, that your doctor was lying to you about your "sickness" in order to get more money?

Have you ever left food in the fridge so long it petrified? I mean PETRIFIED- not rotted.
I don't think we have

Have you ever been rejected by a boy/girl friend before?
Yes. But, there were reasons behind it.

Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered what you're planning on doing with your life?
Every single day I wake up.

(BTW, I ran myself over with the bike I was riding once. 1337 failing skills)

Have you ever been invited to something and then they never take you/remind you/care?
Plenty of times...

But that's usually because I show little enthusiasm, keyword being 'usually'.

Have you ever done something you're so ashamed off, you haven't told anyone yet, and probably never will?.
Yep, but then again if it's something I'm going to be ashamed of, I'm not gonna fucking do it....unless she looks good when I'm drunk anyways.

Have you ever fallen in love, only to have him/her get away?
Less of them getting away and more me letting them get away, but yes.

Have you ever had a banana daqeri? Dackery. Whatever it's spelled.
I...don't even know what it is...

Have you ever done something stupid that landed you in hospital?
When I was a kid, I watched Peter Pan and thought that if I believed really hard I could fly and I proceeded to jump down a flight of stairs and break my nose.

Have you ever accidentally made someone mad and you had no idea why?
All the time...I blame autism!

Have you ever set fire to something, just to see it burn?
Yup! mmm... the smell of a burning house! 8D

Have you ever ran through a bon fire just to get a tad bit of money?
No, never will.

Have you ever stood up for what you believe?