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  1. Two people who have hated each other since day one are forced to work together on a project. Will being partnered up for this unlock new feelings?
    -Quick Character Info-
    Name: James William Carter
    Age: 17
    Height: 6 ft
    Body Type: Athletic
    Personality: Tough, Smart, Mysterious, Loyal, Trusting, Honest. Will do anything to protect his loved ones, great with kids, Short tempered, Artistic, Sarcastic. He is good looking but he never rubs it in.
    Looks: (Pic Below)
    Alex rushed out of the house quick to get ready. He over slept again, another hard days work last night, but its not like he will tell anyone that, he keeps personal stuff to himself, let them think what they want . He hops on his motorcycle not even bothering with his helmet, his blue-grey eyes shining in the sun. He got his bike started and drove off getting there in no time. He rushed into the school ad swung the door open instantly his face went expressionless, this is what he does. He kept his head held high and walked in. The first person he notices is 'Her'.
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  2. Name: Cynthia "Clad" Anderson
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female.

    • Quiet
    • Awkward
    • Observant
    • Smart

    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Listening to music
    • Beauty
    • Nature
    • peace
    • Cooking
    • Being around kids
    • Noise
    • Annoying asshats
    • Arrogance
    • Stupidity

    Brief Biographic History: The only child to the Anderson Family. She is of middle class status. Her father works as a chef in a small and quaint restaurant. She had grown to love cooking from her father and the love of reading and writing from her mother who was a teacher.

    Show Spoiler

    Hair Color: black
    Eye Color: red
    Weight: 125lbs
    Height: 5"4
    Brief description: She is quite girly and would wear girly clothes like jumpers, shirts or oversized shirts that would reach her knees with short shorts underneath and flat pumps for her shoes. She does not use make up except for the eyeliner she adorns.


    “Bye Mum, bye dad. Love you both. See you after school”

    Clad in a pink polkadots jumper with white short shorts underneath and flat cream pumps, Cynthia kissed her parents on the cheek before heading out and leisurely walked towards the busstop, taking her time.She was early as always, and didn't have to rush to school. With her headphones up, she stood waiting at the corner of the street for the school bus to come.

    Quickly hopping in when the bus arrived, she made her way towards the center ilse and sat near the window as she looked out, the bus zooming down the streets, loud music blaring in her ears. Her thoughts, however, were not where her body was, too deep in thought, she didn't realise they had reached school untill the bus driver cleared his throat. She looked at him and gave him a small smile before alighting amd entered the school.

    Her footsteps were masked by the loud chattering of the rowdy students as she advanced towards her locker. Pressing in the combination, the door swung open and she took the necessary books out that was needed for the first till third period. She would change the books later during lunch for the rest of the period. A bang was heard and she looked up, the school door seemed to have been swung open and there he was, she thought, always making an entrance. She rolled her eyes when their eyes met and scoffed before putting on a sickening sweet smile.

    "Always making an entrance aren't you, James?"
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  3. James planted a cocky smirk on his face, he isn't ever cocky but if it will get to Clad he would take it. She was on of those people that everything she dos bothers him. "Clad, still as annoying as ever I see, " walks over to his seat which is on the next row across from her. Its literally right next to hers, "Now doll face how about you shut it. You voice is annoying the class." He plops into his seat.
  4. Cynthia rolled her eyes and grinned at him, her eyebrows arched. She raised a hand and covered her mouth as she pretended to yawn, her eyes not leaving him. "That's all the insults you have James? How boring. I would have thought you had better."Her eyes followed him as he plopped to his ass on his sit, her lips had curled into a sly smirk. "Oh hush. You know you can't go on a day without hearing this so called annoying voice which everyone loves." Chuckling slightly, she looked to the front, her hair draped by her side, covering him from her sight.
  5. He rolled his eyes, "Wow someone is full of themselves. Whatever will leave you in your delusional world. Maybe you might even get-"
    Suddenly Mrs. Smith interrupts them by slamming her hand on her desk, "James! Clad! Enough!" this certainly wasn't like her, it surprised James enough to make him stop momentarily. He arched a eyebrow then crossed his arms, "Well teach, I have to admit, that surprised me a bit."
  6. Not bothering to look at James, Cynthia's eye twitched slightly in annoyance. It's one thing that her enemy, James, calls her Clad, her middle name, knowing it irked her but Mrs Smith, like, really? She sighed and took deep breaths, trying to calm herself. She looked at the teacher and flashed her a forced sweet smile. "Noted, Mrs Smith. I, Cynthia, will stop this." She turned to James and held out her hand, "truce? till later" her voice going down at the last part so only he could hear.
  7. He eyed her hand suspiciously, "Right, I'm not shaking your hand. Your not exactly someone I trust Cynthia."
    You could tell just by looking at Mrs. Smith that she had enough of these two. They continuously argue.
    She clears her throat, "Alright I have had it with you two and your constant arguing. This is why I now decided that I will have you two do a project together."
    James eyes widen slightly, "Wait say what now?"
  8. She was slightly miffed at his rejection and shre retracted her hands, shrugging her arms to make it seem like she was not affected. "K. Whatever. You're not one I trust either." She looked to the front when Mrs Smith cleared her throat. "I will have you two do a project together." Was the only phrase she had caught from her. Her eyes widened and she banged the table, standing up. "No fucking way. I am not going to be partnered up with this...this MORON." Her hands were flailing as she gestured at him. "I'll take anything but not this. Nope. Give me detention, I don't care. Just no. No. Not this."
  9. James glared at her but before he could tell her off Mrs. Smith stopped him, "No, this will be 80% of your grade. If you refuse then I will flunk you both. And in case you have noticed this is English... this is required."
    "Oh come on! I don't want to work with this bitch!"
    Smith frowns, "So you wish to fail?"
    "No but-"
    "Then I don't think either of you have a choice."
    "That's bull shit!"" he stood up and slammed his desk with side of his fist. He sighed, grit his teeth then muttered, "Fine... what the hell do we need to do?" he glared at the teacher who smiled.
    "Glad you asked," she grabs two books ad handed them each one, "You will be doing the play of Romeo and Juliet. Of course James will be Romeo and Cynthia you will be Juliet."
    James clenched his fist, "You have got... to be joking..."
  10. Cynthia's jaw dropped at the mention of the mark. "80%? You have got to be kidding me. What the actual fuck." She groaned slightly as she glanced at jake, her mind working. How could this be? Why of all things. She sat down and slumped on her seemed, a posture of the defeated as she brooded. Her ears prickled and she gripped the table when he called her bitch. She bit her lip when the teacher handed her a book, taking it silently. Looking at the title, her temper rose considerably. She kept quiet. And just shook her head when the bell rang. Taking her bag, she jumped from her seat, not caring about anything else, needing to calm down. She entered her next class and sat, glad she had no other classes with him till after lunch.

    Classes after that went by smoothly even though her thoughts were not there. When lunch came, she went to her usual place at the roof and looked up. She sighed and gripped the railing slightly. She was not one who was brash and talkative, always quiet and preferring to observe. However, something about James irked her. Whether it was the fact that even though he had made no effort, he passed his exams well, always getting first while she was second. It vexed her very much since she was a believer of hardwork conquers all yet he had managed to make her believe in it waver. It annoyed her so much so she wanted to scream and hit something. Grumbling under her breath, she leaned against the wall, closing her eyes.
  11. Once lunch came he ended up looking for someone he never would have thought he would ever try to look for. He needed to talk to 'Her' about the entire project thing. He didn't like the idea of working with her one bit, but he refuses to fail.
  12. Cynthia was almost in a calm state when she heard the door to the roof swung open. Her eyes flickered open and she saw him standing there. Sighing, she stood up and looked at him. She grumbled under her breath, hoping he would not hear her. "Fucking asshat. I just can't have my peace."

    "How did you find me? What do you want?" She blurted out, impatience prominent in her face.
  13. He had tto admit that ass hat statement did sound kind of funny but at the same time it kinda irritated him. But he just wanted to get this stupid this over with. He swallowed his pride and faked a laugh, "Ha good one. But I need to talk to you about this... situation..."
  14. She raised her eyebrows and she crossed her arms, her foot tapping on the ground as he waited for him to continue, a frown on her face, not understanding his laughter. Deciding to play dumb, she looked at him "Good one? What situation? And you have yet to answer my question."
  15. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "Well.... the ass hat thing of course. And finding you wasnt that hard... you werent in the lunch room so I assumed you were in here. " he mutter curses in swedish. No one knew this but he was originally from Sweden. He muttered it to where she couldnt hear at all.
  16. Cynthia flushed slightly, her eyes wide when she realised he heard her. "Oh. I could have been anywhere if I was not at the cafeteria; The library, greenhouse, bleachers. What situation are you talking about anyway? The Romeo and Juliet plaything? Don't worry. I'll have it figured out. Give me your phone" she held her hand out, waiting as her head tilted sideways, looking at him as he grumbled under his breath.
  17. Once she asks for his phone he eyed her suspiciously, "My phone?" He hesitantly pulled out his phone, "What for exactly?" He slowly hands her his phone.
  18. She rolled her eyes slightly. "Just give me the phone. I'm not going to steal it or anything." She grabbed his phone impatiently and keyed in a few stuff before returning it to him. "Meet me at my house after dinner. We'll discuss it then. I've keyed in my number and address."
  19. "Heh actually I thought you were going to throw it." Once she finishes typing some stuff in he put it back into his pocket."Alright sounds good. A little surprised though you decided to let me come to your house so we could work on it ."
  20. She scoffed. "I'm not going to throw it. I'm not that mean, James." She watched him pocketed his phone and sighed before turning her back on him, and looked down at the students mingling around. "Maybe she's right you know, Mrs Smith, to stop fighting. All these fighting had taken a toll on me. But then again, you irk me too much for me to not want to make peace with you. Anyway, bell has rung. So see ya. Remember to call before you come." She walked passed him and skipped down the stairs towards her locker to take the books for the next lessons to come. She shuffled through the hallway and entered the class, quickly taking a seat.
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